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Murder, She Wrote


Cabot Cove is plagued by burglary and murder

A travelling circus brings burglary and murder to Cabot Cove. Meanwhile, Sheriff Mort Metzger suffers painful memories when he sees a former girlfriend who left him for another man. Starring Angela Lansbury

Murder, She Wrote


Jessica looks into the disappearance of an old friend

Murder, She Wrote


An animal rights activist is killed by a snake

Jessica visits the zoo to research her latest novel, where a venomous snake kills an animal rights activist. Mystified as to how the black mamba could escape, the amateur sleuth tries to discover whether there was a human hand behind the incident. Angela Lansbury stars

Murder, She Wrote


Cabot Cove’s history is questioned

During the making of a film, an old document comes to light that could tarnish the reputation of a Cabot Cove folk hero – and it is also connected to a murder. Angela Lansbury stars

Murder, She Wrote


Jessica investigates a killing in Hawaii

Dark deeds disturb the idyllic atmosphere of Honolulu as the son of a hotel magnate is found standing over a corpse with a smoking gun in his hand. However, Jessica soon considers that the suspect’s involvement in his estranged brother’s political campaign may have prompted someone to frame him for the crime. Starring Angela Lansbury

Murder, She Wrote


A newspaper reporter is killed

Internal wranglings at a San Francisco newspaper turn deadly following the murder of a reporter – but Jessica is on hand to play agony aunt and solve the mystery. Angela Lansbury stars

Murder, She Wrote


Jessica witnesses an actual killing taking place in a TV drama

Jessica and her friends are amused by the drama unfolding before their eyes on TV – until they realise they are watching a real killing being carried out. Crime drama, starring Angela Lansbury

Murder, She Wrote


Jessica’s friend is accused of murder

While taking a well-earned break in Martinique, Jessica comes to the aid of old friend Charlie Garrett, a private investigator who has been accused of murdering the woman he has been trying to locate. Wayne Rogers guest stars

Murder, She Wrote


Jessica investigates two deaths at a vineyard

Jessica puts her investigative skills to the test once more, this time delving into two suspicious deaths at a vineyard. Starring Angela Lansbury

Murder, She Wrote


A body is found in Jessica’s garage

The discovery of a body in Jessica’s garage leads to all manner of accusations, prompting her to embark on a determined quest to unmask the killer. Angela Lansbury stars alongside Ron Masak

Murder, She Wrote


A book club promotion turns nasty

Jessica hits the road to promote a new book club, but promptly finds herself plunged into a messy case involving plagiarism, blackmail and murder. Angela Lansbury stars, with a guest appearance by Ian Ogilvy

Blue Bloods


Danny shoots an undercover cop

Danny’s actions are closely scrutinised by Internal Affairs after he shoots an undercover cop who failed to identify himself – and investigators become concerned about his state of mind on the day of the incident. Police drama, starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg

Criminal Minds


First episode of the crime drama, starring Mandy Patinkin

Jason Gideon embarks on his first investigation with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit since suffering a breakdown, as he and the team look into the disappearance of four Seattle women in as many months. The agents find a likely suspect, but realise he has an accomplice. First episode of the crime drama, starring Mandy Patinkin

Criminal Minds


The team searches for an arsonist

The team tries to uncover the identity of an arsonist responsible for multiple attacks on a college campus that resulted in the deaths of a student and a professor. Meanwhile, Gideon’s life is put in danger when he comes face to face with a killer he has been tracking for years, and he must use his profiling experience to judge what the culprit’s next steps will be

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


A man claims his sister was gang raped

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


An Alzheimer’s patient claims to have been raped

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


Noah is kidnapped

Emotions run high as the SVU squad embarks on a frantic search for Benson’s missing son Noah after he is apparently kidnapped while clothes shopping with Sheila. Desperate to have her son safe and back with her, Benson decides to take matters into her own hands and tries to attempt to track down Noah’s kidnapper. However, things eventually become extremely dangerous and Benson’s life is soon put in serious danger as things take a shocking twist

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


The SVU investigates a sexual assault case in a special needs school

When the SVU investigates a sexual assault case involving two students in a special needs school, Rollins discovers that one child’s medical issues stem from a surprising source. Detective drama, starring Mariska Hargitay and Kelli Giddish

The Blacklist


Red goes off grid on a mission to seek out the FBI’s mole

Red goes off grid on a mission to seek out the FBI’s mole, while Cooper assigns Liz to a dangerous investigation, hoping that by placing her in jeopardy, he will lure the master criminal out of hiding. Guest starring Alan Alda and Frank Whaley

Criminals: Caught on Camera

The use of CCTV to fight crime

Journalist Nick Wallis joins police forces around the nation to discover how CCTV and technological advances are helping to bring criminals to justice. The programme reveals how essential surveillance cameras have become in the fight against crime and features footage of people caught red-handed


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