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What’s On Channel 4 Today Thursday 19 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Channel 4 today.


Rick Edwards is in Dictionary Corner

3rd Rock from the Sun


Harry becomes a secretary

Nina has had enough of being Dick and Mary’s secretary, and is replaced by Harry. Meanwhile, Sally decides she wants to experience childhood. Comedy, starring John Lithgow, Jane Curtin, Kristen Johnston and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

3rd Rock from the Sun


Sally beats up Mark Hamill

Sally has a heated argument in a restaurant with Star Wars actor Mark Hamill and becomes an overnight celebrity, prompting alien commander Dick to punch his way into the headlines. Comedy, starring John Lithgow and Kristen Johnston

Everybody Loves Raymond


Debra comes down with flu

Debra comes down with a bad case of flu and takes to her bed, forcing Ray to look after her and the kids. Unfortunately for him, a meeting with a star quarterback complicates matters. Guest starring Terry Bradshaw

Everybody Loves Raymond


Ray grows envious of Robert’s good looks

Everybody Loves Raymond


Debra ditches her old car

Debra learns the second-hand car she bought from Marie and Frank was once the scene of an amorous encounter for a teenage Ray – and promptly decides she does not want it any more. Patricia Heaton and Ray Romano star



A financial analyst joins the station

Niles is left with no choice but to see patients in his apartment, while Frasier is forced to share his studio and airtime with an arrogant financial analyst – and later finds himself accused of sexually harassing her. Comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce



Lilith pays an unexpected visit

Lilith pays an unexpected visit and asks Frasier an unusual favour, while Niles worries about Daphne, who has gone with Roz, Alice and Mrs Moon on a road trip to Canada. Guest starring Millicent Martin and Bebe Neuwirth, with Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves



Daphne hosts a dinner party

Daphne offers to host a dinner party to celebrate Niles’ latest purchase, knowing that previous soirees held by the brothers have ended badly. However, her own efforts fail to work out much better and Frasier is forced to lend a clandestine hand, while Martin masquerades as a famous artist

Undercover Boss USA


The CEO of a chain of department stores goes undercover

Steven Newman, CEO of department store chain Loehmann’s, views his company from a different perspective when he goes undercover as an aspiring entrepreneur visiting the shops after winning a reality TV contest. And that’s when he learns first-hand that the employees are the foundation of the company

Channel 4 News Summary

Includes headlines and weather

Come Dine with Me: The Professionals


The week’s first venue is Namaste Indian Restaurant and Club Prosecco Lounge

The week’s first venue in Newcastle is Namaste Indian Restaurant and Club Prosecco Lounge, owned by brothers Razz and Boxa, who pride themselves on their customer service. On day two, Aaron and Adam host at their place, where the word burger is banned and the meat is stacked high. Finally, for Anne and Gary, hosting is key and, while fish and chips are their normal bread and butter, tonight the proof will be in the pudding – the leek pudding

Steph’s Packed Lunch

Weekday magazine show, hosted by Steph McGovern

Steph McGovern presents the weekday magazine, including celebrity guests, food ideas, real-life features and entertainment, lifestyle and consumer stories. Plus, a sideways look at the news in One O’Clock Views


Rick Edwards is in Dictionary Corner

A Place in the Sun

A couple seek a holiday home in the hillside villages of western Cyprus

Amanda and Keith from Wiltshire are searching for a holiday home in the hillside villages of western Cyprus. They have been together for 31 years after meeting in the RAF and hope that eventually the holiday home will become a permanent place they can retire to. Property expert Leah Charles-King shows them five options to choose between, within their budget of £250,000

A New Life in the Sun


A famous face pops in to check out the offerings at Mike and Craig’s café

Junior Bake Off


The bakers attempt a traditional Chinese dessert with an amphibious twist

It’s Dessert Day and judges Ravneet and Liam task the bakers with producing the perfect finale to any meal. The risk of sinking has never been greater in the Technical as the bakers attempt a traditional Chinese dessert with an amphibious twist. For the Showstopper, the bakers must launch the humble milkshake out of this world with a dessert-laden variation. Presented by Harry Hill

The Simpsons


Bart develops a crush on his babysitter

Bart develops a crush on babysitter Laura Powers and plots to break up her relationship with bullying boyfriend Jimbo Jones – but things do not turn out as planned. Featuring the voice of Sara Gilbert (Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory)


Misbah and Zain try to come up with a plan to keep paying for Imran’s treatment

Misbah and Zain try to come up with a plan to keep paying for Imran’s treatment. Meanwhile, Prince comes up with a plan to get rid of Nadira by getting Tom to distract her, and later, Tony gives Hunter and Prince some advice

Channel 4 News

Including sport and weather

Including sport and weather

The Dog House


Timid puppy Harry and grumpy Westie Hamish seek new homes

Timid puppy Harry seeks a new home, while it is unclear whether grumpy Westie Hamish will share a smile and his beloved toy with Jacqui from Bolton. Lily the Beagle has a choice – do another runner or stay put for a cuddle with ex-policeman Stuart and his family

The Light in the Hall


Cat and Joe return to the scene of the crime

Cat and Joe return to the woods to see if revisiting the scene of the crime can help jog his memory. Sharon is more desperate than ever for answers, but they might not be the ones she wants. Drama, starring Joanna Scanlan, Alexandra Roach and Iwan Rheon

In the Footsteps of Killers


The death of eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra in 1981

The case of eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra, who vanished while in central London in July 1981 while watching the wedding parade of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Seven months later that his partial remains were discovered on an isolated farm in West Sussex. Emilia Fox, Professor David Wilson and Dr Graham Hill revisit a case that despite several police reviews over the last 41 years, has yet to identify the killer or killers

Killed By a Rich Kid

The 2019 death of a teenager in one of England’s most affluent suburbs

Documentary examining the 2019 death of teenager Yousef Makki in Hale Barns, one of England’s most affluent suburbs. The programme features evidence from the case, traces the events of the trial, where Makki’s friend was acquitted of murder and manslaughter, and the inquest into his death. Three years on, the family still have questions about how and why he died

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


A struggling restaurant in Los Angeles

The chef travels to Los Angeles to help La Frite, an outdated French restaurant that is failing to make any profits. His first step is to try to reconcile the feuding family members who run the business, and so devises a plan to bring them together by using secret filming

Couples Come Dine with Me


Three couples from south Wales compete for the cash prize of £1,000

Three couples from south Wales compete to host the best dinner party and walk away with the cash prize of £1,000. South African born Nigel and his Welsh wife Nikki kick off the competition with dishes from Nigel’s homeland, while Darren and Simon attempt to woo their guests with a flavour of their first-class lifestyle on day two, before down-to-earth Neil and Carly offer up a taste of their favourite dishes on the final night


Drama, starring Lily Franky
2018 – Drama

Movie: Shoplifters -

A poverty-stricken group living in Tokyo makes ends meet by shoplifting. One night they take a troubled little girl under their wing, and when police start investigating her disappearance, the family attempts to hide her from the authorities. Drama, starring Lily Franky, Sakura Ando and Mayu Matsuoka. In Japanese


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