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The Bill


Part two of two. Jack and Neil are taken hostage

Part two of two. The siege at the hospital takes a turn for the worse as Jack and Neil are taken hostage at gunpoint after an abortive attempt to free Roger. New DC Jo Masters takes charge of the delicate negotiations, while Steve realises only he can save Honey. Elsewhere, Samantha is appalled to learn Abi is carrying Hugh Wallis’s baby and Terry begins to doubt whether his brother is guilty of the child abuse charges

The Bill


Abi stuns Samantha with a fresh revelation

Samantha begins to feel she’s trapped in a never-ending nightmare when a confrontation with Abi leads to yet another revelation – she intends to marry her erstwhile kidnapper Hugh. Turning to Phil for help, Samantha hatches a plan to snatch her pregnant, brainwashed daughter from the psychopath’s clutches – but it seems she may have underestimated the extent of his cunning. Community Support Officers Laura Bryant and Colin Fairfax are assigned to Sun Hill, where they are greeted by a contemptuous outburst from Dale, and Honey oversteps the line when she attempts to console a distraught husband whose wife has gone missing

The Bill


Hugh Wallis turns the tables on Sam

Hugh Wallis turns the tables on Sam Nixon by dropping in at Sun Hill and accusing her of abducting her own daughter. As the tug of love moves toward a dramatic conclusion, Sam desperately tries to make Abi realise she has been brainwashed – and Jack Meadows isn’t as supportive as he might be. Elsewhere, Scott Burnett’s wife is found murdered and Honey Harmon oversteps the bounds of duty when she attempts to comfort the grieving widower. Drama, starring Lisa Maxwell and Georgia Moffett

The Bill


Sam struggles to build a case against Hugh Wallis

Sam struggles to prove that Hugh Wallis abducted, brainwashed and raped her daughter, but the suspect arrogantly sticks to his story that Abi instigated the sexual relationship that has left her pregnant and emotionally wrecked. DCs Jo Masters and Suzie Sim investigate a case involving rent boys and pornography which implicates DI Neil Manson’s father-in-law, a Deputy Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard and, undaunted by the risk of making enemies in high places, Jack Meadows organises a raid on the officer’s home. Honey Harman confesses her unprofessional behaviour to Steve Hunter, but her next anguished encounter with Scott Burnett leads to another tender embrace. Drama, starring Lisa Maxwell and Robert Gwilym

David Copperfield


Adaptation of the Dickens classic, starring Daniel Radcliffe

The rural idyll of eight-year-old David Copperfield is brought to an abrupt end when his widowed mother Clara remarries. Young David takes an instant dislike to Mr Murdstone, his new step-father, and the newcomer proves the feeling is more than mutual when he send the lad away to a boarding school run by a ruthless headmaster. Adaptation of the Dickens classic with an all-star cast, including Pauline Quirke, Maggie Smith and Ian McKellen, with a young Daniel Radcliffe starring in the title role

David Copperfield


David is sent to a workhouse following his mother’s death

David is sent to a workhouse by his evil stepfather following his mother’s death. But he finds an unlikely ally in the eternally optimistic gambler Mr Micawber. Ciaran McMenamin, Bob Hoskins, Trevor Eve and Maggie Smith star in the second part of the Dickens tale

David Copperfield


David revisits Peggotty

Now an ambitious young man making a name for himself in London, David returns to Suffolk with his schoolfriend Steerpike in tow to catch up with Peggoty, his late mother’s maid. Adaptation of the Dickens classic, starring Pauline Quirke and Ciaran McMenamin

David Copperfield


David returns to Canterbury once again

Micawber threatens to expose Uriah Heep for the devious character that he is, and David returns to Canterbury once again. Adaptation of the Dickens classic with an all-star cast, including Pauline Quirke, Maggie Smith, Nicholas Lyndhurst and Bob Hoskins

Catherine Cookson’s Tilly Trotter

Part one of two. Period drama about a 19-year-old girl

Part one of two. Period drama about a 19-year-old girl who is attacked after a party celebrating the engagement of a farmer for whom she has feelings. Starring Carli Norris

Call the Midwife


First episode of the drama, starring Jessica Raine

Newly qualified midwife Jenny Lee prepares to begin her career and is posted to Nonnatus House in London, but what she assumed was a small private hospital turns out to be a nursing convent in the East End. Initially daunted by her new colleagues and surroundings, she slowly finds her feet and is given her first case – the care of a woman pregnant for the 25th time. Jessica Raine, Jenny Agutter, Pam Ferris and Judy Parfitt star in the drama, set in the 1950s and based on the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth

Call the Midwife


A new midwife arrives

Jenny sets out to help a heavily pregnant teenage girl who escaped an abusive life in Ireland and made her way to London, only to be taken in by a cafe owner who forced her into prostitution. Meanwhile, new midwife Chummy (Miranda Hart) arrives at Nonnatus House, and despite an overwhelming eagerness to please, she makes slow progress – a problem not helped by her inability to ride a bicycle. Jessica Raine and Amy McAllister co-star in the period medical drama

New Tricks


Part one of two. The team investigates a 1982 murder in Gibraltar

Part one of two. Brian is suspended after assaulting a high-ranking officer in the Met, suspecting him of covering up a death in custody years before. Meanwhile, an Argentinian pistol recovered from the Thames is linked to two unsolved murders which took place 16 years apart – and with one of them having occurred in Gibraltar, Sandra takes the team – minus Brian – on an Iberian adventure to uncover the truth. Alun Armstrong, Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman and Denis Lawson star in the crime drama

Frankie Drake Mysteries


The team investigate whether a man acquitted of a grisly murder is indeed innocent or guilty



The buried remains of a prostitute are found

A past case returns to haunt Rebus when he is called to a local landmark, where the remains of a prostitute have been found. The inspector is convinced a member of the Scottish Parliament is responsible – but his efforts to secure a conviction are hampered by the arrival of a high-flying colleague drafted in by his superior. Crime drama, starring Ken Stott

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries


Feature-length episode. An MP’s illegitimate daughter is kidnapped

Feature-length episode. Havers is sent to Buckinghamshire to investigate the death of a radical left-wing politician’s illegitimate daughter, whose body has been found in a river. Teaming up with a friendly and helpful local police constable, she makes good headway with the case – until the disappearance of a second child complicates matters. Nathaniel Parker, Sharon Small and Lesley Vickerage star



Detective drama, starring Rufus Sewell

Detective drama, based on the best-selling novels by Michael Dibdin. Aurelio Zen begins to feel like he is the only honest policeman in Rome, as he sees the city becoming overrun by corruption and deceit – and is plunged into the thick of a political scandal when he is sent to re-investigate a murder in a remote village. As pressure increases from all sides, he finds himself longing for Tania Moretti, the Chief of Police’s beautiful assistant – but matters become more complicated when a vengeful gangster starts hounding him. Drama, starring Rufus Sewell and Caterina Murino

As Time Goes By


Sandy walks out on her boyfriend


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