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GPs: Behind Closed Doors


Patients dealing with persistent physical and psychological pain

The doctors and nurses of Horfield Health Centre turn their attention to patients dealing with persistent pain, both physical and psychological. First up is Valentine, who is undergoing male-to-female gender reassignment, but faces a long and arduous journey to her desired destination. Dr Tom Pelly helps Vera, who is worried that her bad shoulder might be a sign of worse things to come, and Dr Alison Bolam solves the mystery of why visually impaired patient David is experiencing pain in his eyes and face. Dr Jane Edge believe impetigo might be the cause of Agnese’s woes, and Dr Elizabeth Barnard suspects Hannah’s abdominal pains might be something far more serious than a case of gastroenteritis

The Yorkshire Vet


Julian treats a seriously ill llama that is struggling to breathe

Julian treats a seriously ill llama called Echo who is struggling to breathe, and he has the tricky job of conducting his very first llama chest X-ray. Elsewhere, Walter the pug arrives at Huddersfield hospital with a painful knee problem, so Matt and Martin put him through the CT scanner as they try to work out what is causing the pain

The Yorkshire Vet


Peter Wright tries to save a cow who has suffered a huge prolapse after giving birth

Peter Wright tries to save a cow who has suffered a huge prolapse after giving birth, and Matt and David attempt make-or-break surgery on a sheep with a foot infection. Jasper the 13-year-old golden retriever has a nasty looking cancerous tumour on his mouth, and Julian embarks on a tricky surgery to try and remove it

The Highland Vet


A Tamaskan puppy is brought in after being attacked by an older dog

A Tamaskan puppy is brought in after being attacked by an older dog – and as the vets try to save the puppy, they also discover a metal object in her belly. Newly qualified vet Katie performs an emergency caesarean on a cow that’s struggling to deliver a calf

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A man seeks advice after noticing some odd-looking spots on his face

Builder Carl seeks medical attention after noticing some odd-looking spots on his face, and receives valuable advice from Dr Helen Thomas on staying safe in the sun. Dr Andrew Cordell comforts Lynda, a woman of advancing years, who has been suffering from excruciating headaches. Meanwhile, Lisa is suffering from extreme abdominal pains. After chatting to Dr Jane Edge, it becomes clear that the issue may not just be due to her physical health. Lately she has been struggling to provide food for her family, let alone herself, but luckily some much-needed help is at hand

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


Doctors make some potentially worrying discoveries among their patients

This time, the doctors make some potentially worrying discoveries among their patients, including a woman who has a heart murmur that could indicate something very serious. The GPs also treat a man who has traces of blood in his stools, and a young woman with a worrying lump in her neck

The Yorkshire Vet


Peter Wright treats a tawny owl with a serious eye problem

Peter Wright is concerned about a tawny owl whose eye he removed 18 months ago and now has a serious problem with its remaining eye, which means its life is in danger. Julian Norton visits a dairy farm to help a new mother, and back at the surgery he and his team battle to save a litter of unborn puppies. Elsewhere, a farmer fears one of his sheep has been shot

The Yorkshire Vet


Julian Norton deals with two ewes that have prolapsed

Julian Norton heads to the Taylors’ farm, where there is a double sheep emergency in the form of a new mother and an expectant ewe that have both prolapsed. Peter Wright operates on a collie that requires emergency surgery and also heads out to see Shetland pony called Banjo, which is struggling badly because of a sore hoof

The Highland Vet


Two rescued grey seal pups are brought in for emergency care

Walking Victorian Britain


Onyeka Nubia explores the history of Liverpool

World War II in Colour


Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941

This edition focuses on Japan’s early involvement in the war and the country’s efforts to flex its muscles around the Pacific. On December 7, 1941, the course of the Second World War changed dramatically when Japanese planes swooped in for a surprise attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, which led to America’s entry into the conflict. Subsequently Japanese forces seized the British colonies of Malaya and Burma, French Indo-China, the Dutch East Indies, the US-controlled Philippines and a string of Pacific islands

World War II in Colour


The air and sea battles for control of Malta

In September 1940, Italian leader Benito Mussolini’s armies advanced into Egypt and opened up a completely new theatre of war. The British were outnumbered by more than 10 to one, but soon pushed the Axis forces back hundreds of miles and Hitler had to send Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps to rescue his ally. Alongside the campaign on the ground, Mussolini staged an epic naval and air war in the Mediterranean, which saw the British fighting to hold on to the strategically vital island of Malta


Part one of two. Veterans describe their experience of D-Day

In this first of two programmes, veterans and the families of veterans describe their experience of D-Day from midnight until 07.30, with expert commentary from historians Max Hastings and Onyeka Nubia. D-Day began with a daring British airborne assault and the capture of two strategic bridges. Arlette Gonfree, just three at the time, recalls how hers was the first French family to be liberated


Part two of two. Veterans describe their experience of D-Day

In this second of two programmes, veterans and their descendents describe D-Day after 7.30, with expert commentary from historians Max Hastings and Onyeka Nubia. With the Americans pinned down on Omaha Beach, the British and Canadians landed on their beaches. Canadian Jim Parks lost his equipment in the sea when his landing craft hit a sandbank. Swimming ashore, he recalls helping to retrieve the dead and wounded from the water line. Paul, the son of Bert Scaife, tells how his father went ashore in a modified tank

Forged in Fire


The iconic Medieval Arming Sword

Four bladesmiths must forge not just one, but three knives from railroad spikes in only three hours. Time management is essential for hammering out three functional knives that can withstand a brutal round of testing. After two smiths’ knives go off the rails, the remaining two competitors return to recreate the iconic Medieval Arming Sword

Forged in Fire


Bladesmiths are tasked to create Knights Templar crusader daggers

Bladesmiths are tasked to forge together rusty chain mail and high quality steel to produce Knights Templar crusader daggers. Later, two finalists are sent back to their home forges on a five-day quest to recreate the iconic Knights Templar crusader sword

Forged in Fire


Four smiths have to forge a blade fitting into a puzzle piece cut out

Walking Tudor England


Suzannah Lipscomb walks across the hills and dales of Yorkshire

Suzannah Lipscomb walks across the hills and dales of Yorkshire, uncovering details about the Reformation, including Henry VIII’s original break with Rome, Edward VI’s Protestant iconoclasm, and Elizabeth I’s harsh stance towards Catholics who defied her. She visits sites including St Mary’s Abbey and Markenfield Hall

Secrets of the Royal Palaces


Kate Williams explores the deaths of the Princes in the Tower

Kate Williams explores the deaths of the Princes in the Tower, when the boys who were first and second in line to throne disappeared, allowing their uncle Richard III to seize power and become king. Photographer John Swannell talks about an ad hoc 1994 photoshoot with Diana, Princess of Wales, and her sons

The Yorkshire Vet

Documentary following life at a veterinary practice

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