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What’s On Channel 4 Today Wednesday 17 May 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Channel 4 today.

The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan


With guests Rio Ferdinand, Jessie Ware and Jack Whitehall

The comedian and actor catches up with ex-England footballer Rio Ferdinand, musician Jessie Ware and comedian Jack Whitehall. Plus, exciting games, hilarious sketches and superstar performances and live music from N-Dubz

The Curse


Tash has an unwelcome visitor

As the boys head out to sea to make the trade with the Colombians, Tash has an unwelcome visitor whose arrival changes everything. Crime comedy, starring Allan Mustafa, Tom Davis, Emer Kenny and Steve Stamp

The Curse


Albert makes a shocking discovery

Tash is under arrest and while the gang members ponder their next move, Albert makes a shocking discovery that forces the boys to make their final decision. Crime comedy, starring Allan Mustafa, Tom Davis, Emer Kenny and Steve Stamp

Couples Come Dine with Me


Three more couples take part in the culinary contest as it arrives in Sussex

In Sussex, childhood sweethearts Jemma and James kick off with a menu based on their unlikely romance, finding a cold soup starter divides opinions. On day two, soon-to-be-retired dinner party veterans Phil and Sue cook up a menu of home comfort food, but disaster strikes in the dessert. On the final day, critical Steve and Aaron prepare a pescatarian feast with a fish-shaped salmon Wellington. Once again James and Jemma have to defend their relationship due to their less than romantic behaviour

Jamie’s One-Pan Wonders


Jamie cooks up smoked salmon pasta

Jamie cooks up three delicious one-pan recipes: his super-speedy smoked salmon pasta, a loaded beef burger with sweet red peppers, pickles and mustard, and gorgeously soft and sticky toffee apple buns



Quiz, hosted by Craig Charles

Contestants face a series of questions with the answers on moneybags that pass along a conveyor belt in front of them. Grab a right answer and they get that bag’s value – anything from £1,000 to £100,000. However, if they pick a wrong bag they could lose everything. Hosted by Craig Charles


Annie MacManus is in Dictionary Corner



Norm gets to know Rebecca



Cliff protects his family home

Cliff puts up a fight to save his family home from developers, who plan to build a convenience store in its place. Comedy, starring John Ratzenberger

The King of Queens


Doug and Carrie reminisce about their first Thanksgiving together

The King of Queens


Carrie and Doug babysit

Carrie and Doug volunteer to take care of Kelly and Deacon’s son Kirby, but end up red-faced when he catches them in a compromising position. Comedy, starring Kevin James and Leah Remini



A workmate tries to teach Frasier to speak Hebrew

A workmate agrees to teach Frasier enough Hebrew to deliver the speech at his son Frederick’s bar mitzvah, but the arrangement ends in double-dealing and mutual recrimination. Comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer



Part one of three. Frasier struggles to replace Daphne

In the first of a three-part story, Frasier struggles to replace Daphne and ends up hiring a woman who proves to be completely unsuitable. Meanwhile, Niles experiences an amazing chain of events, including winning the same competition twice and having his car struck by lightning



Part two of three. Niles awaits his operation

Part two of three. While Niles waits to undergo his heart bypass operation, Frasier tries to keep everyone’s spirits up by describing the procedure in detail – a brainwave that leaves Daphne more depressed than ever. Comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce

Find It, Fix It, Flog It


Items in south Wales include a snooker table and a Gothic-style organ

Couples Come Dine with Me


Three couples host a trio of dinner parties in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is the location for three couples to host a trio of dinner parties. Married couple Colette and Richard kick off the competition with their glitz and glam evening inspired by Colette’s love of all things shiny. They’re joined by professional Thai boxer Candy and her fellow fighter and partner Michael, who don’t hold back when it comes to their opinions on the food, somewhat unsettling their hosts. The third couple are food technology teacher Kim and her fireman boyfriend Sean

Channel 4 News Summary

Includes headlines and weather

Steph’s Packed Lunch

Weekday magazine show, hosted by Steph McGovern

Steph McGovern presents the weekday magazine, including celebrity guests, food ideas, real-life features and entertainment, lifestyle and consumer stories. Plus, a sideways look at the news in One O’Clock Views


Annie Macmanus is in Dictionary Corner

Sun, Sea and Selling Houses


Searching for a spacious villa to house a man’s prized car collection

A Place in the Sun

Helen and Andrew are looking for a holiday home in Los Gigantes, Tenerife

Lee Juggurnauth heads to Los Gigantes, Tenerife to meet ambulance dispatcher Helen and builder Andrew from Yorkshire who are looking for a holiday home. Armed with a budget of £130,000 , Lee shows the couple five properties with hopes that one of them will be their dream holiday home

Help! We Bought a Village


The owners of a hamlet in the Limousin install a £10,000 septic tank

The owners of a hamlet in the Limousin install a £10,000 septic tank, and a couple move ahead with plans for a sustainable lifestyle by buying hens. Plus, the progress of two estate agents who have spent 30 years rejuvenating a village in Portugal

The Simpsons


With the guest voice of Kiefer Sutherland

Homer is duped into enlisting in the army, and falls foul of a hard-nosed officer who uses him as the target in a training exercise. Escaping back to Springfield with troops in hot pursuit, he makes his way home – where Marge’s ingenuity saves the day. With the guest voice of Kiefer Sutherland


Peri struggles to come to terms with the news about Juliet

Channel 4 News

Including sport and weather

Including sport and weather

Location, Location, Location


Kirstie and Phil help house-hunters in Surrey

In Surrey, Kirstie and Phil are searching for homes to bring their house-hunters closer to family. Kirstie meets Lauren, who has decided to move out of her London flat to her own place in Guildford after a serious health scare. She is looking for space to work from home but the high prices in the area leave Kirstie struggling to find a property within budget that ticks all the boxes. Phil meets Eleanor, Laurence and their four-month old twin boys who are moving from Birmingham to be closer to their parents in Surbiton, but with house prices where they are searching being nearly double where they have left, Phil has his work cut out for him



Bayley and Byron prepare to leave care

Documentary following teenagers in the care of Coventry Children’s Services. Seventeen-year-old Bayley prepares to leave the care home and Byron shocks everyone by leaving the security of life with his long-term foster carers

Naked Attraction


Sam from Melton Mowbray is seeking a superhero

Anna Richardson meets 31-year-old bar supervisor and mum of two Sam from Melton Mowbray who is seeking her own superhero complete with thunder thighs and the smouldering looks of Aquaman. Plus, 34-year-old Tony who has recently left the Royal Marines enlists Anna’s help. He already has a son and a dog, but now is looking for Mrs Right to complete `Team Tony”

First Dates


Guests include a woman whose exes tend to marry someone else soon after the break-up

Guests include a woman whose exes tend to marry someone else soon after the break-up, who is paired with a wedding photographer in search of a picture-perfect love of his own. A divorced grandfather trying to conceal his age connects with a business analyst who has been called `unapproachable”, while a former youth Olympic trampolinist from Essex fears his ginger hair is holding him back

24 Hours in A&E


A nurse shares her story of finding a career she loves

A nurse shares her story of finding a career she loves, and doctors suspect a 93-year-old man with a low heart rate, dizziness and confusion may need a new pacemaker fitting. A construction worker whose finger has been crushed discusses the importance of male role models in his life, and a haemophiliac reflects on living with his condition

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


Gordon Ramsay improves standards at a restaurant in Carlstadt, New Jersey

Gordon Ramsay heads for the Grasshopper Also in Carlstadt, New Jersey, a family-owned Irish restaurant. There, he lends a helping hand to Mitch Sandler, who has been struggling to live up to the expectations of his father-in-law since he invested heavily in the business. The chef also tries to improve the presentation of dishes emerging from the kitchen

Couples Come Dine with Me


Three couples compete for the cash prize of £1,000

On the first night in Hampshire, Serbian Stevan and his wife Clare serve up authentic Eastern European cuisine. Joining them to sample the delights of pickled cabbage are young students Josh and Bettie, while well-heeled James and Victoria bring a discerning eye to proceedings. On day two, youngsters Bettie and Josh are out to prove that there’s more to student cooking than beans on toast. Finally, James and Victoria have chosen a menu themed around their favourite holiday destination of Spain

Grand Designs: The Streets


Two families from Yorkshire venture into the world of self-build

Two families from Yorkshire venture into the world of self-build as they attempt to build a new street. Nicola is designing and project-managing a traditional redbrick family home with a modern twist but things start to go wrong when her triangular window, the centrepiece of her vision, does not fit upon arrival. Down the road, Matt and Maryellen are building a flamboyant, Brazillian-inspired home. Steelworker Matt is keen to put his work to good use but Maryellen fears it will make the building feel industrial


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