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Today Wednesday 17 May 2023

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Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

The final film of the night is Howling III: The Marsupials

Howling III: The Marsupials

Horror, starring Barry Otto
1987 – Horror

Movie cast

A cannibalistic tribe of werewolves are discovered in Australia, and a scientist studying the creatures falls in love with one of the females. Horror sequel, starring Barry Otto, Imogen Annesley and Ralph Cotterill

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

A preview of next week’s films

Look at Life

An airline stewardess’ typical working day

Mrs G Goes to College


Students debate the role of parents

The Detectives


A detective falls in love with a female prisoner

Strictly for the Birds

Comedy, starring Tony Tanner
1964 – Comedy

Movie cast

Clash by Night

Prison escape drama, starring Peter Sallis

Escaped prisoners, forced to wait overnight in a deserted barn, recall the incidents that put them behind bars. Drama based on Rupert Croft-Brooke’s novel, starring Peter Sallis, Terence Longdon, Harry Fowler and Jennifer Jayne

Look at Life

Why people from all over the world attempt to swim the English Channel

The Onedin Line


Yellow fever breaks out in Liverpool

Nurse on Wheels

Comedy, starring Juliet Mills
1963 – Comedy, Romance

Movie cast

Movie: Nurse on Wheels -

Night Was Our Friend

Drama, starring Michael Gough
1951 – Drama, Romance

Movie cast

Movie: Night Was Our Friend - 1963

A man is assumed dead after his plane crashes in the jungle. He returns to civilisation driven to the edge of madness by his ordeal, only to find his wife has remarried. While she tries to comfort him, he plots revenge by committing suicide and making it seem as if she killed him. Drama, starring Michael Gough and Elizabeth Sellars

Upstairs, Downstairs


Edward marries Daisy

Daisy and Edward are married, but his return to the front line cuts short their happiness. At the station Georgina witnesses the arrival of a train filled with casualties, and decides to do something positive to assist the war effort

A Night in Casablanca

Comedy, starring the Marx Brothers
1946 – Comedy

Movie cast

Movie: A Night in Casablanca -

Operation Diplomat

Crime drama, starring Guy Rolfe
1953 – Drama

Movie cast

Movie: Operation Diplomat - 1946

Guadalcanal Diary

Second World War drama, starring Preston Foster
1943 – Action, War, Drama

Movie cast

Movie: Guadalcanal Diary - 1953

A tough sergeant, a chaplain and two marines fight through a series of battles on the Solomon Islands during the initial skirmishes of the American forces’ Pacific campaign. Second World War drama, based on the book by Richard Tregaskis, starring Preston Foster, Anthony Quinn, Lloyd Nolan, William Bendix and Richard Conte

Gideon’s Way


The detective suspects a rich girl’s boyfriend plans to kidnap her


Crime drama, starring George Peppard
1969 – Crime, Drama

Movie cast

Movie: Pendulum -

When police captain Frank Matthews is accused of murdering his adulterous wife and her lover he avoids arrest and sets out to find the killer. Crime drama, starring George Peppard, Jean Seberg and Richard Kiley

Heavenly Pursuits

Comedy drama, starring Tom Conti
1986 – Comedy, Drama

Movie cast

Movie: Heavenly Pursuits - 1969

A teacher at a Catholic school in Glasgow remains a committed atheist himself. He has no time for his colleagues’ efforts to have the supposed miracle worker the school is named after canonised. However, he soon has no choice in the matter when he inexplicably recovers from what should have been a fatal brain tumour, which is only the first in a series of miraculous events. Comedy drama, starring Tom Conti and Helen Mirren

Danger Route

Cold War spy thriller, starring Richard Johnson
1967 – Action, Drama, Thriller

Movie cast

Movie: Danger Route - 1986

The Passage

Second World War thriller, starring Anthony Quinn
1979 – Action, Drama, War

Movie cast

Movie: The Passage - 1967

A Basque mountain guide is recruited by the American military to escort a scientist and his family safely through the Pyrenees to safety in neutral Spain. However, a sadistic SS officer is in hot on their trail. Second World War thriller, starring Anthony Quinn, James Mason and Malcolm McDowell

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