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A Navy reservist returns home to find her husband missing

Gibbs and the team are called in when a Navy reservist returns home to find her husband missing and her living room covered in blood, and make a grim discovery when they find a finger in the bin. Meanwhile, Ziva ruffles a few feathers by insisting on continuing her investigation into the murder of her father, asking for permission to go to Rome on the trail of the chief suspect. Mark Harmon stars



Ziva and Tony travel to Berlin to track down Ilan Bodnar

New Mossad director Orli Elbaz asks for the team’s help in finding Ilan Bodnar when one of her agents is shot dead in Virginia, telling Gibbs he was investigating several operatives who had gone rogue after Eli David’s death. Ziva travels with Tony to Berlin in her pursuit of Bodnar, the man she believes was responsible for the death of her father. Guest starring Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: The Next Generation)



The team tracks Bodnar’s SUV to a remote house

The team tracks Bodnar’s SUV to a remote house in the countryside, but inside find only his dead accomplice – identified as a South African mercenary who helped Bodnar procure diamonds. Ziva and Tony, meanwhile, discharge themselves from hospital and wheedle information out of Abby to continue investigating on the quiet, having been warned by Homeland Security to stay off the case



A cook from a US Navy destroyer tells McGee and Gibbs someone is stalking him

A cook from a US Navy destroyer tells McGee and Gibbs he believes someone is stalking him with the intention of trying to make him poison the crew, and a picture on a stolen phone leads the team to a group testing the psychological effects of surveillance. Meanwhile, Richard Parsons from the Inspector General’s office closes in on Ziva as he investigates the death of Ilan Bodnar, the man who killed her father. Guest starring Colin Hanks

Law & Order


A jeweller who betrayed the Russian Mob is shot dead

A jeweller with ties to the Russian Mob is shot dead in the middle of Times Square. It emerges that he had been helping the authorities bring his associates to justice, giving the detectives some obvious suspects. However, another man injured in the gunfire is later identified as one of the two shooters, bringing his accomplice and then the dead man’s wife under suspicion

Law & Order


Heroin users are murdered in a raid on a drug den

Detectives Fontana and Green investigate the murders of a group of heroin users in a raid on a drug den. The prime suspect is a warlord who aided American forces in Afghanistan and claims diplomatic immunity – but McCoy and Southerlyn refuse to be swayed in their attempts to prosecute. Drama, starring Dennis Farina, Jesse L Martin, Sam Waterston and Elisabeth Rohm

Law & Order


Green and Fontana call on the SVU for help with a case

Green and Fontana call on the Special Victims Unit to help them uncover the truth about the death of a man found with one of Olivia Benson’s business cards in his pocket. The team soon realises that two career criminals are involved – but faced with conflicting stories, Benson and McCoy struggle to agree on who is telling the truth. Lynda Carter guest stars

Law & Order


A 10-year-old murder investigation is reopened

A deathbed confession leads to a 10-year-old murder investigation being reopened, but Fontana’s methods bring him into conflict with McCoy, who is being pressured by Branch to win the case. To complicate matters, vital information is ruled inadmissible because it was given in confidence to a Church minister. Police drama, starring Sam Waterston and Dennis Farina

Law & Order


Fontana and Green get involved in an ethical debate

A car bomb kills the husband of an incapacitated woman shortly before he planned to switch off her life support. Fontana and Green are drawn into a heated debate about the right to die, and find themselves faced with two suspects who both have iron-clad alibis



The team hunts down a sniper

The team races to find a sniper who is targeting marine recruitment officers and picking them off one by one. The only clue is a white feather left at the scene of each shooting – and in the absence of any other evidence, Gibbs uses himself as bait to catch the killer. American drama, starring Mark Harmon, David McCallum, Sasha Alexander and Michael Weatherly



Three similar execution-style killings take place

Three similar execution-style killings take place, and the team discovers one of the victims was going through a messy divorce. His widow falls under suspicion of committing the first two crimes to mask the murder of her husband – but, unfortunately for the agents, she has an alibi. Starring Michael Weatherly and David McCallum



Gibbs’s former commanding officer is accused of murder

Gibbs entrusts the team with the task of finding his former commanding officer, who has gone on the run rather than staying behind to face charges of killing a marine and stealing funds. Kate and Tony’s investigation leads them to the missing man’s cabin – which has been sprayed with bullets and contains an unidentified corpse. Mark Harmon stars



A gunman takes Ducky and Kate hostage

Ducky, Gerald and Kate are taken hostage by a gunman who demands evidence relating to the recent shooting of a suspected terrorist. As Gibbs and the team struggle to resolve the crisis, they are alarmed to discover there is a Hamas operative in their midst. Crime drama, guest starring Alan Dale (Ugly Betty)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


Stone asks Benson to investigate a sexual assault from his past

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


The investigation into a promising author’s death leads to a decades-old secret

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


A man claims his sister was gang raped

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


An Alzheimer’s patient claims to have been raped

The Blacklist


Red helps the team track down a cunning political strategist

Cunning and well-connected, The Kingmaker is the man behind the rise of some of the world’s most powerful politicians, but one of his operations receives unwanted attention from the FBI when a government official in Prague is framed for murder. Wise to the strategist’s ways, Red helps the team track him down, and with his attention focused on the chase, Liz seizes the opportunity to probe his closely guarded personal life, only to discover a shocking secret. Guest starring Linus Roache (Law & Order)

The Blacklist


Liz refuses to collaborate with Red

Part one of two. Liz finds herself unable to trust Red now that the truth about her father’s untimely death has come to light and, with Tom’s agenda still unclear, she doesn’t feel safe in her own home. Attempting to keep danger at bay, the agent refuses to collaborate with Red, only for the wily ex-con to present her with a case that’s too urgent to ignore

Criminals: Caught on Camera

The use of CCTV to fight crime

Journalist Nick Wallis joins police forces around the nation to discover how CCTV and technological advances are helping to bring criminals to justice. The programme reveals how essential surveillance cameras have become in the fight against crime and features footage of people caught red-handed


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