ITV3 Today Sunday 15 January 2023

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What’s On ITV3 Today Sunday 15 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on ITV3 today.

George and Mildred


Cash-strapped George needs to raise money

Emmerdale Omnibus

There is tension between Rhona and Naomi

George and Mildred


The Ropers have a problem in the bedroom

Agatha Christie’s Marple


Mystery, starring Geraldine McEwan

Feature-length mystery, starring Geraldine McEwan as the genteel sleuth. A woman experiences an unsettling vision after moving into the home of her dreams – and it transpires she lived in the house as a child. Miss Marple investigates the history of the property and discovers it was connected with a baffling disappearance years before – which has never been solved. With Dawn French, Russ Abbot, Geraldine Chaplin, Phil Davis and Sarah Parish

Agatha Christie’s Marple


The sleuth investigates a poison-pen letter

The sleuthing spinster teams up with a dashing man to investigate a series of poison-pen letters in the sleepy village of Lymstock. Two of the missives have led to the deaths of Mona Symmington, the wife of Lymstock solicitor Richard, and Agnes Woddell, the parlour maid at the Symmingtons’ house. However, Miss Marple suspects there is more to these deaths than meets the eye. Murder mystery with an all-star cast, featuring Geraldine McEwan, James D’Arcy, Emilia Fox, Imogen Stubbs, Ken Russell, Harry Enfield and Kelly Brook

Agatha Christie’s Marple


The sleuth investigates a case of infanticide

The sleuthing spinster meets fellow enthusiasts Tommy and Tuppence at a nursing home, where the ramblings of an elderly resident prompt them to join forces and investigate the unsolved mystery of a murdered child. The trail leads to the Norfolk village of Farrell St Edmund, a community harbouring sinister secrets and tales of heartbreak. Geraldine McEwan heads an all-star cast, including Greta Scacchi, Anthony Andrews, Charles Dance, June Whitfield and Claire Bloom

Doc Martin


A stomach bug sweeps through Portwenn

A nasty stomach bug sweeps through Portwenn and the doctor suspects the local water supply is to blame, taking to the airwaves in a bid to warn everyone. Meanwhile, Al remains determined to leave the plumbing business and attend college, prompting an argument with Bert. Medical comedy drama, starring Martin Clunes, Joe Absolom and Caroline Catz

Doc Martin


Louisa tries to help one of her pupils

Louisa tries to help one of her pupils, a bright 10-year-old who finds it hard to fit in and responds to stress by running away from home. Mark seeks advice on how to remedy his lack of success with the opposite sex, while Martin encounters a delusional park ranger with an unusual imaginary friend – a giant squirrel called Anthony. Medical comedy drama series, starring Martin Clunes

Rosemary & Thyme


The duo’s client is murdered

Laura and Rosemary are asked to restore an ornate water garden cascade in the grounds of a health spa, where they are invited to join owner Frances Caldecott and her children for dinner. That evening, the duo discover Frances has been strangled and her jewellery stolen, and set out to catch the culprit. Drama, starring Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris

Rosemary & Thyme


A handyman is murdered at a select language school

The duo are hired to cure a patchy lawn at a select language school hiding dark secrets. The disappearance of a Polish student alerts them to a tale of passion, rivalry and revenge, and when a handyman is found with his throat cut they race to find the killer. Drama, starring Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris

Martin Clunes: Islands of the Pacific


In Vanuatu, Martin climbs an active volcano

In Vanuatu, Martin climbs an active volcano and meets a tribe who worship Prince Philip. In Tonga, the presenter meets a third gender leiti and a princess. And in Fiji he visits an island singer and a tribe tricked out of their homeland by a British mining company

Joanna Lumley’s Great Cities of the World


Joanna’s visit to Rome includes a look at the Trevi Fountain

Joanna’s visit to Rome includes a look at the Trevi Fountain, and a meeting with one of the most famous paparazzi. She also gets to unlock the Sistine chapel with its single key, and chats with movie star Gina Lollobrigida at Bulgari’s flagship store

Maigret – Dead Man


The detective receives calls from a man claiming a gang is trying to kill him

The detective is distracted from a string of attacks on three wealthy farms by a series of anonymous phone calls from a man who claims a gang is trying to kill him. He and his trusty associates LaPointe and Janvier go in search of the caller, which leads them to the discovery of a body that has been dumped out of a car. Maigret is convinced the corpse is the man who phoned him – but his face has been mutilated, making it impossible to confirm his identity. Rowan Atkinson stars

Upstairs, Downstairs


Lady Bellamy arranges a picnic for her employees

Lady Bellamy and Mrs Van Groeben arrange a picnic for their employees, an act which brings kitchen maid Emily into contact with footman William – but the couple’s relationship is doomed. Period drama, starring Gordon Jackson and Jean Marsh

Upstairs, Downstairs


Mrs Bridges steals a baby

On the eve of an important dinner party, Mrs Bridges breaks down and steals a baby. Period drama, staring Angela Baddely and Gordon Jackson

George and Mildred


An old flame of Mildred’s turns up

George and Mildred


Work-shy George looks for a job

Poor Mildred’s hopes are raised when work-shy George looks for a job, but his chances of finding gainful employment seem slim. Comedy, starring Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce

Emmerdale Omnibus

There is tension between Rhona and Naomi


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