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Today Sunday 8 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Talking Pictures TV

Mods and Rockers

Short film following a romance between teenagers from rival cliques

The Outlaw

Western, starring Jane Russell
1943 – Action, Adventure, Western

Notorious gunslinger Doc Holliday is reunited with his lawman friend Pat Garrett as he goes in search of his stolen horse. When he finds the thief is the infamous outlaw Billy the Kid, tensions grow between the three men, and their relationships with the same woman only make things worse. Howard Hughes’ Western, starring Jane Russell, Walter Huston, Jack Buetel and Thomas Mitchell

The Earth Dies Screaming

Sci-fi thriller, with Willard Parker

An astronaut returns to Earth to find the planet has been ravaged by killer robots, and joins the few human survivors in a desperate fight for freedom. Sci-fi thriller, with Willard Parker, Virginia Field and Dennis Price

Vendetta for the Saint

Action adventure, starring Roger Moore
1969 – Thriller, Crime, Action

Movie: Vendetta for the Saint - 1963

The suave anti-hero investigates a murder in Naples, but ends up facing the Sicilian Mafia. Action adventure, starring Roger Moore, Ian Hendry and Rosemary Dexter

The Last Day of Trolley Bus 666 Edgware

Footage of a trolley bus from 1961

Operation Amsterdam

Second World War adventure, starring Peter Finch

A stiff-upper-lipped British Army officer engages in a spot of larceny to aid the war effort. Ordered to Amsterdam, he joins forces with two cunning Dutchmen and steals a secret cache of diamonds from a bank vault, thus preventing the gems falling into Nazi hands. Second World War adventure, starring Peter Finch, Tony Britton and Eva Bartok

North West Frontier

Action adventure, starring Lauren Bacall and Kenneth More
1959 – Adventure

Movie: North West Frontier - 1958

A British officer saves an Indian prince from an uprising and tries to escort him and the boy’s nanny to safety on board a dilapidated train. However, his mission is jeopardised when it becomes clear there is a traitor on board, leading to a deadly game of cat and mouse. Action adventure, starring Lauren Bacall, Kenneth More, Herbert Lom and Wilfrid Hyde White

The Footage Detectives

Footage of caravanning in the 1960s and a popular dance band

The Saint


Simon sets out to unmask a mysterious blackmailer


Drama, starring Sean Connery
1975 – Action, Drama, Thriller

Movie: Ransom -

The British ambassador to a Scandinavian country is abducted, sparking off an audacious rescue mission as a determined security chief refuses to negotiate, deciding instead to take a more direct approach. Drama, starring Sean Connery, Ian McShane, Norman Bristow and John Cording

Look at Life

The work of the Earl Marshal of England and the College of Arms

The Onedin Line


Mystery surrounds the Samantha

In Cold Blood

Fact-based crime drama, with Robert Blake
1967 – Crime, Drama, History

Movie: In Cold Blood -

Two drifters break into a Kansas farmstead, and murder the entire family when they are caught in the act. Fact-based crime drama based on Truman Capote’s book, starring Robert Blake, Scott Wilson and John Forsythe

The Winter Guest

Drama, starring Emma Thompson
1997 – Drama

Movie: The Winter Guest - 1967

Recent widow Frances is determined to leave her Scotland home for Australia, but receives an unexpected visit from her mother, who is intent on changing her mind. Meanwhile, Frances’ son faces the prospect of his first sexual experience. Drama, directed by Alan Rickman, and starring Emma Thompson opposite her real-life mother Phyllida Law

The Heritage Chart Show with Mike Read

Songs you love from popular artists, live and on video with the odd interview


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