ITV4 Today Monday 16 January 2023

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What’s On ITV4 Today Monday 16 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on ITV4 today.

The Saint


Simon Templar gets involved in a revolution

Simon Templar encounters a deadly lady with a gun and an attitude – and soon finds himself caught in the middle of an all-out revolution. Starring Roger Moore

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


A Greek interpreter is abducted

An interpreter claims to have been abducted by two villains who forced him to interrogate a badly bruised and obviously distressed Greek captive unable to speak English. Period detective drama, starring Jeremy Brett

Magnum, PI


A writer needs protection

Thomas is hired to recover notes and source material stolen from a ghost writer hired to whip the autobiography of an eccentric inventor into shape. Detective drama, starring Tom Selleck

The Sweeney


Regan stakes out a dodgy garage

Regan and Carter stake out a dodgy garage, believed to be the base of a criminal gang. John Thaw and Dennis Waterman star in the first episode of the crime-busting drama, with Ian Hendry, Brian Blessed and June Brown



Arthur’s friend is threatened

Members of the local travelling community are blamed when a car-dealer friend of Arthur’s has the frighteners put on him. However, they soon prove useful allies when those actually responsible are revealed. Comedy drama, guest starring Jimmy Nail and June Whitfield

The Saint


Templar traces a victim of an antiques racket

When a conman and his girlfriend trick a prominent scientist with a tale about hidden treasure, he is taken hostage in Hamburg and sold to the Russians. Templar is `lured” along similar lines and the confidence trick enables the spy to find the missing man. Roger Moore stars

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


A solicitor is accused of murder

A solicitor enlists Holmes to help clear him of murdering eccentric builder Jonas Oldacre, whose considerable personal fortune he stood to inherit. Drama, starring Jeremy Brett as the famed Victorian detective

River Monsters


Reports of a terrifying predator in the Amazon

In a remote part of the Amazon, a corpse has been recovered bearing extensive and unusual bruising and Jeremy Wade hears further reports of a terrifying predator that cannot be caught with a rod and line. Determined to investigate further, the extreme angler straps on an air tank and explores the murky waters

River Monsters


Mysterious deaths in Peru, Colombia and Brazil

Three bodies from Peru, Colombia and Brazil have been recovered with mysterious injuries that look like burn marks, but who or what could have inflicted them? In an attempt to uncover the perpetrator, Jeremy Wade travels further into the Amazon jungle than ever before, enlisting the help of a secretive and little-known tribe called the Matis to shed light on this unusual case

Magnum, PI


An assassin arrives in Honolulu

The arrival of a news correspondent and an assassin in Honolulu sparks off a dangerous situation involving international politics and terrorism. Tom Selleck stars

The Sweeney


A security van is held up

Members of Regan’s own flying squad fall under suspicion when £35,000 in cash goes missing during an operation to protect a security van. Detective drama, starring John Thaw and Dennis Waterman



An Australian beauty captivates Arthur

Arthur and Terry fall under the spell of a bewitching Australian beauty who has ventured from Down Under in search of her missing fiance. However, she may just happen to be concealing an ulterior motive. George Cole and Dennis Waterman star

The Motorbike Show


Henry Cole discovers the delights of riding in Cornwall

Snooker: World Grand Prix

Coverage of day one

Live coverage of day one of the first of three events in the Players Series, held at The Centaur in Cheltenham, featuring last-32 matches played over the best of seven frames. Top seed Mark Allen gets his tournament under way this evening against David Gilbert, and the other matches are Zhou Yuelong v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh, Mark Williams v Jamie Jones and Jack Lisowski v Robert Milkins. Jill Douglas presents, with analysis from Stephen Hendry, Alan McManus, Neal Foulds and Ken Doherty and commentary by David Hendon and Phil Yates

The Silence of the Lambs

Thriller, starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins
1991 – Crime, Drama, Thriller

Trainee FBI agent Clarice Starling is sent to interview an imprisoned psychopath with a taste for eating his victims. The inmate offers to help catch a serial killer who is holding a politician’s daughter hostage – but to learn what he knows, Clarice has to engage in his dangerous mind games. Jonathan Demme’s Oscar-winning thriller, based on Thomas Harris’s novel, starring Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Scott Glenn and Ted Levine

The Professionals


A woman is terrorised by a masked stalker

Cowley is tasked with finding out whether a woman is crying wolf with her tales of being terrorised by a masked stalker. Suspicion falls on one of her work colleagues, an inveterate human rights campaigner, who keeps pictures of her in his flat. Martin Shaw and Gordon Jackson star

The Protectors


Harry becomes embroiled with a fascist Prince

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