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Today Friday 20 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Talking Pictures TV

Castle Sinister

Horror, starring Mara Russell-Tavernan
1948 – Horror, Thriller

Value for Money

Romantic comedy, with John Gregson and Diana Dors
1955 – Comedy

The Curse of the Wraydons

Period drama, starring Tod Slaughter
1946 – Horror

Movie: The Curse of the Wraydons - 1955

The Black Book

French Revolution drama, with Robert Cummings
1949 – Drama, Adventure, History

Movie: The Black Book - 1946


Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller, starring Cary Grant
1946 – Thriller, Romance, Mystery

Movie: Notorious - 1949

An undercover agent falls for the socialite daughter of a convicted German spy and persuades her to feed him information about the activities of a group of Nazi collaborators in Brazil – a dangerous decision that threatens to cost the girl her life as the leader of the gang draws closer to uncovering her secret. Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller, starring Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains and Louis Calhern

Crown Court


Part three of three. The jury reachers a verdict

A High Wind in Jamaica

Maritime adventure, starring Anthony Quinn
1965 – Action, Drama, Adventure

Movie: A High Wind in Jamaica -

A grizzled 19th-century Caribbean pirate is shocked to discover that a group of English children have stowed away aboard his ship while on their way back to England, forcing him to take care of them. Maritime adventure, starring Anthony Quinn, James Coburn, Lila Kedrova and Deborah Baxter

Mask of Dust

Adventure, starring Richard Conte
1954 – Drama

A former world class racing driver struggles to regain his form since returning to the sport after being discharged from the Air Force. However, he is reluctant to finish his career with a whimper and pushes for one final victory. Adventure, starring Richard Conte, Mari Aldon, Peter Illing and Alec Mango

The Chain

Comedy drama, starring Warren Mitchell
1984 – Horror

Movie: The Chain - 1954

A philosophically minded removal man and his team of colleagues helps seven people move into the houses each in turn has vacated – but finds that all their prospective clients are facing crises in their lives. Ensemble comedy drama themed around the seven deadly sins, starring Warren Mitchell, Bernard Hill, Nigel Hawthorne, Leo McKern and Billie Whitelaw

Dial 999


A dead man is discovered with heroin in his shoe

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

The cult movie star introduces The Company of Wolves

The Company of Wolves

Fantasy, starring Sarah Patterson
1984 – Horror, Fantasy

Movie: The Company of Wolves -

A teenager dreams of a life in a Gothic fairy-tale world, where she is warned by her wise grandmother to beware of men with an animalistic nature. Werewolves roam the forests of this world, and a series of strange stories reveal the ways in which they tempt people to their doom. Neil Jordan’s fantasy based on Angela Carter’s short stories, starring Sarah Patterson and Angela Lansbury

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

The cult movie star introduces Killer Fish

Killer Fish

Horror, starring Lee Majors
1979 – Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

Movie: Killer Fish -

A jewel thief and his cronies venture into the Brazilian jungle, where the loot from a recent heist has been hidden at the bottom of a lake. As they try to retrieve their ill-gotten gains, they come under attack from shoals of man-eating piranhas – but just as dangerous is the possibility of betrayal within the gang. Horror, starring Lee Majors and Karen Black

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

The cult movie star introduces The Ghoul

The Ghoul

Horror, starring Boris Karloff
1933 – Horror, Mystery

Movie: The Ghoul -

A murdered professor uses a magic jewel to return from the dead in the hope of gaining revenge on his killer. Horror, starring Boris Karloff, Ralph Richardson, Cedric Hardwicke and Ernest Thesiger

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

Preview of next week’s films

Christopher Columbus

Historical drama, starring Fredric March
1949 – Action, Adventure

Movie: Christopher Columbus -


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