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Today Sunday 15 January 2023

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The Bill


A race demonstration spirals out of control

A race demonstration gets out of control as reports of disturbances come pouring in and police out on the streets find themselves under attack. Ackland is lured into a trap after following three masked youths, but Carver is soon on the scene and races to the rescue with little regard for his own safety. On the personal front, Spears tells Chandler their relationship is over and warns him she plans to spill the beans about what they were doing when Conway died. Drama, starring Colin Tarrant and Trudie Goodwin

The Bill


The officers come to terms with the tragedy

As forensic experts pick their way through the burnt-out shell of the station and Superintendent Chandler reads out the names of the dead, the surviving members of the Sun Hill squad struggle to come to terms with the tragedy. Lennox and Glaze interrogate their prime suspect, Simpson, who denies any involvement in the bombing, while Rickman keeps a tearful vigil at Harker’s hospital bedside. The grim news that Spears has lost her fight for life plunges the officers even deeper into despair – but one of them is secretly hoping Harker doesn’t pull through

The Bill


Taviner learns Harker may survive

Angered by Meadows’ warning against flirting with Chandler, McAllister is in no mood to be taken for a ride by smug safecracker Peter Grace, who discovers the one piece of evidence proving his guilt has perished in the fire. Meanwhile, Taviner is horrified to learn there is a good chance Harker will survive and takes desperate measures to ensure his silence. Police drama, starring Natalie Roles and Paul Usher

The Bill


Taviner feels the heat

Taviner quakes in his boots as the Murder Investigation Team arrive at Sun Hill to question the surviving officers and comes close to cracking completely when he learns of Superintendent Chandler’s intention to single him out for special praise at the memorial service. Stamp is incensed by the disappearance of wreaths from outside the station, while Ackland and Carver are more concerned about keeping their new relationship a secret. Police drama, starring Paul Usher and Steven Hartley

New Tricks


Brian believes his days with Ucos are numbered

The team reopens the 16-year-old case of an infamous getaway driver convicted of murdering his wife when new evidence suggests it could have been a miscarriage of justice. But Gerry, who was on the original investigation, refuses to believe the prisoner is anything but guilty. Meanwhile, Brian is in a reflective mood, convinced his days at Ucos are numbered after his actions against former police commander Embleton. Alun Armstrong, Dennis Waterman and Denis Lawson star as the veteran coppers, with Amanda Redman as their boss

Bleak House

Adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic

Adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, depicting crime, corruption and courtship in Victorian London. In the first, hour-long episode, orphan Esther Summerson prepares to meet a host of unfamiliar faces, including her new guardian John Jarndyce and his wards Richard Carstone and Ada Clare. But an encounter with opium-addled lodger Nemo leaves her with a troubling sense of deja vu

Bleak House

Lady Dedlock warns Tulkinghorn against his prying

Tulkinghorn investigates Nemo’s death, and continues his snooping at the funeral, but Lady Dedlock orders him to let things rest. Richard grows closer to Ada, but encounters problems in his professional life. Esther meets doctor Allan Woodcourt, and visits the bereaved Neckett family with Jarndyce

Catherine Cookson’s Tilly Trotter

Concluding part. Tilly and her grandmother are forced out

Concluding part. Following the destruction of their home by the McGraths, Tilly and her grandmother are forced to live a life of solitude. Tilly and Katie Drew begin working at Sopwith’s mine. Despite the hardships of life in the pit, she enjoys feeling like part of the family. Period drama, starring Carli Norris and Sarah Jane Foster

Call the Midwife


Jenny befriends an ailing veteran soldier (Roy Hudd)

Jenny is placed on the district nursing roster to improve her experience of community practice, and grows close to an ailing veteran soldier (guest star Roy Hudd). Trixie and Cynthia welcome a new patient to the antenatal clinic, a fortysomething woman who is upset by her pregnancy, despite her husband’s joy. But at the birth, everyone gets a surprise. Drama, with Jessica Raine, Laura Main, Bryony Hannah and Miranda Hart

Call the Midwife


A baby girl is snatched from her pram

A baby girl, recently delivered by Jenny, is snatched from her pram, uniting the community in a desperate search for the missing child. A newlywed couple are excited about becoming parents – but when the wife develops a serious medical condition, their chances of happiness are jeopardised. Jessica Raine, Bryony Hannah and Miranda Hart star in the 1950s-set nursing drama, with Thomasin Rand and Tom Goodman-Hill

Atlantic Crossing


Drama series based on the true story of Norwegian Crown Princess Märtha

Drama series based on the true story of Norwegian Crown Princess Märtha, who fights to save her country during the Second World War. Märtha and Crown Prince Olav are forced to flee when Nazi Germany launches a surprise attack on the 9th of April 1940. Starring Kyle MacLachlan and Sofia Helin

New Tricks


Part two of two. The team comes closer to solving the Gibraltar murders

As the Gibraltar locals reel from the murder of shipping agent Gordon Fletcher, Brian and Gerry – last seen being carried off in a shipping container – find themselves stranded on the side of a Spanish mountain, and now face the problem of how to get back to the rest of the team. As Sandra attempts to unravel secrets stretching back over three decades and link what has now become three murders, she still has doubts about the innocence of charming entrepreneur Harry Truman – but that doesn’t stop her joining him for lunch on his luxury yacht. Conclusion of a two-part story, with regulars Amanda Redman, Alun Armstrong, Dennis Waterman and Denis Lawson joined by Vincent Regan and George Irving

Frankie Drake Mysteries


Frankie’s search for a suspect leads her to an underground cabaret



The detective investigates the deaths of two schoolboys

The detective angers his superiors when he tries to connect a member of Edinburgh’s criminal fraternity to the shooting of two boys and a teacher at a local college. One of the victims turns out to be the son of Rebus’s cousin, giving Templar the perfect excuse to take him off the case. However, the copper is determined to trace a schoolgirl he is certain holds the key to the mystery. Ken Stott stars

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries


Feature-length episode. A trip home turns sour for Lynley

Feature-length episode. Lynley returns to his ancestral home to celebrate his engagement, but 20 years of anger over his mother’s indiscretion with a doctor makes the occasion unpleasant. A murder in a nearby village provides him with a temporary distraction – until mounting evidence appears to suggest his brother is implicated. Mystery drama, starring Nathaniel Parker



The detective investigates a secretive organisation

An aristocrat’s death leads Zen into the shadowy world of the Cabal, a secret organisation that appears to have infiltrated many of Italy’s biggest institutions – and when the detective comes under pressure to close the case as a suicide, he realises he is making some very powerful enemies. Meanwhile, Moscati struggles to cope with the mounting stresses of his job, and Zen tries to further his relationship with Tania – only to receive romantic overtures from an unexpected source. Drama, starring Rufus Sewell, Caterina Murino and Stanley Townsend

As Time Goes By


Jean and Lionel plan a weekend away

Jean and Lionel plan to spend a quiet weekend away, but things don’t work out as the entire gang descend on them. Comedy, starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer


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