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Classic Holby City


Kian struggles to cope as a patient dredges up the past

Kian struggles to cope as a patient dredges up the past, threatening his relationship with Jac, who has uncovered something suspicious concerning Kestrel. Louis works with Guy on a case, only to fall out when he discovers he has been the subject of hospital gossip. Fletch awaits a confirmed date for his operation, only to cause chaos when he makes a false assumption concerning a garish gift


A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home


A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home

Born and Bred


Alec suffers a heart attack

Len and Linda find a seven-year-old girl on the steps of the hospital and Tom makes it his mission to discover where she comes from. Jean acquires a collection of stuffed animals for her scrapyard, and Alec threatens to have the Rev Brewer excommunicated when an exorcism gives the boisterous farmer a heart attack. James Bolam and Michael French star as the father-and-son GPs in the sleepy Lancashire village of Ormston during the 1950s

Born and Bred


Deborah’s mother arrives unexpectedly

Michael is convinced a monster is lurking in the local reservoir and persuades Eddie to try to capture the creature, and Deborah’s mother arrives in Ormston unannounced. Back at the surgery, Tom is baffled when Mr Boynton comes in with a bad cough and discovers pigeons might be to blame. Medical drama, starring James Bolam and Michael French, with a guest appearance by Gwen Taylor

The Last Detective


A former soldier is murdered

Dangerous Davies has a difficult task on his hands when he investigates the murder of ex-soldier Frank Moore. With members of the dead man’s artillery regiment unwilling to break confidences and offer any information, the eccentric detective struggles to gather enough evidence to solve the case. Police drama, guest starring Lindsey Coulson, Hugo Speer and Charles Dale, with Peter Davison and Sean Hughes

The Last Detective


Davies investigates the death of a singer

Investigating the death of Teddy O’Connor, a singer from the 1970s, plunges Davies into the world of rock ‘n’ roll, where he discovers bitter band rivalry and management disputes could provide a motive for murder. Meanwhile, Aspinall is devastated to learn he is being taken advantage of at work and finds himself returning to old habits. Drama, guest starring Tony Slattery, Philip Middlemiss, Nigel Planer and Tim Healy

Pie in the Sky


Henry Crabbe takes on conservationists

Pie in the Sky


Crabbe tracks down a peeping Tom

Crabbe tracks down a peeping Tom who has taken to stealing underwear, all the while growing more concerned about the direction his enquiries are taking. Culinary crime drama, starring Richard Griffiths, Maggie Steed, Malcolm Sinclair and Edward Atterton

Pie in the Sky


Crabbe discovers a customer’s body in the men’s toilet

Crabbe discovers a customer’s body in the men’s toilet, and its subsequent disappearance makes great demands on his ingenuity. Light-hearted crime drama, starring Richard Griffiths, Maggie Steed and Bella Enahoro

Inspector George Gently


Bacchus and Gently investigate the suspicious death of a miner

Bacchus and Gently are called in to investigate the death of a miner, which is being treated as suspicious because even though his body was discovered down the pit, records show he was above ground when he disappeared. Alleged victim Arthur Hawkes was a proud union man, and his children confirm he fought long and hard to keep the closure-threatened mine open. But as the detectives dig deeper, they find that not everyone agrees with this portrait of him. Could he really have sold his union comrades down the river? Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby star, with Simon Greenall, Jack Deam and Michael Socha

The Brokenwood Mysteries


A rugby coach’s body is found tied to a goal post

Shepherd is called upon to investigate when a rugby coach’s body is found stripped naked and tied to a goal post. His team’s losing streak of 50 straight games has broken national records, and Shepherd is perplexed by a sense of relief in the community. Starring Neill Rea, Fern Sutherland, Pana Hema Taylor and Nic Sampson

Father Brown


The sleuth tries to solve a case involving a musical director

In the Dark


Helen tracks down the gang responsible for the shooting

Helen finds herself in more danger as the investigation pulls her further into Manchester’s criminal underworld. Paranoid, vulnerable but unperturbed, she tracks down the gang responsible for the shooting – before the case throws up some shocking revelations. And can Theo cheat death as the gang continues to be hunted by a mystery gunman?



A murder and a spate of racist attacks appear to be linked

The Edinburgh detective investigates the murder of notorious gangster Morris Cafferty’s illegitimate son, as the search goes on to find the person who put Sammy in a life-threatening coma. The hunt for the killer is complicated by apparent links to a spate of hate crimes by racist extremists in the city centre. Gritty crime thriller, starring John Hannah and James Cosmo

Silent Witness


Feature-length episode. A teenage girl’s body is found in a suitcase

Feature-length episode. A homeless man opens an abandoned suitcase in a park, only to find the body of a teenage girl inside. Jack and Nikki attend the scene with DS Sally Kirchner and are shocked to discover the victim’s baby has been cut from her womb. From the placenta they are able to identify the father – but the married man in question denies any knowledge of the deceased. Emilia Fox, David Caves and Richard Lintern star in the forensic crime drama, with guest appearances by Morven Christie and Sean Gallagher

The Line of Beauty


Drama, starring Dan Stevens

Drama, adapted from Alan Hollinghurst’s 2004 Man Booker Prize-winning novel. Set in the 1980s, the plot focuses on the exploits of a middle-class homosexual man, who goes to live at the house of a newly elected Conservative MP. Dan Stevens and Tim McInnerny star

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