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Today Thursday 16 March 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Talking Pictures TV

Honey West


Sam is kidnapped

Scarlet Street

Drama, starring Edward G Robinson
1945 – Drama, Thriller, Crime

An unhappily married artist comes to the aid of a woman in distress, and they begin an affair. However, she and her conman boyfriend conspire to ruin him, driving him to crime to pay for her new apartment. She begins stealing his paintings and selling them as her own, becoming a huge success and leaving him a broken man. Fritz Lang’s drama, starring Edward G Robinson and Joan Bennett

Coaching Holiday in 1958

An account of a coaching tour told by the driver

Black Saddle


Clay encounters a famous general believed to be dead

Murder on the Campus

Murder mystery, starring Terence Longdon
1961 – Mystery

Movie: Murder on the Campus -


Crime thriller, starring Conrad Phillips
1963 – Thriller

A crime reporter framed for robbery and sent to prison by a crooked club owner is released and immediately embarks on a campaign to clear his name. Thriller, starring Conrad Phillips, George Pastell and Linda Marlowe

The History of the Record Industry: It’s in the Groove!

The rise of the record industry, from the launch of LPs and singles

The Hunters

Korean War adventure, starring Robert Mitchum
1958 – War, Action, Drama

Movie: The Hunters -

A former Second World War pilot commands a squadron on a series of daring missions deep into enemy territory in Korea. However, one crucial assignment seems set to fail as a flight lieutenant’s nerve cracks under the strain and the squadron leader tries to save the situation. Action adventure, starring Robert Mitchum, Robert Wagner, Richard Egan, May Britt and Lee Philips

Crown Court


Part two of three. A foreign office employee is accused of breaching the official secrets act

Melvyn’s Talking Pictures

Melvyn Hayes introduces The Ware Case

The Ware Case

Mystery, starring Clive Brook
1938 – Mystery, Drama

Movie: The Ware Case -

A financier finds himself facing a murder charge when his brother-in-law is found dead, floating in his garden pond. However, he finds himself facing a more domestic crisis alongside his court case, when he realises that his lawyer is planning to seduce his wife. Mystery based on the stage play by GP Bancroft, starring Clive Brook and Jane Baxter

Melvyn’s Talking Pictures

Preview of next week’s film

The Magnet

Ealing comedy, starring Stephen Murray
1950 – Comedy

Movie: The Magnet -

A boy steals a powerful magnet from a younger lad, which gets him into all sorts of trouble. He soon convinces himself that the police are after him and following several unsuccessful attempts to get rid of the magnet, he presents it to the organiser of a fund-raising campaign for the local hospital. Ealing comedy, starring Stephen Murray, Kay Walsh and James Fox

The Hi-jackers

Crime drama, starring Anthony Booth
1963 – Crime

Movie: The Hi-jackers - 1950

A criminal gang make a good living robbing long-distance lorries, until a divorcee helps a haulage contractor expose his partner as the head of the gang. Drama, starring Anthony Booth and Jacqueline Ellis

Look at Life

A look at the social phenomenon of holiday camps

The Saint


Simon suspects a former thief is not as reformed as she claims to be



The barristers vote on a new Head of Chambers

The Spaniard’s Curse

Thriller, starring Tony Wright
1958 – Thriller, Horror

Movie: The Spaniard

The Wayward Bus

Drama, starring Joan Collins
1957 – Drama

Movie: The Wayward Bus - 1958

A disparate group of passengers on a bus travelling through the mountainous California countryside undergo a series of life-changing experiences. Drama, adapted from John Steinbeck’s novel, starring Joan Collins, Jayne Mansfield, Dan Dailey and Rick Jason

Vice Squad

Crime thriller, with Season Hubley
1982 – Thriller, Crime, Action, Mystery

Movie: Vice Squad - 1957

The police enlist the help of a prostitute to take part in a sting operation to bring a pimp wanted for murder to justice. However, the accused escapes custody – and is determined to track down the woman who helped to entrap him. Thriller, starring Season Hubley, Wings Hauser, Gary Swanson and Pepe Serna

Not Tonight Darling

Drama, starring Luan Peters


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