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Today Thursday 18 May 2023

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The Passage

Second World War thriller, starring Anthony Quinn
1979 – Action, Drama, War

Movie cast

A Basque mountain guide is recruited by the American military to escort a scientist and his family safely through the Pyrenees to safety in neutral Spain. However, a sadistic SS officer is in hot on their trail. Second World War thriller, starring Anthony Quinn, James Mason and Malcolm McDowell

Up with the Lark

Second World War comedy, starring Ethel Revnell and Gracie West
1943 – Comedy

Movie cast

Honey West


Aunt Meg accidentally buys a valuable artwork – which is stolen

The Ghost Camera

Thriller, with John Mills
1933 – Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Mystery, Crime

Movie cast

Movie: The Ghost Camera -

A man wrongly accused of murder is determined to clear his name – and a chemist discovers a camera film that may contain just the evidence he needs. Thriller, starring John Mills, Ida Lupino, Henry Kendall and Felix Aylmer

The Body Vanished

Murder mystery, starring Anthony Hulme
1939 – Comedy, Crime, Mystery

Movie cast

My Job

Short film capturing life in the BBC newsroom

Black Saddle


The town is plundered by army deserters

Delayed Flight

Thriller, starring Helen Cherry
1964 – Thriller

Movie cast

The Voice of Merrill

Murder mystery, starring James Robertson Justice
1952 – Mystery

Movie cast

Movie: The Voice of Merrill - 1964


Romantic drama, with Katharine Hepburn and Rossano Brazzi
1955 – Drama, Romance

Movie cast

Movie: Summertime - 1952

An American woman who has always been happy being single finally realises her dream of seeing Venice, where she falls in love with a married antiques shop owner. David Lean’s romantic drama, based on Arthur Laurents’ play The Time of the Cuckoo, starring Katharine Hepburn, Rossano Brazzi, Isa Miranda and Darren McGavin

Look at Life

The role mud plays in all of our lives

Crown Court


Part two of three. A witness suggests that changes to the will may have been forged

The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady

Crime caper, starring Warren William
1940 – Mystery, Comedy

Movie cast

Movie: The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady -

The suave thief-turned-detective comes to the aid of a socialite whose priceless necklace has implicated her in robbery and murder. Crime caper based on the stories by Louis Joseph Vance, starring Warren William, Jean Muir and Victor Jory

The Third Alibi

Thriller, starring Laurence Payne
1961 – Thriller, Drama

Movie cast

Movie: The Third Alibi - 1940

An unhappily married composer has an affair with his sister-in-law, which results in her pregnancy. When his wife refuses to grant him a divorce, he hatches a convoluted scheme to murder her – but nothing goes according to plan. Thriller, starring Laurence Payne, Patricia Dainton and Jane Griffiths

Where No Vultures Fly

Fact-based drama, starring Anthony Steel
1951 – Adventure

Movie cast

Movie: Where No Vultures Fly - 1961

An idealistic game warden clashes with ruthless ivory poachers jeopardising his attempts to establish a national game reserve in Kenya. Fact-based drama, starring Anthony Steel, Dinah Sheridan and Harold Warrender

The Saint

Simon helps a Puerto Rican farmer when he suspects a philanthropist of being a con man



A spoiled aristocratic couple waste the Court’s time

Stop Me Before I Kill!

Thriller, starring Ronald Lewis
1960 – Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Movie cast

Movie: Stop Me Before I Kill! -

Where Has Poor Mickey Gone?

Fantasy thriller, starring Warren Mitchell
1964 – Crime, Mystery

Movie cast


Thriller, starring Vince Edwards
1968 – Science Fiction, Thriller

Movie cast

Movie: Hammerhead - 1964

The Frogmen

Second World War thriller, starring Richard Widmark
1951 – Action, Adventure, Drama, War

Movie cast

Movie: The Frogmen - 1968

Underwater demolition experts embark on a mission to find a safe landing site for the US military to launch an invasion on a South Pacific island occupied by Japanese army and navy forces. But first the commander and his men must put aside their personal differences to ensure the mission is successful. Thriller, starring Richard Widmark, Dana Andrews and Gary Merrill

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