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What’s On BBC One Today Wednesday 11 January 2023

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Rip Off Britain: Holidays


The team investigate the shrink in the size of cabin luggage

Big Little Crimes


An unusual licence plate helps police crack an international smuggling ring

An unusual licence plate helps police crack an international smuggling operation and a call about a disturbance leads officers to discover a huge haul of firearms. A group of youths smoking cannabis leads to the solving of a string of robberies

For Love or Money


A woman who suspects the man she met online is a con artist

Debbie put Daniel above her own family as their relationship grew closer, but when he failed to turn up for their first face-to-face meeting she knew something was not right. Now she wants Kym Marsh and Ashley John-Baptiste to bring her some much-needed closure and find out who exactly he is

Homes Under the Hammer


Properties in Canterbury, Norwich and Crystal Palace

Bargain Hunt

From Newmarket Racecourse in Suffolk

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Kirsty Millar makes an impression on her first day

The Farmers’ Country Showdown


Farmers aim for a sell-out day at the Ludlow Food Festival

Denis and Eric from Herefordshire have spent almost 40 years rearing cattle and tending their orchards. As experienced sellers at the Ludlow Food Festival they know that preparing plenty of samples and flavours of their award-winning ciders is likely to bring them the business their hoping for. Livestock farmers Joanne and Nigel from Powys have got all hands on deck to prepare their hot food stand for the festival

Escape to the Country


Ginny Buckley helps a couple from Hertfordshire to find a High Weald home

The Repair Shop


The experts repair a lawnmower, a trophy and a belt

Jay Blades and his team of experts welcome James to the workshop who brings Dominic Chinea a vintage lawnmower to repair. As a child James and his brother would visit their grandfather and use the machine to see who could mow the lawn the quickest before the whole family would play cricket on the grass. James thinks now is the right time to put his own son to work using his great grandfather’s lawnmower. Brenton West gets a visit from Lyn who, as the secretary for the Welsh Schools Rugby Union Intermediate Group, brings him a trophy to bring back to its former glory. With almost one hundred silver plaques on dating back to 1904, the mahogany shield has a large crack in it and the decorative centre panel has lost its detail. Suzie Fletcher receives a visit from Deborah who asks her to repair her personalised leather belt that has held her jeans up for over 40 years. As a gift for her 16th birthday, the leather is now dry and splitting and needs a colour refresh

Make It at Market


Dominic Chinea helps aspiring makers turn their hobbies into businesses

Dominic Chinea gives jeweller Annelies and woodturner Lucinda the opportunity to turn their hobbies and skills into money-making businesses. After investing £7,000 into setting up her jewellery business, Annelies from Glasgow needs help on bringing that money back and making a profit. Lucinda spends what little free time she has in her garage turning wood into make-up brushes. Mentors Barnaby and Dru see huge potential in her but will her first market be a success?



Quiz, hosted by Alexander Armstrong

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The One Show

Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas host


Zack shatters Whitney’s dreams

Zack promises Sharon he has changed his ways when she notices Brett is still hanging around the Square. However, Whitney is worried by Zack’s lack of enthusiasm for the ultrasound. Jack is in the doghouse with Denise, so he offers to take her out for the day. An impromptu party at number 27 ends in a massive row, Stacey rants at Eve about the Panesars putting the rent up and Lola is sick of Billy and Jay fussing over her

Dogs in the Wild: Meet the Family


Rescuers in South Africa try to combat Broken Heart Syndrome

Rescuers in South Africa try to combat Broken Heart Syndrome in wild dogs separated from their families. In Wyoming scientists discover the tiny swift fox’s chances of survival can depend on their personality. In the mountains of Japan a naturalist is on the hunt for the extinct Japanese Wolf after an encounter that he believes proves they still exist. Conservationists in North America are in a race against time to save the red wolf as less than 20 remain in the wild.



The North East Ambulance Service responds to calls from patients struggling with their mental health

A busy night shift for the North East Ambulance Service begins with an emergency call for a woman in labour, while in Stockton, crewmates Hannah and Becky attend a 78-year-old female patient who has fallen down the stairs and suffered a seizure. This episode also highlights the rising demand for mental health care across the north east, as ambulance crews respond to multiple emergency calls for patients battling with their mental health while attempting to navigate over-stretched services and feeling they have nowhere left to turn for help

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The Accountant

Thriller action, starring Ben Affleck
2016 – Crime, Thriller, Drama

Movie: The Accountant -

Autistic number-cruncher Christian Wolff moonlights as a money launderer for the Mob. However, the Treasury Department start closing in on him, so he decides to take on a legitimate client in the form of a robotics company. As he works through their books, he uncovers a discrepancy involving millions of dollars. Thriller action, starring Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick and JK Simmons

The Apprentice


The teams are tasked with selling and running bespoke tours in Antigua

Multimillionaire Alan Sugar embarks on another quest to find someone capable of taking the commercial world by storm. Under the watchful gaze of Karren Brady and – for this first programme only – Claude Littner, teams are tasked with selling and running bespoke tours on the Caribbean island of Antigua. Cue some bickering on the beach amid woeful negotiations. Later, back in the boardroom, one candidate is sent packing

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