ITV3 Today Sunday 22 January 2023

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What’s On ITV3 Today Sunday 22 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on ITV3 today.

George and Mildred


Mrs Roper wants to install a shower

Emmerdale Omnibus


George and Mildred


Henpecked George resigns from his job

After resigning from his job as a traffic warden, henpecked George wonders how he can break the news to wife Mildred without incurring her wrath. Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce star

Agatha Christie’s Marple


A stranger proves the innocence of an executed man

The sleuthing spinster is invited to the wedding of her former housemaid Gwenda, only to be caught up in a murder mystery involving the groom’s family. Geraldine McEwan stars, with Juliet Stevenson, Denis Lawson and Alison Steadman

Agatha Christie’s Marple


A gathering at a Devon estate leads to murder

A gathering at the Devon estate of Miss Marple’s old school friend Lady Tressilian leads to murder when the eccentric Mr Treves tells the story of an unconvicted child killer. Miss Marple is on hand to assist Supt Mallard of the local constabulary, but not before a second victim is claimed. Mystery, starring Geraldine McEwan, with guest appearances by Eileen Atkins, Tom Baker, Paul Nicholls, Alan Davies and Greg Wise, with a cameo by former British number-one tennis player Greg Rusedski

Agatha Christie’s Marple


The spinster sleuth is sent on a mysterious mission

Geraldine McEwan makes her last appearance as the spinster sleuth before handing over the knitting needles to Julia McKenzie. Following the death of old acquaintance Mr Rafiel, Miss Marple receives instructions drawn up prior to his demise asking her to embark on a coach tour to investigate an unspecified possible crime. It soon transpires that many of her companions are also travelling at his invitation and they are all in some way connected to a girl who went missing from a nun’s sanctuary during World War Two, supposedly to be with her German lover, Rafiel’s son Michael. Murder mystery, with a star-studded supporting cast including Richard E Grant, Johnny Briggs, Amanda Burton, Anne Reid, Ronni Ancona, George Cole, Will Mellor and Laura Michelle Kelly

Doc Martin


A schoolgirl develops a crush on the doctor

One of Joan’s old flames comes back into her life and proceeds to woo her all over again, but Martin discovers the man in question has a life-threatening heart condition, presenting him with a difficult decision. The irascible doctor’s problems do not stop there, as a schoolgirl develops a crush on him, leading to a confrontation with her irate father. Meanwhile, romance is also in the air for Al and Elaine. Comedy drama series, starring Martin Clunes, with a guest appearance by John Alderton

Doc Martin


One of Louisa’s pupils has an accident

An influx of holiday-makers to Portwenn annoys Martin, and his efforts to point out the dangers of sunbathing to a scantily clad woman prove unpopular. He is also the target of a practical joke in the pub after his fear of blood becomes common knowledge, and grows closer to Louisa when one of her pupils has a serious accident that lands him in hospital. Drama, starring Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz

Rosemary & Thyme


A blind professor is killed

Laura and Rosemary investigate the mysterious death of a blind professor caught up in a bitter battle to save his beloved allotment from an unscrupulous land developer. A heady blend of weedkiller, cannabis and high finance hangs in the air as the duo search for clues – and another body is turned up before they track down the villain. Drama, starring Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris

Rosemary & Thyme


The duo investigate a churchyard murder

Rosemary and Laura are employed to restore a country churchyard in time for a medieval fair, but it is not long before a local landowner is killed by an arrow beneath an ancient yew in the centre of the graveyard. The duo investigate the possibility that rival bidders for the victim’s highly desirable farm are to blame – though affairs of the heart might offer a more likely motive. Drama, starring Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris

Martin Clunes: Islands of the Pacific


The presenter explores the Galapagos

The presenter explores the Galapagos, getting up close to sealions, iguanas, tortoises, penguins, finches and baby sharks. He joins conservation expeditions, sees evolution in action, visits a nun, an organic farm and the site of a murder mystery

Joanna Lumley’s Great Cities of the World


Joanna visits Berlin

Joanna visits Berlin, including the Festival of Lights, meets an all-female motorcycle club, and witnesses a replica of a western town. She also meets a famous photographer who documented life in Soviet-controlled East Berlin, and finally Holocaust survivor, Frau Friedlander

Scott & Bailey


First episode of the detective drama, starring Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones

Crime drama following the personal and professional lives of two detectives working for a Manchester police unit that specialises in murder cases. DC Janet Scott (Lesley Sharp) and DC Rachel Bailey (Suranne Jones) investigate the case of a pregnant woman who was killed in her bedroom. Meanwhile, Rachel’s love life takes a turn for the worse and Janet gets a call that reawakens a past tragedy. Also starring Rupert Graves, Amelia Bullmore and Nicholas Gleaves

Scott & Bailey


Horrific events unfold following a killer’s arrest

Janet reopens the investigation into the murder of childhood friend Veronica, Rachel receives news that makes her personal life even more complicated, and a teenage murderer is successfully charged, but horrific events start to unravel following his arrest. Crime drama, guest starring Sally Lindsay, with Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones

Upstairs, Downstairs


Former maid Sarah is rehired

Elizabeth and James Bellamy discover former housemaid Sarah has fallen on hard times and decide to reinstate her in the household, but it isn’t long before their charitable gesture backfires in unexpected fashion. Gordon Jackson, Jean Marsh, Simon Williams and Pauline Collins star

Upstairs, Downstairs


A spate of thefts occurs in the Bellamy household

Sarah falls for the manservant of Capt Ryttsen, a dashing Swedish army officer who is staying in the Bellamy household as a guest of James, but later finds herself suspected of betraying her employers’ trust by stealing from them. Vintage drama, starring Pauline Collins and Simon Williams

George and Mildred


The Ropers babysit for their neighbours

Emmerdale Omnibus



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