BBC One Today Wednesday 15 March 2023

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What’s On BBC One Today Wednesday 15 March 2023

A full run down of everything airing on BBC One today.


News, entertainment and weather reports with Jon Kay and Sally Nugent

Morning Live

Magazine show

Crimewatch Live


Rav Wilding and Michelle Ackerley appeal for information about crimes

Critical Incident

Two police officers are threatened by a man with a gun

Homes Under the Hammer


Properties in Kent, Portsmouth and Nottinghamshire

In Folkestone, Kent, Jacqui Joseph meets a fellow designer with clever ideas for making the most of a quirky, former coach-house cottage. Martin Roberts heads to Portsmouth to see what can be done with a two-bedroom ground-floor flat whose layout is less than ideal, and Dion Dublin visits a three-bedroom semi near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, which comes with a massive bonus

Bargain Hunt


From Detling Antique and Vintage Fair in Kent

Natasha Raskin Sharp invites two teams to tour Detling Antique and Vintage Fair in Kent in search of items to take to auction in the hope of making the greater profit. They are helped on their endeavours by experts Caroline Hawley and Raj Bisram. Away from the contest, Natasha has a mystery item up her sleeve

BBC News at One; Weather

A round-up of the latest headlines

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Ruhma and Sid encounter an issue with the dads’ group

Jay Blades’ Home Fix


Tips and tricks to help viewers become self-sufficient in their own homes

Escape to the Country


A couple looking for a home in Leicestershire

Jules Hudson travels to the Leicestershire countryside to help a couple with a £750,000 budget find a rural home close to their family. While exploring the county’s bricks and mortar, Jules pays a visit to a beautiful arts and crafts cottage preserved as a time capsule from a bygone era

Antiques Road Trip


Natasha and Phil continue their journey to Glasgow

Bridge of Lies


Four friends try to find the right path across the bridge



Quiz, hosted by Alexander Armstrong

BBC News at Six; Weather

The latest headlines

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The One Show

Magazine show, with stories of interest from around the UK


Jay and Emma clash over their different approaches to Lola’s situation

Jay and Emma clash over their different approaches to Lola’s situation – Emma wants him to stop being so over-protective, but Jay is adamant Lola mustn’t do too much. Whitney’s first day back on the market is tough as Mother’s Day is the big topic of discussion. Jean tries to bring an end to the feud between Kat and Stacey. Keanu and Chelsea go on a date at the Vic, but when his back is turned, Ravi slithers over to flirt with flattered Chelsea

The Repair Shop


Jay Blades and the team of experts restore a jazz guitar and a veneered card table

Jay Blades and the team of experts bring four treasured family heirlooms back to life. Guitar expert Julyan Wallis is presented with a cherished 1960s jazz guitar which has been left in a broken state for decades. Meanwhile, wood restoration expert Will Kirk has his work cut out when is presented with a handmade veneered card table. Later, the experts turn their attention to bookmakers bag and a Victorian clockwork pigeon

Christine McGuinness: Unmasking My Autism

Christine McGuinness explores how many autistic women have gone undiagnosed

In 2021, 33-year-old mother of three Christine McGuinness discovered she was autistic, and for the first time her life began to make sense. There are thousands of women in the UK who have been battling with undiagnosed autism for decades. Christine sets out on a journey of self-discovery, asking why it took so long before she received a diagnosis and the impact it has had on her life. She also asks how many other women out there have been let down too and what can be done to improve the lives of autistic women and girls? She meets with other women who have had similar experiences

BBC News at Ten

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Tim’s acting career is short-lived when he causes chaos on the set of a period biopic

Tim lands himself a role as an extra in a period biopic about a famous disabled musician. When some campaigners kick up a fuss about the star lead – James Norton – not being disabled, Tim is recast as the lead in a knee-jerk reaction to avoid media backlash. The bosses are so concerned with optics surrounding disability, they completely disregard the authenticity of the film – Tim doesn’t even have the right disability and aside from that, cannot act to save his life. Chaos therefore ensues as he brings the production to its knees. Tim Renkow stars in this comedy a cerebral palsy sufferer who uses his condition to get away with saying what others are unable to



Tim gets scouted as a drug dealer

Tim falls foul of the local drug dealer after accidentally walking off with a load of her weed. His skin is saved when she realises that as a disabled man he is an ideal candidate to become an unlikely drug mule. After getting the gig, he soon realises it isn’t as fun as it looks on TV. Meanwhile, Ruth is left to look after a care dog that Tim’s been sent by Mom. Snuffles is way too good at his job for Ruth’s liking and she sets out to educate him on what being a carer is really about. Comedy, starring Tim Renkow and Sharon Rooney

Live NBA

Cleveland Cavaliers v Philadelphia 76ers (Tip-off 11.30pm)

Weather for the Week Ahead

A look ahead to the latest forecast

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