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Today Tuesday 10 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Talking Pictures TV

The Cariboo Trail

Western drama, starring Randolph Scott
1950 – Western

Conflict arises between cattle ranchers and an influx of settlers threatening their grazing lands. Western drama, starring Randolph Scott, George `Gabby” Hayes, Bill Williams and Karin Booth

Sailing Along

Musical melodrama, with Jessie Matthews
1938 –

Movie: Sailing Along - 1950

An all-singing, all-dancing barge girl meets a showbiz impresario and sets out on the rocky road to stardom. Musical melodrama, with Jessie Matthews, Roland Young and Barry Mackay

Interpol Calling


A case of currency fraud leads to a suspect who has been dead for 15 years

Seven Days to Noon

Thriller, starring Barry Jones
1950 – Drama, Thriller

Movie: Seven Days to Noon -

A conscience-stricken scientist steals a nuclear bomb and threatens to destroy London unless further research into atomic fission is stopped at once. His actions spark a desperate race against time as the authorities struggle to locate him and evacuate the capital before it is too late. Thriller, starring Barry Jones, Andre Morell, Olive Sloane and Joan Hickson

711 Ocean Drive

Crime drama, starring Edmond O’Brien
1950 – Drama, Crime

Movie: 711 Ocean Drive - 1950

Let’s Keep Our Teeth

Short film about keeping teeth healthy

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

Fact-based romantic drama, with William Holden and Jennifer Jones
1955 – Drama, Romance, War

Movie: Love Is a Many Splendored Thing -

A married American news correspondent reporting on the Korean War from his base in Hong Kong falls in love with a widowed Eurasian doctor – but he is unable to get a divorce and the couple find themselves forced to keep their relationship a secret. Romantic drama based on the memoirs of Han Suyin, with William Holden, Jennifer Jones and Torin Thatcher

Jet Storm

Thriller, starring Richard Attenborough
1959 – Thriller

Movie: Jet Storm - 1955

Scotland Yard


A body is found on the beach in an idyllic port town


Crime drama, starring Sandra Dorne
1953 – Drama

Movie: Marilyn -

An aggressive garage owner is accidentally killed in a fight, The dead man’s wife helps the killer to hide the body and the pair decide to start a new life together. But when they borrow money from a loan shark, their secret threatens to come out. Crime drama, starring Sandra Dorne, Maxwell Reed, Leslie Dwyer and Ferdy Mayne



Lapointe investigates a shooting while off duty

Murder by Contract

Crime drama, starring Vince Edwards
1958 – Thriller, Crime

Movie: Murder by Contract -

Look at Life

A look at the people who prepare salvaged steel to be re-used

Public Eye


Frank discovers something odd in a garden shed

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

The cult movie star introduces The Tingler

The Tingler

Horror, starring Vincent Price
1959 – Horror

Movie: The Tingler -

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

The cult movie star introduces Mr Sardonicus

Mr Sardonicus

Horror, starring Ronald Lewis
1961 – Horror, Drama, Mystery

Movie: Mr Sardonicus -

A doctor is asked to treat a woman’s disfigured husband with a revolutionary psychological technique. However, the treatment leads to a diabolical revenge. Horror, starring Ronald Lewis, Guy Rolfe and Oscar Homolka

Cellar Club with Caroline Munro

The cult movie star introduces The Hitch-Hiker

The Hitch-Hiker

Thriller, starring Edmond O’Brien
1953 – Crime, Thriller

Movie: The Hitch-Hiker -

Two men on a fishing trip make the grave mistake of picking up a hitch-hiker, unaware he is a deranged mass murderer who intends to take the pair hostage and force them to help him flee the country. Thriller directed by Ida Lupino, starring Edmond O’Brien, William Talman and Frank Lovejoy


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