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The Yorkshire Vet

Documentary about a veterinary practice in North Yorkshire

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


Dr McKenzie offers advice to a patient who has terminal cancer

Veteran GP Don McKenzie performs a rectal examination, treats a young girl with a marble-sized growth on her forearm, and offers honest advice to a patient who has terminal cancer. Meanwhile, Dr Maria Wallace must bring all of her medical knowledge to bear if she is to correctly diagnose a man whose symptoms include a habit of hitting himself in the face, and Dr Tim King sees a patient with a gum infection that has caused the side of her face to swell up massively

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A baby is rushed into the surgery after vomiting for the past two days

A baby is rushed into the surgery after vomiting for the past two days, while a chef who has accidentally sliced his finger with a knife collapses during an examination and is rushed to A&E for further investigations. A man visits the surgery to find out if he may be a suitable candidate for the latest trials of medical marijuana to help with his chronic back pain

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A woman struggling to walk and suffering from dizzy spells visits the surgery

A woman struggling to walk and suffering from dizzy spells visits the surgery, and doctors worry that her rapid decline may be caused by a rare muscle wasting disease. A patient dealing with chronic pain and fatigue is also treated, and a schoolgirl with a mysterious rash is examined by the doctors

Forged in Fire


Efforts to replicate deadly Indian weapon, the Vajra-Mushti

Forged in Fire


Two of the smiths are tasked to recreate one of the world’s sharpest blades

Forged in Fire


Two smiths face-off to forge an intricate weapon

Four smiths must rely on their mathematical skills to determine the amount the steel needed to make their signatures blades. After a couple of calculating rounds, two smiths return home to build the intricate M1905 Springfield Bayonet

Forged in Fire


A bid to craft the largest sword in the history of the series

Forged in Fire


A bid to recreate George Washington’s sword

Forged in Fire


Judges Ben Abbott, J Neilson and David Baker have just two weeks to construct a blade

Forged in Fire


The bladesmiths forge a Maguro Bocho, a massive tuna knife

Forged in Fire


A bid to recreate the mighty Serrated Tegha Sword

Forged in Fire


Four smiths get to choose their own forging method and materials

D-Day: Secret Raids That Won the War

Documentary examining the legendary RAF 617 squadron


Part one of two. Veterans describe their experience of D-Day

In this first of two programmes, veterans and the families of veterans describe their experience of D-Day from midnight until 07.30, with expert commentary from historians Max Hastings and Onyeka Nubia. D-Day began with a daring British airborne assault and the capture of two strategic bridges. Arlette Gonfree, just three at the time, recalls how hers was the first French family to be liberated


Part two of two. Veterans describe their experience of D-Day

In this second of two programmes, veterans and their descendents describe D-Day after 7.30, with expert commentary from historians Max Hastings and Onyeka Nubia. With the Americans pinned down on Omaha Beach, the British and Canadians landed on their beaches. Canadian Jim Parks lost his equipment in the sea when his landing craft hit a sandbank. Swimming ashore, he recalls helping to retrieve the dead and wounded from the water line. Paul, the son of Bert Scaife, tells how his father went ashore in a modified tank

The Assassination of JFK: Ten Fatal Mistakes

The errors in the run-up to the assassination of US President John F Kennedy

Crucial errors are examined that allowed US President John F Kennedy to be shot dead in front of a Dallas crowd in broad daylight in November 1963. Declassified documents reveal the failures by the FBI and CIA to communicate with each other effectively that allowed a Soviet defector and trained military marksman to return to the US and fall off both their radars. Although interviewed by the FBI, JFK’s killer Lee Harvey Oswald was allowed to roam free as his dislike for American politics only intensified



Examining conspiracy theories surrounding Hollywood crimes

Documentary examining common conspiracy theories surrounding Hollywood crimes. The 2014 hacking of Sony pictures is widely regarded as a revenge attack by North Korea for satirical film The Interview, but some suggest a marketing ruse to boost ailing box-office takings as a more likely explanation. Plus, a retired member of the police department names his own father a probable murderer, and there are musings about the Church of Scientology’s possible involvement in the deaths of celebrities

Royal Servants in Their Own Words

Stories from the royal household’s staff

The royal family have always tried to project an immaculate image, but this documentary reveals what goes on behind closed doors. Stories from the household’s staff include a cook revealing the Queen’s surprisingly simple favourite treat and a footman of the Queen Mother recounting his most embarrassing gaffe, involving wine and Princess Margaret. Also, historian Kate Williams examines some of the most bizarre and shocking servant duties from ancient times

Secrets of the Royal Palaces


A look at the lost palace of Whitehall

A look at the lost palace of Whitehall, which was destroyed by fire in 1698, with the Banqueting House the sole surviving building from the complex. Plus, the story of a couple from Manchester who decided to invite the Queen to their wedding in 2012, while Kate Williams explores the narcissistic motivations behind the Field of the Cloth of Gold, one of the biggest Tudor parties in history

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