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What’s On Channel 4 Today Friday 13 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Channel 4 today.

Find It, Fix It, Flog It

Henry Cole and Simon O’Brien head to Surrey


Colin Murray hosts with Heather Small in Dictionary Corner

3rd Rock from the Sun


Sally is mistaken for a drag queen

Sally gets an insight into human sexuality after unwittingly entering a gay bar and being mistaken for a drag queen. Dick forces a reluctant Tommy to attend a school for gifted students, and Harry learns how to perform magic tricks

3rd Rock from the Sun


The Solomons babysit Mrs Dubcek’s grandson

Mrs Dubcek asks the Solomons to babysit her grandson, but Sally refuses to give him back. Meanwhile, Dick pleads with Mary to let him feed her fish while she is away. Comedy, starring John Lithgow, Jane Curtin, Kristen Johnston and Elmarie Wendel

Everybody Loves Raymond


Pilot episode of the comedy, starring Ray Romano

Debra tires of having to deal with Ray’s interfering mother, grumpy father and resentful brother, who constantly show up out of the blue, and a white lie has embarrassing consequences. Pilot episode of the comedy, starring Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton

Everybody Loves Raymond


Debra feels neglected

Debra sees newlywed friends making a public display of affection, and cannot help wondering why Raymond has so much trouble telling her he loves her. Ray Romano stars

Everybody Loves Raymond


Ray’s Aunt Alda rekindles a family feud

Ray gives the eulogy at a family funeral, but his Aunt Alda spoils the solemnity of the event by rekindling a seven-year-old feud with his mother. American comedy, starring Ray Romano and Jean Stapleton



Niles persuades Daphne’s father to visit Seattle

Niles persuades Daphne’s hard-drinking father to call on her mother in Seattle, hoping he can inspire them to start afresh. Meanwhile, Frasier and Roz reflect on their night together. Comedy, guest starring Brian Cox



Niles and Daphne get married

Niles and Daphne impulsively marry while holidaying in Reno, but on their return they realise Frasier, Martin and Daphne’s mother will be distraught if they find out they missed the event. Starring David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves



A car park attendant antagonises Frasier

The Crane brothers confront an unscrupulous car-park attendant over a matter of principle – and two dollars. Meanwhile, Daphne leaves Frasier’s home for the last time, and realises how much Eddie and Martin are going to miss her. Kelsey Grammer stars

Undercover Boss USA


The CEO of a ski resort goes undercover

Andy Wirth – the CEO of a California ski resort – goes undercover to learn more about his company’s working practices as he prepares to merge an existing operation with a new acquisition

Channel 4 News Summary

Includes headlines and weather

Couples Come Dine with Me


Three couples from around Bristol and Bath compete for the cash prize

Three couples from around Bristol and Bath compete for the £1,000 cash prize. Golf fanatics Sam and Kelly host first, with a suitably themed menu. On night two, bohemians Brian and Mandie have a festival theme, but their love of all things musical and dance sends dog food entrepreneur Dylan into a cold sweat, until their entertainment gets him shaking his booty. On night three, Dylan and holistic canine nutritionist Emma feed their guests food they’d be happy to serve to their dogs – asking everyone has to wear dog collars and doggie masks to add to the experience

Steph’s Packed Lunch

Weekday magazine show, hosted by Steph McGovern

Steph McGovern presents the weekday magazine, including celebrity guests, food ideas, real-life features and entertainment, lifestyle and consumer stories. Plus, a sideways look at the news in One O’Clock Views


Heather Small guests in Dictionary Corner

A Place in the Sun


Horse-lovers Mel and James seek a holiday home in Mijas Pueblo in southern Spain

Horse-lovers Mel and James seek a holiday home in Mijas Pueblo in southern Spain. Laura Hamilton shows them the best of what their £180,000 budget can get them with five impressive properties, hoping that at least one will have them chomping at the bit

A New Life in the Sun


In France, a couple host their final event of the season – a classic car rally

In France, a couple host their final event of the season – a classic car rally – while in Spain, two shop owners launch a fashion academy. Across in the Charente, a couple host their first and last yoga retreat of the season

Come Dine with Me: The Professionals


Three sets of chefs cook each other a three-course dinner in south Wales

In south Wales, siblings Toni and Andrea are first to host, aiming to provide an authentic Italian experience for their rivals, who in turn serve up Spanish food and posh pub grub. Second to host are Dan and Rhys from La Cocina Tapas, who hope to see off the competition with their fresh Spanish servings

The Simpsons


Lisa enters a beauty pageant

Homer enters Lisa in a beauty pageant to boost her self-esteem, and has the satisfaction of seeing her crowned runner-up – but she finds her principles heavily compromised as a result. Featuring the voice of Bob Hope


Warren goes to drastic measures to spend time with his children

Warren is eager to see his children as much as possible while he is still around, so he goes to drastic measures to spend time with them. Dave and Honour are given a heart-breaking ultimatum. Matthew-Jesus has a proposition for lawyer James

Channel 4 News

Including sport and weather

Including sport and weather

Food Unwrapped


Matt Tebbutt finds out why the shelf life for a vegetable stir-fry mix is so short

The return of the series uncovering secrets behind mass-produced food. Matt Tebbutt finds out why the shelf life for a vegetable stir-fry mix is so short, Jimmy Doherty uncovers the sweet secret of how ice lolly makers get such perfect layers in a rocket lolly and Kate Quilton travels to Portugal to discover just what piri-piri is

Travel Man: 48 Hours in Vilnius


Joe Lycett is joined by Sarah Millican to explore the Lithuanian capital Vilnius

Joe Lycett explores how to get the most out of a weekend away with a fun-packed, 48-hour itinerary of trademark humour and facts. This time, fellow comedian Sarah Millican joins him for an exploration of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. The duo take to the skies to see the city from above – an experience they find by turns terrifying, thrilling and beautiful. Keen to explore Lithuanian cuisine, they sample cold beetroot soup and cepelini dumplings washed down with gira, a drink made from fermented beer. Later, the pair explore Vilnius’ medieval centre on foot, taking in Gediminas’s tower and Lukiskes Prison

Jon & Lucy’s Odd Couples


Relationship challenge, hosted by Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont

Comedians Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont put their own marriage flaws to one side in order to judge everyone else’s, by inviting two unsuspecting celebrity couples to go head to head to decide who has the best relationship. First to respond to the challenge are Countdown maths whizz Rachel Riley and professional dancer Pasha Kovalev, and comedians Richard Herring and Catie Wilkins

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown


Jonathan Ross and Russell Kane take on Alan Carr and Judi Love

Jimmy Carr hosts a combination of the comedy panel show and the long-running words and numbers quiz, with Jonathan Ross and Russell Kane taking on Alan Carr and Judi Love. Regular Countdown mathematician Rachel Riley and lexicographer Susie Dent are on hand to adjudicate, while Josh Jones is in Dictionary Corner

Celebrity Gogglebox


Shows appraised include Platinum Party at the Palace

Stranger Things, Hunted, Platinum Party at the Palace, Bargain Hunt, The 1% Club, Spooked Scotland and Celebrity Karaoke Club are appraised by a rolling cast of famous faces including Nick and Liv Grimshaw, Rylan and his mum Linda, Shaun Ryder and Bez, Micah Richards and Jamie Carragher, Martin and Roman Kemp, Mo Gilligan and Babatunde Aléshé and Mel C and her brother Paul

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Action adventure, starring Channing Tatum
2009 – Adventure, Action, Thriller, Science Fiction

Movie: GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra -

When a powerful experimental weapon is snatched by a mysterious terrorist organisation, two of the soldiers guarding it are recruited into a top-secret military strike force. As they go in search of the stolen technology, they uncover a plot by its creator to take over the world. Action adventure, with Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller and Christopher Eccleston

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


Gordon Ramsay helps the owners of a restaurant in West Babylon, New York

Gordon Ramsay heads for West Babylon, New York, to help the inexperienced owners of restaurant Classic American deal with their escalating debts. The chef struggles to cope with disorganised staff and an unappealing menu, but quickly realises the real problem lies in the kitchen, where a lack of leadership and communication is causing serious trouble

The Simpsons


Bart tries to resurrect the family’s dead cat

Trilogy of spooky stories. A murderous Krusty doll terrorises Homer, Mr Burns travels to a remote island to capture a giant ape and Bart’s attempt to resurrect the family’s dead cat Snowball goes disastrously wrong

Come Dine with Me

The first of five parties from Cheltenham and Gloucester

Come Dine with Me

Storyteller Chloe is the second to host in Cheltenham and Gloucester


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