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What’s On E4 Today Friday 17 March 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Alibi today.


Ste and James have a big question to ask Sienna and Romeo


Peri breaks down to Nadira at the hospital, as the pair confide in one another

Ramsay’s Hotel Hell


Part two of two. Gordon Ramsay continues to help a West Virginia hotelier

Part two of two. Gordon Ramsay continues his battle to restore the failing Town’s Inn in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. After witnessing abysmal food hygiene practices in the restaurant, the chef is left in disbelief as he uncovers terrifying cleanliness issues throughout the hotel. Can he win over stubborn owner Karan Townsend and persuade her to turn things round?

Ramsay’s Hotel Hell


Gordon Ramsay helps a struggling hotel and restaurant in Washington

Gordon Ramsay checks into the luxurious Lakeview Hotel on Lake Chelan, Washington, where the bedrooms are empty and the hotel’s restaurant and ice-cream parlour are failing. Gordon confronts owner Brent’s inappropriate and miserly behaviour, but is it enough to repair the establishment’s reputation?

Married at First Sight Australia


Confessions Week continues, and an overnight confrontation rocks the experiment

The Big Bang Theory


The gang finally celebrates Sheldon’s birthday

In the 200th episode of the comedy, the gang finally celebrates Sheldon’s birthday after more than nine years together, with the help of a few special guests. Starring Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco, with guest appearances from Adam West, Wil Wheaton and Stephen Hawking

Modern Family


Jay imparts some pearls of wisdom to Luke

A day at the museum proves to be anything but fun when Cam, Mitch and Manny realise they can’t hold their own against brainbox Alex. Claire is less than enthusiastic when she and Gloria go shopping to buy a dress for Lily, while Jay imparts some manly pearls of wisdom to grandson Luke

Modern Family


The adults take a trip to Las Vegas

The adults take a trip to Las Vegas, where Jay wheels and deals to get them some better rooms – including their very own British butler, played by Stephen Merchant. Phil spends most of his time with his magician heroes – neglecting Claire in the process – and Mitch runs into an ex-boyfriend he dumped by e-mail, although it all seems fine when he invites Mitch and Cam to his bachelor party

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Boyle asks Peralta to be his best man

Boyle asks Peralta to be his best man, but as well as helping out with cake-tasting and choosing invitations, he must also persuade the groom to start standing up to Vivian before the big day. Holt helps Diaz make a sincere apology and Jeffords, Santiago and Gina embark on a tough new diet – but struggle to stick to it

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Peralta enlists Jeffords to help him tackle an apparently unsolvable case

Peralta enlists Jeffords to help him tackle a cold case that everyone thinks is unsolvable. Meanwhile, Santiago plans a romantic weekend away with her new boyfriend Teddy, and Gina and Diaz tell Boyle one of their best-kept secrets. Comedy, starring Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero

The Big Bang Theory


Leonard decides to change his ways

Penny makes fun of Leonard’s habit of collecting sci-fi memorabilia, so he decides to give it up – but his friends object and do everything possible to persuade him not to change his ways. Comedy, starring Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory


The arrival of Sheldon’s twin sister causes a stir

Sheldon’s friends all fall for his sexy twin sister, who is paying him a visit, but he declares he will have the final say on who can date her – an announcement that particularly dismays Leonard. Comedy, starring Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons

The Big Bang Theory


Penny accidentally reveals Bernadette is pregnant to their work colleagues

Howard has a meeting with Colonel Williams, a representative from the US air force’s department of material command, about the gyroscope he invented with Leonard and Sheldon. Penny accidentally reveals that Bernadette is pregnant to their colleagues at work. Dean Norris guest stars

The Big Bang Theory


Raj discovers how Bernadette really feels about her pregnancy

Tensions rise when the guys struggle to complete their Air Force project on time and are forced to work around the clock – leaving Sheldon fighting to stay awake. Penny and Amy attend a university gathering at the home of Bert the geologist. Raj learns Bernadette’s true feelings about her pregnancy when he helps her to clear out the spare room for a nursery

Modern Family


Nightmare new neighbours descend on the Dunphys

The Dunphys are sent into a panic when a loud, obnoxious couple come to look at the house next door. Jay is furious to learn that Manny is dating the granddaughter of his biggest business rival, while Mitch and Cam take on Lily’s tyrannical teacher, Mrs Plank. Steve Zahn and Andrea Anders join the cast as new neighbours Ronnie and Amber, with guest star Tyne Daly

Modern Family


Claire allows Phil to decorate the house at Halloween

Halloween is Claire’s favourite holiday, but this year she is snowed under at work, so she allows Phil to take over the house-decorating duties – a decision she soon comes to regret. Jay isn’t too happy with the Shrek costume Gloria picked out for him so makes a last-minute change, and soon becomes attached to his new outfit, while Mitch’s attempt to escape from a work slump hits a stumbling block

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Peralta and Boyle set out to catch a drug dealer

While attempting to catch a drug dealer, Peralta and Boyle reluctantly join forces with Agent Jack Danger, a pompous investigator at the US Postal Inspection Service. Meanwhile, the other officers try to help Santiago conquer her cravings and give up smoking

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Peralta invites his girlfriend on his work trip

Peralta tries to add a touch of romance to an event when he invites his girlfriend Sophia (Eva Longoria) to the precinct’s work trip, along with Amy’s boyfriend, Teddy (Kyle Bornheimer). Meanwhile, Charles is keen to help Holt with his anniversary breakfast, and Rosa refuses to admit to Terry and Gina that she is unwell. Comedy, starring Andy Samberg

The Big Bang Theory


Leonard and Penny argue about money

Leonard and Penny ask Howard and Bernadette for advice when they argue about money. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Raj try to find out whether they could survive a dark matter research expedition in a salt mine by attempting to simulate the conditions in a steam tunnel beneath the university. Comedy, starring Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory


Guest starring Billy Bob Thornton

Penny is left in a difficult professional situation when a doctor (guest star Billy Bob Thornton) turns up at her door following her flirtatious sales technique, so the guys try to help her out. Meanwhile, Amy and Bernadette have a dispute over whether female scientists should flaunt their sexuality to try to get ahead at work. Comedy, starring Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon bans Penny from the apartment

Penny’s TV breaks down, so she heads to the boys’ flat to watch her favourite shows. However, Sheldon tires of her presence and bans future visits, leading to an embarrassing form of retaliation. Meanwhile, Howard and Raj search for the America’s Next Top Model house

The Big Bang Theory


Howard becomes attracted to a woman who falls for Leonard

Howard becomes convinced he has met his soulmate in the form of surgeon Stephanie Barnett, but he fails to realise she is far more interested in Leonard. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Raj argue about what to watch on TV. Sara Rue guest stars


A devastating abduction on Mother’s Day causes widespread panic throughout the village

The Farmer Wants a Wife: Australia


The farmers and ladies meet for their first outing to an Ute Muster

Hitman: Agent 47

Action thriller, starring Rupert Friend
2015 – Action, Crime, Thriller

Movie: Hitman: Agent 47 -

The latest in a long line of genetically engineered clones bred to be the perfect assassin takes on a mission that strikes close to home. A corporation intends to use the technology that created him to build an army of superhuman killers. As the assassin fights to bring them down, he uncovers the dark secrets surrounding his origin. Action thriller, starring Rupert Friend, Hannah Ware and Zachary Quinto

Naked Attraction


A 20-year-old virgin seeks a fairy-tale princess

Twenty-year-old virgin Josh hopes to find a fairy-tale princess to remove his innocence, while twentysomething Manchester couple Matt and Mary are interested in exploring the possibilities of polyamory and finding a third person to join their relationship. However, with two people doing the picking, will they ever be able to agree on who to date?



The households’ opinions on Strictly Come Dancing and The Pet Show

This week, Britain’s sharpest armchair critics have been watching: Strictly Come Dancing, The Pet Show, Selling Sunset, Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues, True Story, Welcome to Earth, How to Make It on OnlyFans, and ITV News (No.10 Xmas Party). Narrated by Craig Cash

The Farmer Wants a Wife: Australia


The farmers and ladies meet for their first outing to an Ute Muster

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins USA


The recruits are back in the water with one of the most challenging tests

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