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What’s On Channel 4 Today Saturday 20 May 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Channel 4 today.

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


A restaurant in Connecticut neglected by its husband-and-wife managers

Gordon Ramsay heads for Bridgeport, Connecticut, to visit Cafe Tavolini, which is being neglected by husband and wife managers teetering on the edge of divorce. The estranged couple’s two children are struggling to save the business from their parents’ disputes, and the visiting chef tries to shock the pair into stopping the restaurant from becoming a casualty of their quarrel

Come Dine with Me

The first of a week of dinner parties in Co Durham

Hairdresser Julie hosts the first of a week of dinner parties in Co Durham, hoping to win over her guests with a no-nonsense menu she can prepare in advance. Joining her are tough-talking prison transport officer Tina, dreadlocked farm-dweller Stephen, superior IT manager David and glamorous beauty-school teacher Ashleigh. Alliances are quickly forged when David and Tina discover they both love a good gossip, before they turn their attention to Stephen when David compares him to a tramp. Julie overcooks her beef, but will her hosting make up for it and bag her the £1,000 prize?

Come Dine with Me

Beauty teacher Ashleigh throws the second party in Co Durham

Beauty teacher Ashleigh throws the second of the week’s parties in Co Durham, she hopes a menu of sophisticated dishes – along with a helping of hearts and love – will help her win the cash prize. However, cracks were already beginning to show in the diners’ genial facade yesterday, and the hostess realises she must play peacemaker if she is to keep everyone from falling out

Come Dine with Me

Part-time farmer Stephen hosts the third night in Co Durham

Call centre complaints officer and part-time farmer Stephen hosts the third night of a week of dinner parties in Co Durham. He hopes to win the £1,000 prize money by impressing his guests with an evening on his farm, featuring a drinks reception and rustic cuisine. However, self-confessed snob Tina makes it perfectly clear what she thinks of his efforts

Come Dine with Me

Prison transport officer Tina hopes to impress with a sophisticated French menu

Prison transport officer Tina is the fourth host in Co Durham. She hopes to impress her guests with a sophisticated French menu including salmon crepes, chicken and posh peas and pear dessert. But having been highly critical of everyone else’s food so far, will they now take the chance to get their own back or can she win them round?

Come Dine with Me

IT manager David hopes to secure the £1,000 prize with his French evening

The final evening of gatherings in Co Durham sees IT manager David stage a French-themed soiree in the hope of securing the £1,000 prize. However, he soon finds his main challenge is to keep all his guests on friendly terms

Jamie’s Comfort Food

The chef puts his own spin on a classic chicken Kiev



Quiz, hosted by Craig Charles

Contestants face a series of questions with the answers on moneybags that pass along a conveyor belt in front of them. Grab a right answer and they get that bag’s value – anything from £1,000 to £100,000. However, if they pick a wrong bag they could lose everything. Hosted by Craig Charles

Everybody Loves Raymond


Debra is upset by her sister’s decision to become a nun

Everybody Loves Raymond


Debra upsets Ray

Everybody Loves Raymond


Debra spends a day cooking with Marie

The King of Queens


The gang goes paintballing. Ricki Lake guest stars

The gang goes paintballing to celebrate Deacon’s birthday, but Doug feels insecure when he learns Carrie finds Deacon attractive. Richie reveals his feelings for Stephanie, and a new arrival in the neighbourhood starts taking the game far too seriously. Ricki Lake and Eric Roberts guest star

The King of Queens


Deacon lies to his wife

Doug learns Deacon has lied to his wife about a relationship with a female acquaintance, and Carrie questions her marriage due to her husband’s views on cheating. Comedy, starring Kevin James, Leah Remini and Victor Williams

The King of Queens


Carrie wonders about her marriage

Deacon and Kelly’s separation makes Carrie wonder about her own marriage – and prompts her to devise a new method of resolving disputes with Doug. Meanwhile, Arthur dates a woman who claims she once went out with Frank Sinatra. Comedy, starring Kevin James, Jerry Stiller and Leah Remini

The King of Queens


Doug dreams about appearing in TV shows

Doug lies to Carrie about working late so he can get out of a seminar and play mud football, but his escapade in the rain makes him so feverish that he has a nightmare about appearing in TV shows with Arthur. Comedy, starring Kevin James



An attractive gym coach catches Frasier’s eye

A forthcoming squash tournament has Frasier on the lookout for a new partner, and an attractive gym coach seems to fit the bill. When lust blooms, the teacher’s aggressive performance techniques cannot help but remind the psychiatrist of his old gym teacher. Comedy, guest starring Jeanne Tripplehorn and Bob Hoskins, with Kelsey Grammer



Daphne’s mother infuriates Martin

Daphne’s mother infuriates Martin by meddling in his romantic affairs, while Frasier and Niles take part in a charity cycling event – even though neither of them knows how to ride a bike



Martin dispenses advice to a depressed Kenny

Martin dispenses advice to a depressed Kenny, leaving Frasier feeling jealous, and a yoga class goes badly for Niles, who is taken aback to discover he is not as supple as Daphne. Guest starring Alan Cumming

The Simpsons


Marge starts a carpentry business

Marge starts a carpentry business, but quickly learns she will need more than mere practical skill if her venture is to succeed. Fearing she will not be taken seriously, she appoints Homer as a figurehead – but he begins taking all the credit for her labours. Meanwhile, Bart is thrilled to discover Principal Skinner has a lethal peanut allergy

The Simpsons


With the guest voice of Kiefer Sutherland

Homer is duped into enlisting in the army, and falls foul of a hard-nosed officer who uses him as the target in a training exercise. Escaping back to Springfield with troops in hot pursuit, he makes his way home – where Marge’s ingenuity saves the day. With the guest voice of Kiefer Sutherland

The Simpsons


Homer becomes an ice-cream man

Homer is fired from the power plant and secures a job as an ice-cream man, but gets so wrapped up in his new career that he puts his marriage in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Marge discovers a new skill as an expert sculptor, using an unusual medium – lollipop sticks

The Simpsons


Bart becomes Nelson’s best friend

Bart becomes Nelson’s best friend and revels in the protection his new status brings. Unfortunately, the situation means he is unable to see Milhouse – forcing the pair to meet in secret. Meanwhile, Homer becomes addicted to one of Lisa’s fantasy books

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Fantasy adventure, starring Freddie Highmore
2008 – Family, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama

Movie cast

Movie: The Spiderwick Chronicles -

Life for identical twins Jared and Simon and their sister Mallory begins afresh when their mother inherits a spooky mansion. But after moving in, strange things begin to happen, and as the youngsters investigate, they discover a book that opens up a mysterious world of amazing supernatural creatures. Fantasy adventure, starring Freddie Highmore in a dual role alongside Sarah Bolger and Nick Nolte

Four in a Bed


A visit to Jockhedge Holiday Cottages in Burgh le Marsh, Lincolnshire

Four in a Bed


The second visit of the week is to the Victoria Inn in County Durham

Four in a Bed


The third visit of the week takes place at the Earlston House Hotel in Paignton, Devon

Four in a Bed


The final visit is to the Beach House in Portland, Dorset

The final visit is to the Beach House in Portland, Dorset, where Pete Lacey feels his back-to-basics approach offers his guests good value. But things get heated with the radiator in Karen and Liam’s room and opinions are laid bare over dinner

Four in a Bed


The B&B owners meet for the last time

The B&B owners meet for the last time to find out how much they’ve been paid and to settle some scores. Karen and Liam are shocked by their payment from Pete, while Carolynne and George want to find out what caused Karen and Liam to lose sleep at their place

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces


George meets a man transforming a Reliant Robin into a camper

Architect George Clarke delves into the world of small builds, meeting people taking tiny, unpromising spaces and creating places to live, work and play. Here, he meets a couple who are creating a disappearing bathroom and a man squeezing a camper into a Reliant Robin. He also discovers Chile’s stunning architecture, and plans his hardest-ever build, an observatory

Channel 4 News

Including sport and weather

The Lancaster Bomber at 80 with David Jason

The origins and legacy of the iconic Second World War aircraft

The actor narrates a look at the origins and legacy of the iconic aircraft that played a pivotal role in the Second World War. The programme features contributions from military historians and surviving crew members, revealing some of the untold stories behind the bomber, as well as examining the complex legacy of RAF Bomber Command Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Arthur `Bomber” Harris

Titanic: Building the World’s Largest Ship

The untold story of the doomed steamship’s construction

The untold story of the doomed steamship’s construction, revealing how 15,000 men toiled day and night in life-threatening conditions to create a state-of-the-art floating city. Based on original blueprints and unseen archives, cutting-edge special effects bring this process back to life on screen, and explore how the outsize ambitions that made it all possible also led to the ship’s dramatic demise

Grace Kelly: Lost Tapes of a Princess

Documentary following the life of the movie star turned princess

Documentary following the life of the movie star turned princess, featuring previously unseen home movie footage from the archives of the Principality of Monaco. These films, shot away from the public eye, capture her home life and her relationship with her children. The film also features contributions from friends and family, including Prince Albert of Monaco


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