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Today Sunday 22 January 2023

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The Bill


Fullerton’s confession shocks Taviner

The station is relieved when Harry Fullerton is arrested – all except Taviner, who can’t understand why he has confessed to petrol-bombing Sun Hill. Ackland puts rank before her romance with Carver, and Glaze and Sharpe investigate a serious assault on a taxi driver. Police drama, starring Bryan Murray and Paul Usher

The Bill


Sharpe investigates a fraud case

Sharpe pays a visit to a known fraudster’s ex-wife after stolen benefit cheques turn up on the streets of Sun Hill and manipulative DS McAllister chooses the perfect moment to ask Chandler for an appraisal. An off-duty PC Rickman goes clubbing and takes an Ecstasy tablet – an action she later regrets when she is called to an emergency. With Diane Parish, Steven Hartley and guest star Beverley Callard

The Bill


Rickman jeopardises an investigation

A determined Glaze makes it his mission to track down the real arsonist and get Fullerton off the hook, leaving Taviner with a distinct feeling of unease. Rickman and Klein learn a harsh lesson after their drug habit causes them to jeopardise an investigation into an assault on a woman, and Ackland’s professional judgement is clouded by her relationship with Carver. Police drama, starring Karl Collins and Paul Usher

The Bill


Ackland accuses a woman of crying wolf

Lennox wallows in self-pity after his wife leaves him, but soon forgets his marital woes while helping Glaze and Taviner nail petrol-bombing prime suspect Simpson. Ackland struggles to hide her jealousy when Carver shows kindness to a flirtatious woman who keeps calling to complain about an intruder in her house – despite there being no evidence of a break-in. Police drama, starring George Rossi and Trudie Goodwin

Bleak House

Richard finds a new lease of life practising law

Richard decides a life in law is the perfect antidote to his failing medical studies, and begins work at a legal firm with Guppy. Lady Dedlock secretly grieves for former love Nemo and investigates his past – despite instructing Tulkinghorn to stop his snooping. Jarndyce is disheartened to hear Esther has feelings for someone else, and crossing sweeper Jo is shocked by a familiar face

Bleak House

Esther falls ill with smallpox

Esther comes down with smallpox, and Lady Dedlock is shocked to learn the orphan’s real surname. Guppy returns to Krook’s house, determined to get his hands on the love letters, but finds the bloated landlord dead. Tulkinghorn meets George to discuss his demands, and Jo becomes seriously ill

Catherine Cookson’s The Black Candle

Feature-length period drama, starring Cathy Sandford

Feature-length period drama, starring Cathy Sandford as a woman who sets out to prove her husband innocent of murdering his shiftless brother. With Samantha Bond, Nathaniel Parker and Denholm Elliott

Call the Midwife


Jenny nurses a man with cancer

Jenny befriends Nonnatus House cleaner Peggy and her brother Frank, who has cancer, and learns all about the siblings’ upbringing in the workhouse and the effect it has had on their relationship. Meanwhile, Fred has a new money-making venture – a pig called Evie – but his hopes of bringing home the bacon are scuppered when it turns out the porker is pregnant, so the midwives rally round to deliver the piglets

Call the Midwife


Sister Monica Joan is accused of theft

Sister Monica Joan develops pneumonia after being found mysteriously wandering near the docks – but things only gets worse when she is accused of theft and faces the prospect of prison. Chummy’s mother arrives to meet PC Noakes, but when the visit is less than a success, the midwife suffers a crisis of confidence and breaks off her relationship – leaving Jenny and the others trying to persuade her she is making a terrible mistake. Judy Parfitt, Miranda Hart and Jessica Raine star

Atlantic Crossing


The king and crown prince retreat to London and arrange for Martha and the children to go to the USA

New Tricks


Brian helps Esther’s friend find her missing brother

While Brian spends time at home making peace with himself over his dismissal, he agrees to help Esther’s friend Margaret find her missing brother Peter, in the interest of keeping his mind active. Peter was the accountant of a man who has gone to prison for the murder of his wife, so Brian visits the convict hoping he will be able to assist. However, his investigation begins to encroach on the Ucos team’s efforts to track down a conman who may be connected to several outstanding cases. With Rosalind Ayres and Art Malik

Frankie Drake Mysteries


When Trudy discovers that her new dream home has contaminated water, the gals investigate



A charity campaigner is linked to his wife’s death

The wife of prominent charity campaigner Gregor Jack is murdered, and Rebus wonders whether her husband committed the crime – especially as he was recently spotted patronising a brothel. Jack’s PA and publicist seem to have secrets to hide, but when evidence linking the victim to a convicted sex offender also comes to light, the detective must figure out which of his suspects is really responsible. Ken Stott stars

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries


Feature-length episode. Havers puts her career on the line to save a child

Feature-length episode. The discovery of an Asian man’s body sparks another case for Lynley and Havers, plunging them into a murky world of illicit sexuality, racial tension and family loyalties. As the investigation becomes increasingly tangled and complex, Havers takes drastic action to save a child’s life – which leaves her career in jeopardy. Detective drama, starring Nathaniel Parker and Sharon Small, with Saeed Jaffrey



The detective searches for a kidnapped industrialist

The detective is asked to investigate when industrialist Ruggerio Miletti – one of the Ministry’s wealthiest backers – is kidnapped. However, when the abductee’s lawyer is murdered after an illegal attempt to make a ransom payment, Zen realises that dealing with Miletti’s treacherous family could prove to be the most dangerous part of the case. Meanwhile, the new Chief of Police sets about making his presence felt – potentially spelling the end for Zen’s budding romance with Tania. Rufus Sewell stars

As Time Goes By


Lionel and Jean look after Stephen

Lionel and Jean take care of Stephen while Penny goes into hospital for a routine operation – but their task is complicated by a case of mistaken identity. Geoffrey Palmer, Judi Dench and Moira Brooker star


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