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Murder, She Wrote


A gangster puts pressure on a chef

Jessica investigates when a gangster’s attempt to take over a chef’s new restaurant leads to murder, but the sleuth finds her involvement is resented by the detective assigned to the case. Angela Lansbury stars



A Navy reservist is found dead in his home

A Navy reservist is found dead in his home with marks around his neck, and Gibbs and the team discover he was working on a highly classified case for the department of defence. The circumstances surrounding the man’s demise lead the investigators to suspect someone was secretly trying to drive him insane, bringing them into contact with Samantha Ryan, the director of a division specialising in psychological warfare. Guest starring Jamie Lee Curtis



The team probes the death of a chief petty officer

Chief petty officer Leland Wiley dies of a heart attack just as he is about to reveal information on elusive arms dealer Agah Bayar. The team discovers the cardiac arrest was caused by someone hacking into a computer monitoring Wiley’s pacemaker and increasing his heart rate to 400bpm. Meanwhile, a probationary agent tries to impress Gibbs and win a place on his team. Crime drama, starring Mark Harmon, with Tamer Hassan and Matt L Jones



The team again joins forces with PsyOps, this time to tackle a blackmailer

Confidential files are leaked by an anonymous hacker, who threatens to release more unless the Navy agrees to renew a contract with a struggling shipbuilding firm. The Navy Secretary suspects the company’s owner Philip Wickes is to blame, and asks NCIS to join forces with the PsyOps unit in an elaborate ruse to bring the culprit out of hiding. Meanwhile, Gibbs’ colleagues begin to notice his attraction to his opposite number Samantha Ryan. Guest starring Jamie Lee Curtis



Vance’s brother-in-law is linked to the murder of a petty officer

Vance’s brother-in-law Michael Thomas is linked to the murder of a petty officer, and Gibbs is placed under pressure to clear the man’s name. Meanwhile, a negative performance review leaves Tony feeling downhearted and he resolves to prove the assessment wrong by being less chatty while on duty. Crime drama, starring Mark Harmon and Rocky Carroll



Ziva and Tony try to rescue a US Navy chaplain kidnapped by Colombian rebels

A marine lieutenant’s body falls from the sky and the team links the man’s death to the disappearance of a Navy chaplain thought to have been kidnapped by rebels working with Colombian crime cartels. Ziva and Tony are dispatched to conduct a rescue operation and enlist the help of former Interpol agent Monique Lisson, while Gibbs discovers there was more to the chaplain’s outreach mission than meets the eye. Crime drama, guest starring Karina Lombard (The L Word) and Jamie Lee Curtis (A Fish Called Wanda)

Entertainment News on 5

Showbiz news and gossip

Law & Order


A governor’s wife is murdered

The Governor of Connecticut’s wife is murdered at a Republican Party function and the investigation leads police to uncover a gay love triangle involving her husband. An arrest is soon made, but a key witness is barred from testifying at the trial because he has entered into a civil partnership with the killer

Law & Order


An attack on a DJ is connected to the Mafia

A notorious radio DJ claims to have survived an attack by two men posing as chauffeurs. Fontana and Green are dubious at first, knowing he has a history of staging bogus assaults on himself, but the discovery that he is having an affair with a mobster’s mistress prompts them to investigate further. However, proving the Mafia’s involvement depends on a number of unreliable or unavailable witnesses. Dennis Farina and Jesse L Martin star



Ducky and Jimmy are abducted

While transporting the corpse of Lt Gordon Roth to the morgue, a flat tyre brings Ducky and Jimmy to a halt and they are abducted and taken to a remote cabin – where one of their captors wants the post-mortem to take place. Back at the scene, Abby finds a blood sample that does not belong to the victim, who in fact bore little resemblance to the picture of Roth in his old school yearbook. Guest starring Valerie Cruz (The Following)



Gibbs’s barber suspects his son may be a serial killer

A woman is stabbed to death after stepping out of her shower, becoming the latest victim of the Dead Rose Slasher. Gibbs is approached by his old friend and barber Frankie Dean, who shares his concern that his son Cameron may be the killer. He explains that a photo-fit released to the media resembles him, and the attacks stopped during a period coinciding with his three-year stint in the navy. Meanwhile, Tony has to take probationary agent Ned Dorneget under his wing



The team investigates the death of a US Marine in Afghanistan

US Marine sergeant Teddy Lemere is killed by a sniper in Afghanistan just after his sniffer dog helps guide a young child out of a minefield. Back in the US, his widow Ruby tells Gibbs and the team that she had recently received a message from her husband saying he might have upset a few people. Abby retrieves a tiny shard of the sniper’s bullet from Ted’s helmet and finds that it was made in America



The team investigates the death of a Navy doctor

A doctor dies on board the USS Borealis during a heavy storm and when the ship is brought into Norfolk Naval Yard, Ducky’s investigation reveals a telltale mark on the victim’s carotid artery, suggesting he was injected with poison. Initial inquiries focus on a petty officer with a history of drug use who may have wanted the doctor to remain silent about his problems. American drama, starring David McCallum

Blue Bloods


Danny shoots an undercover cop

Danny’s actions are closely scrutinised by Internal Affairs after he shoots an undercover cop who failed to identify himself – and investigators become concerned about his state of mind on the day of the incident. Police drama, starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


A student disappears during a field trip

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


A soldier is suspected of sexual assault

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


A 10-year-old case is reopened

A young woman is found wandering alone in Central Park resulting in the reopening of a 10-year-old case, while Benson and Porter go to family court regarding Noah. Crime drama, starring Mariska Hargitay

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


Rollins goes undercover at a rehab centre

When a teenage girl is found dead, Rollins goes undercover at a high-end rehab centre where she was last seen alive. Meanwhile, Benson tries to overcome her doubts about Sheila

The Blacklist


Liz severs all ties with Red after learning he tried to incriminate Tom

Liz tires of her partnership with Red and after his efforts to incriminate Tom come to light, she severs all ties with him. The next case is that of a chemical explosion on a train, for which she has to seek out a guilty scientist by herself – but when she reaches a dead end, she finds herself going cap-in-hand back to the former fugitive, whose fascination with Liz causes great tension among the rest of the team. James Spader and Megan Boone star

The Blacklist


The FBI descends into a panic over a plot to cripple the American economy

The FBI descends into a panic over a plot to cripple the American economy, and as the nation faces the prospect of total collapse, Red and Liz try to catch one of the most fearsome names on the blacklist. Meanwhile, Liz’s hands are also full caring for a sick loved one. Drama, starring James Spader

Riots and Robbers: Caught on Camera

The use of CCTV to fight crime

Journalist Nick Wallis goes out onto the city streets with police forces in Chester, Coventry, Rotherham and London. He reveals how CCTV and technological advances are helping to bring criminals who target shops and retail outlets to justice, including the 2011 London rioters


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