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What’s On Channel 4 Today Wednesday 8 February 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Channel 4 today.


Jo Brand is in Dictionary Corner

3rd Rock from the Sun


Dick dumps Jennifer

Driven to distraction by Jennifer’s allergies and constant rhyming, Dick decides to dump her and rekindle his romance with Mary. Meanwhile, Officer Don opens Sally’s eyes to the joys of bowling. Comedy series, starring John Lithgow

3rd Rock from the Sun


Sally is offered money to pose for nude photographs

Sally is thrilled to be offered money to pose for nude photographs, but Don is not impressed. Dick is supportive of her decision, but becomes furious when he discovers Mary posed for art photos 20 years previously. Comedy, starring John Lithgow, Wayne Knight, Kristen Johnston and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The King of Queens


Doug tries to get out of going to the bank

Doug tries to get out of going to the bank with Carrie, claiming he is too busy at work, but a stapler-inflicted injury in a delicate area makes him see the error of his ways. Comedy, starring Kevin James

The King of Queens


Doug and Carrie are asked to be godparents

Deacon and Kelly ask Doug and Carrie to be godparents to their newborn son. Comedy, starring Kevin James, Leah Remini and Victor Williams

The King of Queens


Doug’s big-screen TV goes missing



Guest starring Amanda Donohoe

Having advised a caller to break up with his girlfriend, Frasier ends up dating her himself – and bends the rules of professional ethics to continue the relationship. Comedy, guest starring Amanda Donohoe



The brothers suspect Martin may have had an affair

Martin is reunited with an old friend – and Niles and Frasier begin to suspect the pair may once have had an affair. However, the truth proves even more shocking. Comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer



Daphne helps Frasier decide whether to advertise a restaurant

Daphne helps Frasier make up his mind whether he should sneak an on-air endorsement for a Chinese restaurant into his radio show. Comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer and Jane Leeves

Undercover Boss USA


The president of a Chicago-based hardware retailer goes undercover

Chicago-based hardware retailer True Value’s CEO and president John Hartmann poses as a handyman taking part in a reality show to go incognito among his own workforce to see how he can extend the company’s lifespan and improve the experiences of both customers and employees

Channel 4 News Summary

Includes headlines and weather

Sarah Beeny’s New Life in the Country


The family head to a poultry farm

Following Sarah Beeny and her family as they relocate from London to Somerset, renovating a semi-derelict former dairy farm into their dream family home. This time, the family head to a poultry farm that sells a vast array of chickens, ducks and peacocks to the public. Later, Sarah and Graham explore how to make the farm pay for itself by heading off to find out how to make cider at a local cider mill

Steph’s Packed Lunch

Weekday magazine show, hosted by Steph McGovern

Steph McGovern presents the weekday magazine, including celebrity guests, food ideas, real-life features and entertainment, lifestyle and consumer stories. Plus, a sideways look at the news in One O’Clock Views


Jo Brand is in Dictionary Corner

A Place in the Sun

Leah Charles-King helps Jane and Neil find a holiday home

A New Life in the Sun


A Yorkshire entrepreneur is left high and dry

Four in a Bed


The B&B owners visit The Crossings Inn near Carlisle, Cumbria

The B&B owners visit The Crossings Inn near Carlisle, Cumbria. The guests are impressed by the cleanliness but bemused by the separate bathrooms. An afternoon on the farm gets everyone up close and personal with the local livestock and Stephen shares his farm-to-plate philosophy

Come Dine with Me

The third host of the week is Joe in Bristol

The third host of the week is dance enthusiast and property developer Joe who creates an evening dedicated to the happiness of holidaying with a taste of Dominican food for his guests. Will his Caribbean theme be paradise or purgatory?

The Simpsons


Angry dolphins attack Springfield

Angry dolphins attack Springfield on Halloween, while Homer dies and has to perform one good deed before he can get into Heaven. Bart and Lisa meet characters from fairy tales


Ethan, Sienna and Grace come up with a plan to get rid of Warren and his mum

Channel 4 News

Including sport and weather

Including sport and weather

Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It


The hosts help Lexie and Ed decide whether to renovate or sell their home

Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp help clothing designer Lexie and IT consultant Ed from Nottingham decide whether to renovate their four-bed one-bathroom house or sell it and move elsewhere. Ed votes for packing up and moving to a bigger place for their family of six while Lexie thinks with Kirstie’s help they can make their home work for them

Grand Designs


A couple building a longhouse in the Derbyshire Dales

Kevin meets Mike and Sarah, who bought a remote smallholding in the Derbyshire Dales, somewhere to rear animals and provide a home for themselves and their elderly parents. Kevin follows the couple as they set out to build a 21st-century version of a historic Derbyshire longhouse. Enormous, corrugated and with a highly complex roof shape, it was never going to be an easy build. But soon they face delays and their schedule begins to slide. However, that is nothing compared with the problems of a more personal nature that hit the project

Building Britain’s Superhomes


Guy is on a mission to complete his latest superhome build

Guy Phoenix and his team are on a mission to complete their latest superhome build in Nottingham on time and gives a tour of one of his previous property builds. Narrated by Philip Glenister

First Dates Hotel


Animal lover Sophie is paired with Billy, who has a collection of pet tarantulas

Maitre d’ Fred welcomes more singletons to the luxury Italian hotel, including private chef Georgia, who is impressed with her date Nick’s knowledge of the local produce. History teacher Debbie hopes to find her knight in shining armour, while Sophie, who at 18 is the youngest guest to check in, reveals her love of animals, something she claims that men don’t understand. Then along comes Billy, with his collection of pet tarantulas

24 Hours in A&E


21 year-old Connor is rushed in after a motorbike accident

21 year-old Connor is rushed in after a motorbike accident leaving him with leg and lung injuries. 69 year-old Rob with locked-in-syndrome is admitted into Resus after his breathing tube becomes dislodged leaving him unable to breathe properly. In minor injuries 58 year-old Lisa receives treatment for an injured wrist


Drama inspired by hundreds of young people’s school experiences

When Natalie gets a scholarship to an elite private school she’s seen as an outsider but bonds with rich, high academic achiever Archie. One night at a party boundaries are crossed and trust is broken between the two but how will the school deal with the accusations made against `one of their own”? Drama inspired by real life testimonies of young people’s school experiences starring Tom Victor and Lashay Anderson

Ramsay’s Hotel Hell


Gordon Ramsay helps a debt-ridden establishment in Idaho

Chef Gordon Ramsay uses his wealth of experience in the restaurant business to help struggling hotels, motels and B&Bs across America. After identifying the most pressing issues at each location, he puts the owners and staff to work as he attempts to save their establishments from disaster. His first stop is Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where the Roosevelt Inn is more than $1million in debt – and to make matters worse, the owner’s wife has had enough

Jon & Lucy’s Odd Couples


Amanda Abbington and Jonathan Goodwin take on Kimberly Wyatt and Max Rogers

Comedians Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont oversee proceedings as actress Amanda Abbington and escapologist Jonathan Goodwin are pitted against singer Kimberly Wyatt and model Max Rogers to decide which of the couples has the better relationship

Couples Come Dine with Me


Three dinner parties in east Lancashire

In east Lancashire, young entrepreneur Ellie and her drama teacher partner Andy kick off the competition with an oriental-themed menu. Day two sees stylish couple Jon and his partner Chris lay on a Mediterranean menu, with influence from their mothers. Finally, Gladys and her hubby Stephen are able to show off their passion for travel with a global menu, though there’s a surprise in store for their guests when Stephen makes a revelation about his wife


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