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Today Sunday 8 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Sky Atlantic

Richard E Grant’s Hotel Secrets


The actor heads to Tokyo

The actor heads to Tokyo and checks out the Park Hyatt, the hotel featured in the film Lost in Translation, and goes behind the closed doors of the Japanese capital’s love hotels. In the fashionable district of Meguro, Richard takes in the Claska, which was the city’s first boutique hotel and has its own canine beauty salon

Richard E Grant’s Hotel Secrets


The most exclusive hotels in Venice

Richard E Grant travels to Venice, said to be the city with the highest concentration of luxury hotels on the planet. He discovers how a measuring error led to the building of the city’s biggest swimming pool, tries out a 15,000 euro-a-night royal suite whose bed has been slept in by everyone from the Beckhams to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, and visits a hotel that keeps its doors open even when water floods to knee height. He also finds out why breaking a window once earned Ernest Hemingway a 10 per cent discount on his room

Storm City


The devastating impact of extreme weather, beginning with snow and ice

Documentary in which Ben Fogle explores the devastating impact of extreme weather, finding out what happens when man is pitted against the power of Mother Nature. He begins with the chaos caused by snow and ice, using real-life studies – such as Montreal being shut down by a fierce ice storm in 1998 – and sharing incredible stories of survival. He then subjects a specially built test house to an avalanche, one of the world’s deadliest natural forces

Urban Secrets


Alan Cumming visits Liverpool

Alan Cumming visits Liverpool, cutting through cliches about football and the Beatles to explore its less-celebrated treasures. Among his destinations are a 1930s banking building that has remained unaltered since closing in 2007, a well-appointed set of toilets and a recording studio hidden in a bar. He also discovers which former dictator once spent Christmas in the city



To win the market, Genny starts dumping cocaine at half price



Genny pressures Ruggieri to find out where his son is



Ciro and Genny get together for a last trip

The Sopranos


Pilot episode of the US gangster drama, starring James Gandolfini

The pilot episode of the US drama series finds New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano suffering a mid-life crisis and seeking help from psychiatrist Dr Jennifer Melfi. Tony’s troubles are numerous – his marriage to Carmela is under strain, daughter Meadow is causing friction and son Anthony Jr remains unaware of his father’s dubious profession. James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco and Edie Falco star

The Sopranos


Tony is inundated with pleas for help

Tony begins to think that no one can do without him, with requests coming from all quarters. Elderly mum Livia claims she needs help around the house, while Anthony Jr needs someone to find his science teacher’s stolen car. Offbeat gangster drama, starring James Gandolfini and Lorraine Bracco

True Blood


Sookie faces a major dilemma

Sookie faces a major dilemma when deciding whether to broker a deal between Bill and Warlow. Jason gets to know Violet better at Vamp Camp, while Sarah has to take extreme measures to keep Tru Blood flowing

True Blood


Bill attempts to get Warlow away from the plain

Bill attempts to take Warlow away from the faerie plain, but Sookie stops them. Elsewhere, Eric arrives at the Vamp Camp and tries to inflict serious human damage

True Blood


Sookie evaluates her future with Warlow

Bill discovers that salvation must come at a price, while Jason senses vampire attraction. Meanwhile, Sookie evaluates her future with Warlow, and Bon Temps is braced for a new threatening crisis. Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin star

True Blood


The opening episode of the final season

The opening episode in the final season of the supernatural thriller, as the human residents of Bon Temps find themselves working with vampires uninfected by the virus. Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard

True Blood


Sookie and Jason visit a nearby town

Sookie and Jason visit a nearby town, hoping to find out what the future holds for Bon Temps. Meanwhile, the three hostages taken from the Bellefleur party look for help, and Lettie Mae searches for her family’s past



Logan, Kendall, Gerri and Tom testify before Congress



Provocative coming-of-age drama, starring Zendaya

Provocative coming-of-age drama offering a fresh look at the complexities of teenage life in a social-media obsessed world. The series follows Rue Bennet, a young girl who has recently left rehab for drug addiction, and is struggling to see a clean future for herself in a world filled with drugs, sex and violence. Rue’s life takes a drastic turn when she meets newcomer Jules Vaughn, a transgender girl who feels just as lost as Rue. Starring Zendaya, Maude Apatow and Hunter Schafer



Historical drama, starring David Morrissey

Nine decades after Caesar failed to conquer Britannia, the Roman army is back on the island, led by a determined general named Aulus Plautius. Standing against him is a tribal people at war within and the mystic druids and their gods. Historical drama, starring David Morrissey and Kelly Reilly

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Comedy special based on the podcast of the same name

The Wire


Herc catches Royce in a compromising situation

Herc catches Royce in a compromising situation, and Carcetti drops a bombshell on his rival during a televised mayoral debate. While Prez prepares for the start of term, Marlo gives the neighbourhood children money for school equipment and Michael catches his attention by refusing the handout. Bunk finds a murder suspect hard to track down and Bubbles trains an apprentice

The Tunnel: Sabotage


Elise is forced to keep new evidence a secret from Karl

As the search for Madeleine Fournier becomes a matter of international urgency, Elise’s investigation is slowed when she is forced to keep new evidence a secret from Karl. Meanwhile, further links between the abduction on the Channel Tunnel and the plane crash are revealed. In English and French

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