BBC Four Today Wednesday 15 March 2023

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What’s On BBC Four Today Wednesday 15 March 2023

A full run down of everything airing on BBC Four today.

Great British Railway Journeys


Michael Portillo visits Cornwall’s county town, Truro

Michael Portillo visits Cornwall’s county town, Truro, heading to the historic estate of Trewithen, whose gardens were stocked from China by professional plant hunters commissioned by its owner. The Atlantic Coast branch line carries Michael north to Newquay, where he discovers a pioneering surfer and braves the waves on a belly board. In the nearby village of St Mawgan, Michael is introduced to the ancient Cornish sport of `wrassling”, which surged in popularity between the wars as part of a Cornish Celtic revival

The Yorkshire Dales


Paul Rose explores Swaledale

Adventurer Paul Rose heads for Swaledale, joining farmers who look after rare upland hay meadows and enters the cake-making contest at Muker Show using a pressure cooker he has taken on a climb of Mount Everest. Paul also goes underground to try and find rare industrial artefacts left behind by lead miners in the 19th century and meets All Creatures Great and Small star Peter Davison

Chris Packham’s Animal Einsteins


Animals with impressive communication skills

The presenter introduces a look at animals with impressive communication skills, discovering how white-throated sparrows use song to attract mates and the complex vocabulary of prairie dogs. The programme reveals how dolphins are able to address each other by name and chimpanzees use sign language, and also reveals species that communicate using ultrasound, vibrations and parts of the light spectrum beyond the ability of human sense to process

Six Wives with Lucy Worsley


The rise and fall of Anne Boleyn in Henry VIII’s affections

Lucy talks about the impact of Anne Boleyn on Henry VIII’s affections, uncovering private moments that were reported by eyewitnesses or recorded in historical documents. The key moments during their marriage are recreated, as Anne falls from favour in court and is eventually executed, despite protestations of innocence regarding the rumours of her infidelity. As soon as Anne is dead, Henry marries Jane Seymour, who fulfils her most important role as Queen – giving birth to the healthy son that Henry has craved for so long

The Six Wives of Henry VIII


The story of Jane Seymour, starring Anne Stallybrass

The story of Henry VIII’s marriages continues. The King is embroiled with the Reformation, and after the execution of Anne Boleyn he marries the kind and loving gentlewoman Jane Seymour. Will she provide him with the peace and comfort he needs – and more importantly, a male heir? Starring Keith Michell and Anne Stallybrass. From 1970

The Six Wives of Henry VIII


Thomas Cromwell urges the widowed king to take Anne of Cleves as his new wife

Henry has been a widower for two years but political diplomacy and Thomas Cromwell urge the King to choose Anne of Cleves. Will the match prove a triumph or a disaster? Keith Michell, Elvi Hale and Wolfe Morris star. From 1970

Stephen: The Murder That Changed a Nation


Documentary examining the death of Stephen Lawrence

Documentary examining the 1993 death of Stephen Lawrence, beginning with a look at events leading up to his murder and the police investigation that follows. As the suspects remain free, tip-offs from the community make his parents, Doreen and Neville, wonder why the authorities are not making arrests

Stephen: The Murder That Changed a Nation


The Lawrences launch the first private murder prosecution in 150 years

The second police investigation reveals shocking surveillance footage of the gang alleged to have killed Stephen, and with the help of their lawyer Imran Khan, Doreen and Neville Lawrence launch the first private murder prosecution in 150 years. However, when it collapses, questions about the failure of the first police investigation mount

Stephen: The Murder That Changed a Nation


A change in the law states the suspects can be retried

Final part of the documentary exploring Stephen Lawrence’s murder and the subsequent police investigation. The public inquiry leads to a change in the law meaning the suspects can be retried. Detective Clive Driscoll takes on the case, and with the help of advances in forensic science he arrests Gary Dobson and David Norris. But as justice seems to have finally been done, revelations that the police spied on the Lawrence family begin to surface


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