ITV3 Today Saturday 18 March 2023

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What’s On ITV3 Today Saturday 18 March 2023

A full run down of everything airing on ITV3 today.

Bless This House


Jean’s sister visits

Bless This House


The Abbotts catch flu

The Abbotts catch flu and Sid is forced to act as nursemaid. Sitcom, starring Sid James

Holiday on the Buses

Comedy, starring Reg Varney
1973 – Comedy

Bus driver Stan and conductor Jack are fired and wind up working at a holiday camp in Wales, where they fall foul of the security officer – none other than their old adversary Inspector Blake, who has also lost his job and been forced into alternative employment. Comedy based on the 1970s sitcom, starring Reg Varney, Bob Grant, Stephen Lewis, Anna Karen and Doris Hare

Larry Grayson: Shut That Door!

Documentary exploring the entertainer’s life

Documentary exploring the entertainer’s rise from poverty to fame, drawing on extracts from an unfinished autobiography. Featuring contributions from friends and colleagues including Michael Barrymore, Janet Street-Porter, Chris Tarrant and Generation Game co-host Isla St Clair

Rosemary & Thyme


The duo find an abandoned baby

The duo are hired to create a garden as a wedding present, and find a baby under a gooseberry bush. The discovery brings out Rosemary’s maternal side as the pair investigate who abandoned the child. Their task is complicated by the murder of an artistic neighbour – and the two mysterious incidents appear to be connected. Starring Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris

Rosemary & Thyme


A tennis player is discovered dead in Spain

The duo visit a resort in Spain to create a trophy garden for a pro-am tennis tournament run by a former champion. When one of the competitors is found dead, everyone assumes it to be a gruesome accident – but there is more to the case than meets the eye. While investigating, Laura enters the mysterious world of bullfighting, and Rosemary rediscovers her love of motor scooters

Midsomer Murders


Human skeletons are unearthed

Sergeant Troy is promoted to Inspector, but before he can consider his future he has to help Barnaby investigate the collapse of a tunnel which has exposed a collection of ancient skeletons – and more recent remains among the bones suggest links to a nearby double shooting. Murder mystery, starring John Nettles, Daniel Casey, Cherie Lunghi and David Bradley

Midsomer Murders


A Spanish-themed evening ends in murder

A local woman is found murdered following a row with her husband at a residents’ association Spanish-themed evening. The finger of suspicion soon points to an odd-job man with a violent history, and the chairman of the association reveals he heard a squeaking noise after the victim left – but the witness promptly winds up dead himself. Crime drama, starring John Nettles

Midsomer Murders


A womaniser is murdered with an ancient spear

An amateur archaeologist publishes a book about his father’s discovery of Celtic artefacts in an ancient mound, and plans a celebration on the site – but landowner Gareth Heldman is less than keen on the idea. While out walking, Joyce spots Heldman arguing with a woman, and hours later he winds up stabbed to death with an old weapon that bears a striking resemblance to the one found during the dig. John Nettles and John Hopkins star

Midsomer Murders


A prize-winning author is murdered

Barnaby and Scott investigate the murder of a prize-winning author on the eve of the Midsomer Literary Festival. The event goes ahead as planned, but a killing occurs during a blackout at a packed reception hosted by the widow of another writer, and it is not long before the detectives uncover corruption, sexual scandal and financial mismanagement. Guest starring Stella Gonet, with John Nettles and John Hopkins

Midsomer Murders

A postman’s murder exposes dark dealings

The killing of a postman, whose doorstep deliveries often included more than just letters, rocks the idyllic rural hamlet of Goodman’s Land and sends Barnaby on the trail of a murderer with vengeance in mind – if Sgt Troy can keep his eyes off the attractive village policewoman long enough to follow the clues. Murder mystery, guest starring Robert Glenister, with John Nettles, Daniel Casey and Gillian Kearney

Arthur & George


Period drama, starring Martin Clunes as Arthur Conan Doyle

Martin Clunes plays celebrated novelist and physician Arthur Conan Doyle in this adaptation of Julian Barnes’ novel. The drama is based on real events in the Sherlock Holmes creator’s life, as he pursues a notorious miscarriage of justice. It’s 1906, and Sir Arthur and his trusted secretary Alfred `Woodie” Wood investigate the case of George Edalji, a young Anglo-Indian solicitor who was imprisoned for allegedly mutilating animals and writing obscene letters. With Charles Edwards, Arsher Ali, Art Malik, Emma Fielding, Hattie Morahan, Conleth Hill and Sandra Voe

Arthur & George


The local blacksmith is found dead

After the escape of their late-night assailant, Arthur, Woodie and the Edaljis are surprised by the arrival of George at the vicarage. His boots are covered in mud, which leads Woodie to suspect he is the Wyrley Ripper after all, but Arthur is not convinced, believing the young solicitor is the victim of racial prejudice – and possibly police corruption. Feathers are ruffled as the novelist visits the officers who investigated the case, and soon after, another recipient of the poison-pen letters, the local blacksmith, is killed in his home

Arthur & George


Arthur and Woodie are led into danger

Determined to prove his critics wrong and find out whether George has been hiding anything, Arthur attacks the case with renewed fervour, uncovering fresh evidence that suggests a very different explanation to the one found by the police. However, he and Woodie are led into further danger when it seems the Wyrley Ripper is still at large. On a mission that could expose corruption in the establishment, will Arthur be able to show the world that the young solicitor is innocent? Martin Clunes stars in the period drama

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