BBC Two Today Wednesday 8 February 2023

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What’s On BBC Two Today Wednesday 8 February 2023

A full run down of everything airing on BBC Two today.

Homes Under the Hammer


Properties about to be auctioned in Manchester, Liverpool and Stoke on Trent

Bridge of Lies


Four family members take part

Dogs in the Wild: Meet the Family


Documentary following packs of wild dogs across the world

Chris Packham narrates a documentary following the lives of packs of wild dogs across the world. Featuring astonishing cinematography combined with emotional and immersive storytelling, the programme follows the packs from the rugged peaks of the Himalayas to the blistering Sahara desert, revealing fresh perspectives on their diversity and unusual behaviours

BBC News

BBC News

The latest national and international stories

Politics Live

The latest stories from Westminster and beyond



Quiz, hosted by Ore Oduba



Quiz show, hosted by Jeremy Vine

Britain in Bloom


Chris Bavin heads to the Wiltshire market town of Melksham

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip


Rosie Marcel and Bob Barrett look for bargains in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire

Holby City actors Rosie Marcel and Bob Barrett look for bargains in the Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire flatlands, with the expert advice of David Harper and Louise Gostelow. However, the road trip is jeopardised when a flooded river blocks the way to the antiques shops – but a detour leads Bob to a beloved location, where he learns about landscape gardening

My Unique B&B


Simon Parfett turns a 1960s trailer into a funky festival-themed accommodation

Coast and Country Auctions


The stories behind Britain’s traditional markets

Flog It!


From Ushaw in Co Durham

At Ushaw in Co Durham, antique experts David Fletcher and James Lewis put a value on the region’s antiques and collectibles. David is delighted by a 1950s toy plane, while James finds a 1940s menu from a famous Hollywood restaurant which has been signed by some top film stars. Host Paul Martin visits the Mining Art Gallery in Bishop Auckland to find out why many coal miners were inspired to pick up a paintbrush

Richard Osman’s House of Games


With Kae Kurd, Zoe Lyons, Andrew Hunter Murray and Kate Robbins

Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes


Charlie Hardwick and Robson try beach art and singing in County Durham

Former Emmerdale actress Charlie Hardwick shows Robson the hidden gems of the East Durham coastline. The pair take an art class on the sand, a wellness choir teacher shows how singing outdoors can be good for mind and body, and Robson signs up for a session with a forest bathing instructor among the trees of Hamsterley Forest

Inside the Factory


Gregg Wallace visits a sock factory in Leicester

Gregg Wallace visits a sock factory in Leicester that produces one and a half million socks annually, while Cherry Healey discovers the science behind smelly feet and tests brands of socks to see how they cope with the problem. Ruth Goodman looks back at how socks became a fashion statement in the 1980s and a vital piece of military kit in the First World War

Great British Menu


The South West chefs serve up their mains and desserts

The South West chefs serve up their mains and desserts, including a venison wellington in the shape of a crocodile – inspired by the drawings of Quentin Blake – and a Stone Age tomahawk steak with all the trimmings, based on the Aardman animated movie Early Man. Last up is a Gloucester Old Spot pork loin taken from an episode of 1970s kids’ classic Mr Benn. Presented by Andi Oliver

Surgeons: At the Edge of Life


The team operate on a man who has a tumour dangerously close to his spinal cord

The team operate on a father of three to remove tumours growing in his neck, including one dangerously close to the spinal cord. It’s a high-risk operation – but if the tumours are not removed they could eventually cause paralysis. Also going under the knife is a 19-year-old who has a cancerous mass growing off the largest vein in his body

Our Flag Means Death


Stede enlists the Revenge crew to help intimidate an incoming merchant ship

Inspired by Blackbeard’s words of wisdom, Stede enlists the Revenge crew to help him intimidate an incoming merchant ship. Izzy confronts Blackbeard about his growing attachment to Stede, while Lucius’s flesh wound spirals out of control. Pirate comedy, starring Rhys Darby, Taika Waititi and Con O’Neill


Headline analysis with Victoria Derbyshire


Putin vs the West


Vladimir Putin’s efforts to keep Bashar al-Assad in power in Syria

A look at how Western leaders try to enlist Vladimir Putin as peacemaker in the Middle East, but the Russian president instead showed just how far he was willing to go to keep his allies in power. David Cameron recalls the lengths he went to bring Putin closer to the West and how for a while it looked like he might succeed until he backed his ally Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian president’s battle to hold onto power in his country’s bloody civil war, sending in Russian troops to help him

Digging for Britain


Alice Roberts visits the excavation of one of Henry VIII’s lost forts in Hull

Alice Roberts heads to a farmer’s field in Rutland to examine evidence of a Roman barn conversion, featuring a three-room spa, including underfloor and in-wall central heating. She also finds out about the excavation of one of Henry VIII’s lost forts in Hull, and hears from a team that discovered stunning 10,000-year-old hunting tools near Scarborough

The Travelling Auctioneers


Christina Trevanion and Will Kirk sort through a furniture-filled home

Christina Trevanion and Will Kirk travel to Bicester in Oxfordshire to sort through Louise and Paul’s furniture filled home to help de-clutter after the couple inherited generations’ worth of family heirlooms. Their modern house is swamped with large brown furniture that is literally cramping their style. The Victorian and Edwardian dressers, chests of drawers and cabinets, vases, ornaments and jewellery are out of place for these two self-confessed geeks, who would rather make room for cosplay outfits than clocks and crockery

India: The Modi Question


Two-part documentary examining tensions between Indian PM Narendra Modi and India’s Muslim minority

Two-part documentary focusing on Indian PM Narendra Modi and the persistent allegations about his attitude towards India’s Muslim population that have plagued his premiership. The programme investigates the truth behind these allegations, explores Modi’s backstory, and also examines claims about his role in 2002 riots that left over a thousand dead

Saved and Remade


Items include a sailing club’s training boat

Loved-but-unused treasures are transformed into contemporary and useful items by a team of expert crafters. This time, Interior design expert Rob and fine furniture maker Daisy are presented with a sailing club’s training boat which has been damaged beyond repair. Other items include a musician’s first ever trombone, and an old coffee table

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