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Featuring reviews of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest and The Island with Bear Grylls

Britain’s favourite opinionated TV viewers share their thoughts on more TV from May, 2017, including the Eurovision Song Contest, The Island with Bear Grylls, Nature’s Miniature Miracles, Three Girls, Britain’s Got Talent, the News and Party Election Broadcasts

Below Deck Sailing Yacht


Chief Stew Jenna plans a wedding for two drunk guests

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


A struggling restaurant in Los Angeles

The chef travels to Los Angeles to help La Frite, an outdated French restaurant that is failing to make any profits. His first step is to try to reconcile the feuding family members who run the business, and so devises a plan to bring them together by using secret filming

The Neighborhood


Dave volunteers to repaint the Butler house

The Neighborhood


Calvin and Tina spend the night at the Johnsons’ home


Sam is willing to do whatever it takes to help his girlfriend


Norma finally reveals the truth to Warren

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


Problems at Cafe Kingston in Pasadena, California

Gordon Ramsay heads for Pasadena, California, where he visits Jamaican-themed restaurant Cafe Kingston. The business in run by Dr Una Morris, a micro-managing owner who also works at a radiotherapy clinic next door, and is determined to introduce hospital-style techniques to the kitchen by sealing everything in plastic bags

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


The chef helps a struggling restaurant in California

The chef heads to Eagle Rock in California to try to change the fortunes of Capri, a grubby restaurant which often remains closed during lunchtime because of the twin owners’ lazy attitude. A crisis ensues as soon as Gordon Ramsay instructs the duo to clean the place, revealing that only tough measures are likely to save the business

The Neighborhood


Malcolm and Marty find themselves on the same dating app

The Neighborhood


Calvin gets a surprise when he faces off with his newspaper carrier

The Big Bang Theory


Howard seduces one of Penny’s friends

Penny is forced to take Howard’s place in the boys’ video-game night while he is otherwise engaged with one of her friends. Simon Helberg, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki star

The Big Bang Theory


Raj’s parents set him up on a blind date

Raj’s parents set him up on a blind date in the hope of initiating an arranged marriage, but after a promising start it becomes apparent that the girl in question is more interested in Sheldon. Meanwhile, Penny begins her new job as a bartender. Starring Kunal Nayyar and Jim Parsons

Modern Family


Lily utters her first expletive

Lily utters her first expletive during her debut as a flower girl, and Claire goes head to head with Duane Bailey in a televised debate for the town council seat. Meanwhile, Jay blames Stella the dog’s recent behaviour on Gloria. American comedy, starring Aubrey Anderson-Emmons and Julie Bowen

Modern Family


Guest starring Greg Kinnear

Phil is so preoccupied with trying to charm a prospective client that he fails to notice the man’s behaviour toward Claire. Meanwhile, problems arise when Jay and Gloria open up their doors to Mitch and Cameron, whose house is being fumigated. American comedy, guest starring Greg Kinnear

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Jake and Charles get conned into a pyramid scheme

Peralta and Boyle realise that they have been fooled into joining a cult-like pyramid scheme and they struggle to terminate their contracts with it. Jeffords, Diaz, Gina and Holt give Santiago advice when she feels the pressure on her first day as a sergeant. US cop comedy, starring Andy Samberg and Jo Lo Truglio

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Peralta invites his half-sister to come and stay with him

Peralta invites his newly discovered half-sister Kate (New Girl star Nasim Pedrad) to come and stay with him in New York. However, when he and Santiago realise she’s a bit of a nightmare, they must find a way to get her back home to Dallas as fast as possible

The Big Bang Theory


Leonard and Penny continue testing their rekindled relationship

Leonard and Penny continue testing their rekindled relationship using an innovative system to report discrepancies. Howard and Bernadette begin to worry when Raj starts treating his new phone like a person, while Sheldon and Amy try to achieve internet fame by creating a video podcast about flags

The Big Bang Theory


Leonard breaks his and Sheldon’s room-mate agreement

After a sleepless night, Leonard breaks his room-mate agreement with Sheldon. Howard makes preparations to go on a flight to the International Space Station and enlists Raj’s help to ensure he gets a cool astronaut nickname

The Big Bang Theory


Penny agrees to a date with Leonard

Following the break-up of Penny’s relationship, Leonard finally summons up the courage to ask her out. When she accepts, they both turn to Sheldon for advice on how to handle the forthcoming date. Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons star

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon is placed in a difficult position

Sheldon finds himself forced to keep a secret when Penny decides to tell him what happened on her disappointing first date with Leonard. Comedy, starring Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons

Modern Family


Phil fires Mitchell

Phil is placed in the awkward position of having to fire Mitchell, while Cameron and Claire clash over their opposing theories on how to discipline children. Manny loses his temper when Luke accepts an award under false pretences, and Jay argues with Gloria over their lunch at a local diner

Modern Family


Mitchell and Cameron continue their quest to adopt another child

Mitchell and Cameron continue their quest to adopt another child, enlisting the help of Gloria as a translator. Jay and Manny are left alone to look after Lily as she prepares for a dance recital, while Claire and Phil send Alex off to her first prom. Haley causes a stir when she announces her future plans

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Gina spends time with each member of the squad

Gina spends time with each member of the squad, playing a high-stakes game of chess with Captain Holt, going out for a fancy lunch with Diaz and Santiago, infiltrating an expensive social club with Peralta and finding special gifts for the team

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Terry believes the Pontiac Bandit has gone back to stealing cars

Jeffords believes the Pontiac Bandit is up to his old tricks and stealing cars again, but Peralta is convinced he’s wrong and attempts to prove it. The rest of the squad battles to keep Shaw’s bar a police hangout after some firefighters stake their claim to it

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon takes the guys to meet a reclusive scientist

A brilliant but reclusive scientist, Dr Wolcott, invites Sheldon to his cabin in the middle of nowhere, so Leonard, Raj and Howard go along for the trip. Penny and Bernadette improvise when Amy doesn’t like the tame bachelorette party they have planned for her. Peter MacNicol guest stars

The Big Bang Theory


Raj tries to take the credit for Penny’s astronomical discovery

Sheldon isn’t pleased by the newfound popularity of Stuart’s comic book shop when an author puts the place on the map. When Raj attempts to take the credit for Penny’s astronomical discovery, friendships are tested. Howard and Bernadette try to arrange a date night

The Big Bang Theory


Howard awaits the shuttle launch

As Howard and his fellow astronauts sit in the space shuttle awaiting launch, he reflects on the tumultuous events of the previous few days, when he and Bernadette tried to get married. Meanwhile, his friends witness the blast-off on TV at home

The Big Bang Theory


Howard gets caught in a strange argument

Despite being on the International Space Station, Howard gets caught in a strange argument between Bernadette and his mother via video link. Elsewhere, Raj feels lonely while his best friend is away and ends up interfering with Sheldon’s and Leonard’s dates. Comedy, starring Simon Helberg


James and Ste’s stag do celebrations get underway

The Big Bang Theory


Leonard decides to change his ways

Penny makes fun of Leonard’s habit of collecting sci-fi memorabilia, so he decides to give it up – but his friends object and do everything possible to persuade him not to change his ways. Comedy, starring Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco

Below Deck Sailing Yacht


Jenna deals with the repercussions of a wild night out

The Big Celebrity Detox


An intense treatment has a profound effect on some of the group


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