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What’s On ITV3 Today Saturday 20 May 2023

A full run down of everything airing on ITV3 today.

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Never the Twain


Oliver has a new accident-prone shop assistant

Foyle’s War


Foyle is frustrated at seeing everyone else go off to war

First episode of the drama, starring Michael Kitchen as a jaded police superintendent who would rather be fighting the enemy in France than crime on the south coast as the Second World War gathers pace in 1940. However, when a local magistrate’s German wife is murdered amid a growing cloud of uncertainty and anti-Nazi feeling, the ensuing investigation is anything but routine. Edward Fox, Robert Hardy, David Horovitch, Anthony Howell and Honeysuckle Weeks co-star

Foyle’s War


A pro-Hitler organisation is investigated

As the Second World War continues to rage, Foyle investigates a pro-Hitler organisation he suspects may be linked to a mysterious death at the White Feather Hotel, while reluctant assistant Milner struggles to decide where his loyalties lie. Crime drama, starring Michael Kitchen and Anthony Howell, with Charles Dance and Maggie Steed

Foyle’s War


A conscientious objector dies in police custody

The unassuming detective launches an investigation when a conscientious objector dies while in police custody, and the judge who ordered his arrest is nearly killed in his booby-trapped home. His inquiries uncover a web of lies and corruption in the heart of wartime Hastings. Crime drama, starring Michael Kitchen and David Tennant

Foyle’s War


Foyle’s son disappears

The detective is faced with a dilemma when a murder investigation leads him to the radar station where his missing son was working on a highly classified operation – just as Hitler launches a major offensive on Britain’s RAF airfields. To solve the mystery, Foyle must penetrate the closed ranks of the airforce. Second World War crime drama, starring Michael Kitchen, Julian Ovenden, Honeysuckle Weeks, Anthony Calf, Roger Allam and Anton Lesser

Foyle’s War


A corpse is found on the beach

The year is 1940, and Sam is made homeless when a bomb destroys her boarding house, alerting Foyle to a system of organised looting around Hastings. However, when a corpse is found on the beach, the investigation brings the team into conflict with British attempts to secure vital American aid for the war effort. Police drama, starring Michael Kitchen, with Anthony Howell and Honeysuckle Weeks

Midsomer Murders


A land dispute leads to murder

A land dispute escalates during a cowboy fair run by the Wild West Society in the village of Ford Florey. Farmers Jack Fincher and Silas Burbage both claim to own a patch of wasteland known as the Swamp, but Dan Malko wants to buy it and create a travellers’ site. Barnaby and Jones are called in when the feud leads to murder during the Wild West-style shoot-outs at the annual event. Guest starring Kenneth Cranham, with John Nettles and Jason Hughes

Midsomer Murders


Joyce Barnaby thinks she is responsible for a man’s death

Joyce Barnaby swerves off the road into a ditch, convinced she has hit someone, but nobody is found injured and Tom thinks she has imagined it. However, when a local historian discovers the body of a librarian in a nearby cemetery, Joyce blames herself for the man’s death, leading her husband into a spooky investigation to find the real killer on the loose in the haunted village of March Magna. Guest starring Danny Webb (The Bill), with John Nettles, Jason Hughes and Jane Wymark

Midsomer Murders


A music prodigy witnesses a woman drowning. With James Fox and Richard Fleeshman

During a music masterclass led by a renowned pianist, a shy prodigy suffers a panic attack and runs off to a nearby river. To her horror, she witnesses a woman drowning and a baby left on the riverbank. But when Barnaby arrives, there is no sign of the victim – and he is struck by similarities to another mysterious case that happened 20 years ago at the same spot. Guest starring veteran actor James Fox and Coronation Street’s Ian Puleston-Davies (Owen Armstrong), alongside former Corrie star Richard Fleeshman (Craig Harris)

Agatha Christie’s Poirot


The death of a former nanny is connected to a troubled heiress

Former nanny Lavinia Seagram is found soaked in blood and it is believed she had turned to drink and drugs to commit suicide. However, Poirot is soon on the scent of troubled heiress Norma Restarick, who had problems of her own – not least confessing to the possibility she has killed someone herself. Guest starring Jemima Rooper, Zoe Wanamaker and Peter Bowles, with David Suchet as the Belgian sleuth

Scott & Bailey


A retrospective episode set immediately after the events of series two

In a retrospective episode set immediately after the events of series two, Rachel faces further accusations of masterminding the fatal attack on ex-lover Nick and finds comfort in the arms of ever-faithful Sean, agreeing to marry him. Amid the wedding celebrations, Janet and Ade admit defeat and decide to split up for good, while Gill is duty bound to take action when she catches Pete in a compromising position. The detectives also investigate the case of a businessman suspected of murdering a homeless man

Unwind with ITV

Daily escape designed to calm the mind and encourage relaxation and reflection


Home shopping

Buying goods from the comfort of home

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