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GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A young man suffering from psoriasis comes to the surgery

The doctors meet with Ryan, a young man suffering from psoriasis which is so severe that when he rolls up his trousers to reveal his condition, huge chunks of dry skin fall off. Dr Shaikh Shaikh deals with a patient trying to conceive a baby, but is alarmed to hear that she still wishes to travel to Mexico in South America despite the ongoing Zika virus epidemic, that has had devastating effects on newborn children

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


The doctors treat a young man with a crack cocaine addiction

Dr Ranj Kochhar treats Adam, a young man whose life has begun to spiral due to a crack cocaine addiction, brought on by his clinical depression. Eight-year-old Marcus and his mother come into the surgery to seek advice about his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which has become so challenging that he has even attempted to self-harm

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A man recently released from prison urgently needs Dr Muki Sri’s help

A man recently released from prison after three months urgently needs Dr Muki Sri’s help. He is suffering from a history of depression and heart problems, but his only hope of getting emergency accommodation is a note from a doctor. Dr Jackie Bulger comes to the aid of a regular patient suffering an anxiety attack in the waiting room, and Dr Zareena Hyder treats a woman with an unusual form of arthritis that causes her skin to dry out

Forged in Fire


Two smiths try to fashion a Chinese Zhanmadao

Forged in Fire


A contest to recreate the legendary sword of King Charlemagne – the Joyeuse

Forged in Fire


Two smiths are tasked with forging the Darb Sri Gun Chai

Forged in Fire


Blacksmiths fashion a Zulu War Axe

Forged in Fire


Two finalists try to recreate Arya Stark’s Needle from Game of Thrones

Forged in Fire


Two smiths try to fashion a Chinese Zhanmadao

Forged in Fire


A recreation of the deadly German Dussage Sword

Forged in Fire


Two smiths recreate the Ikakalaka African Sword

Forged in Fire


The smiths fight to produce blades that are worthy of the samurai

World War II in Colour


The final days of Hitler and the Third Reich

As 1945 began, Hitler’s Third Reich was entering its death throes. In the west, Allied forces were within striking distance of the Rhine, while Red Army soldiers in the east were at the banks of the river Oder, just an hour’s drive from Berlin. As the Allies advanced, they uncovered horrific evidence of Hitler’s `final solution” – concentration camps filled with starving prisoners, piles of corpses and the gas chambers that the Germans had not had time to obliterate. The final battle for Berlin began on April 16 and nine days later the city was surrounded, with Soviet troops eliminating the remaining resistance

Secrets of the SAS: In Their Own Words


Former members talk about serving in the elite military unit

Documentary in which former SAS members talk about serving in the elite military unit, beginning by explaining how they rationalise killing as part of their duties and what happens to those sharply honed instincts when they leave the service and return to the civilian world

Secrets of the SAS: In Their Own Words


A former SAS soldier recalls the six weeks he spent operating inside Iraq

Former SAS soldier Yorky Crossland recalls the six weeks he spent operating inside Iraq, when he was the lead driver for patrol Alpha Two, comprising of eight vehicles and 20 men. He describes how they drove all night and suffered from extreme sleep deprivation, in addition to being ill-prepared for the coldest winter for 20 years. He also recounts the periods of long depression he suffered after engaging in lethal contact with the enemy

Secrets of the SAS: In Their Own Words


Bravo Two Zero’s mission in Iraq during the First Gulf War

The documentary concludes with a retelling of eight-man patrol Bravo Two Zero’s mission behind enemy lines in Iraq during the First Gulf War in January 1991. Their position was stumbled upon by a young goatherd and they were forced to run for the border while the Iraqi military tried to hunt them down

Lost Worlds with Ben Fogle


Ben spends a week with the UN’s Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus

The traveller heads to Cyprus to spend a week with the UN’s Peacekeeping Force, who patrol the enormous buffer zone on the island, keeping the Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities separated. Ben is on a mission to understand more about the so-called ‘Cyprus Problem’, visiting ghost towns left behind, learning how criminal gangs profit from the division and hearing often tragic stories from people on both sides whose lives have been devastated by the conflict

Lost Worlds with Ben Fogle


The presenter explores the US city of Detroit

Once at the heart of the American motor industry, and the birthplace of a music genre that earned global recognition for black artists, Detroit was a prosperous and thriving city. But now it looks like a war zone with dilapidation and devastation in every neighbourhood. Ben Fogle sets out to explore the all too evident underbelly of Detroit as he tries to discover what went wrong

Ancient Mysteries


Ruins in Iraq that might shed light on the tale of Jonah and the Whale

An examination of the ruins of the Shrine of Jonah in Mosul, Iraq, destroyed by Isis in July 2014. The sites helped archaeologists open a window into a brutal and sinful world that may reveal the truth behind the Old Testament tale of Jonah and the Whale

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