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What’s On Talking Pictures TV
Today Saturday 7 January 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Talking Pictures TV


Crime drama, starring Maxwell Reed
1950 – Crime, Mystery, Drama

Ask a Policeman

Comedy, starring Will Hay
1939 – Comedy

Three workshy bobbies in a peaceful coastal village try to prevent themselves being thrown out of work by faking a crime so they can solve it – only to encounter real smugglers. Comedy, starring Will Hay, Graham Moffatt and Moore Marriott

The Adventures of William Tell


The resistance leader discovers a friendly village has turned against him

The Salvage Gang

Family drama, starring Christopher Warbey
1958 – Family, Adventure

Movie: The Salvage Gang -

The Green Hornet Strikes Again!


The crime syndicate are stealing cars

Sir Francis Drake


The Spanish troops in the Netherlands launch a mutiny

The Adventures of Robin Hood


Tuck and Robin make a bet on what makes people more generous

4D Man

Sci-fi drama, starring Lee Meriwether
1959 – Science Fiction, Horror

Movie: 4D Man -

A scientist discovers a method of travelling through solid matter, but only murder can prevent the rapid ageing it causes. Sci-fi drama, starring Lee Meriwether, Robert Lansing and James Congdon


Drama, starring Glyn Houston
1962 – Drama

An injured child with a rare blood group is in desperate need of a transfusion, prompting the police to set out to find a suitable donor from a disparate collection of people. Drama, starring Glyn Houston and Zena Walker

The Gentle Gunman

Drama, starring John Mills and Dirk Bogarde
1952 – Crime, Drama

Movie: The Gentle Gunman - 1962

A member of the IRA is sent to London to help with a campaign of bombing, but becomes disillusioned with the organisation’s violent methods. His desire to further the republican cause through peaceful means fuels tension with his brother and leads to him being branded a traitor. Drama, starring John Mills and Dirk Bogarde


Western, starring Paul Newman
1967 – Western

Movie: Hombre - 1952

A white man raised by Apaches joins a stagecoach on a journey across the Arizona desert, but is treated with scorn by his fellow passengers because of his background. However, when they are attacked by bandits, he is the first to stand up and defend the people who hate him. Western, starring Paul Newman, Richard Boone, Fredric March, Diane Cilento and Cameron Mitchell

In Suspicious Circumstances

An abused woman accused of murder

Edward Woodward presents dramatisations of two true-life crime stories. The case of an amorous doctor who loved one woman too many in pre-war Southport and an accused woman convicted of murder. Dudley Sutton, Geraldine James and Julia Ford star.



The discovery of a naked corpse attracts a barrage of anonymous letters

The Four Just Men


Crime drama about four army veterans uniting to fight injustice

Crime drama about four army veterans based in Paris, London, New York and Rome who combine their talents to fight injustice around the world. In the first episode, they are brought back together by their dying commanding officer and vow to carry out his final wishes

Absence of Malice

Drama, starring Paul Newman
1981 – Drama, Romance, Thriller

Movie: Absence of Malice -

Michael Gallagher, the son of an infamous Mafia boss, rejects his family’s criminal ways to lead a law-abiding life. When a union leader disappears, a frustrated FBI investigator leaks a story to the press that he intends to question Gallagher, and the hapless businessman finds his life rapidly falling apart in the aftermath of the bad publicity. Sydney Pollack’s drama, starring Paul Newman and Sally Field

Hands of the Ripper

Hammer horror, starring Angharad Rees
1971 – Horror, Thriller

Movie: Hands of the Ripper - 1981

The daughter of Jack the Ripper is traumatised by witnessing her mother’s murder and grows up to become a sexually repressed killer, prowling her father’s old stomping ground. Only a psychiatrist seems able to help her overcome her murderous impulses – but his motives soon slip from the professional to something more carnal in nature. Hammer horror, starring Angharad Rees, Eric Porter and Dora Bryan

The Ceremony

Crime drama, starring Laurence Harvey
1963 – Drama, Crime

Movie: The Ceremony - 1971

Demetrius and the Gladiators

Historical drama, with Victor Mature
1954 – Adventure, History

Movie: Demetrius and the Gladiators - 1963

A Greek slave is forced into the gladiatorial service when he defends an elderly merchant from the attack of a sadistic centurion. But he also has the hallowed robe of Christ – which makes him the target of Emperor Caligula and the treacherous Messalina, because they believe it has special powers. However, the reluctant gladiator does not intend to give it up to them. Historical drama, starring Victor Mature, Susan Hayward, Michael Rennie and Debra Paget


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