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Today Sunday 5 March 2023

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A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home

The Bill


Kerry Young is taken hostage

Kerry Young is taken hostage while investigating a routine report of a house break-in, and Nick Klein tells Phil Hunter he may have jeopardised the drugs operation by letting it slip in an unguarded moment that he is a police officer. Behind the scenes, Mickey Webb stirs up a hornets’ nest by telling Peter Marsden how Superintendent Tom Chandler raped his sister, setting the scene for a volatile confrontation at Sun Hill. Beth Cordingly and Rene Zagger star

The Bill


The serial killer strikes again

When another body turns up on the banks of the Thames, Klein fears his club `colleague” Sandie could be the Sun Hill serial killer’s latest victim, and Chandler walks into a tight corner when he visits Anne Merrick to prove his innocence. Back at the station Cryer says too much to headline-hungry hack Simon Kitson, unwittingly setting Stamp on course for a lot of grief, and Hunter’s intelligence on the Dutch drugs shipment seems too good to be true

The Bill


Merrick’s revelation prompts a full-scale investigation

Merrick’s shock revelation that Chandler raped her prompts a full-scale investigation at Sun Hill. While Meadows relishes the opportunity of subjecting the superintendent to a battery of uncomfortable forensic tests, Gold and Sharpe question Merrick and begin to wonder whether she’s telling the whole truth. Meanwhile, an angry mob surround PC Stamp’s house, leaving the understandably furious constable determined to find out who has been spreading rumours that he’s a paedophile

The Bill


Chandler faces the rape interrogation

Chandler realises his career is on the line as Chief Superintendent Henry prepares to interrogate him over the rape of Anne Merrick and is forced to beg McAllister to provide an alibi. The atmosphere at the station is fraught as Ackland and Carver panic about having their secret affair discovered by Stamp, the Ashton-Young-Gilmore triangle gets messy, and a teenage mother arrives at Sun Hill demanding to see PC Best. Drama, starring Steven Hartley and Natalie Roles

Call the Midwife


Chummy returns from Sierra Leone

Cynthia’s district nursing rounds find her tending a diabetic man who turns out to be a terrible bully to his wife, while Jenny looks after a black mother-to-be being subjected to racial prejudice from her neighbours. Nonnatus House prepares for the return of Chummy from Sierra Leone – but she has her own surprise. Miranda Hart, Jessica Raine and Bryony Hannah star

Call the Midwife


Chummy and Peter prepare for the arrival of their baby

There’s a buzz of excitement at Nonnatus House as Chummy and Peter prepare for the arrival of their baby, Fred has a visit from his pregnant daughter and Jenny’s love life is looking up when she is introduced to a potential new gentleman friend. However, change is in the air in Poplar and soon the friends are forced to stand together as their home comes under threat. Jessica Raine, Miranda Hart, Cliff Parisi, Ben Caplan and Pam Ferris star

Catherine Cookson’s The Round Tower

Drama set in the 1950s about a teenager disenchanted with her privileged upbringing

Feature-length drama set in the 1950s, starring Emilia Fox as the rebellious teenage daughter of a successful businessman and his devoted wife, whose disenchantment with her privileged upbringing ultimately provokes a scandal in their small town. Keith Barron and Jan Harvey also star

Miss Marple: 4.50 from Paddington

A woman witnesses a murder on a train

Miss Marple’s bloodhound instincts are triggered when a friend thinks she sees a murder on a train. When police cannot find a body and cast doubt on the story, Miss Marple decides to investigate. She thinks the body could be found on the banks belonging to Crackenthorpe house, a stately mansion and enlists professional housekeeper Lucy Eyelesbarrow to go undercover. The body of the woman is eventually discovered in a barn. Mystery, starring Joan Hickson

Inspector Alleyn Mysteries


A cabinet minister is murdered

Cabinet minister Derek O’Callaghan begins receiving death threats and later dies in suspicious circumstances while being operated on at a nursing home, raising fears that he has been murdered. Feature-length crime drama, starring Patrick Malahide and William Simons



Benny uncovers information about heroin smuggling

Benny uncovers information about a shipment of heroin being smuggled from Pakistan into India. He does not realise that Dilly is spying on him, and after a robbery, gains all the information he needs to pull off a heist – however Semiyon warns that it is Alex’s decision whether the operation goes ahead. Karin is suspicious about the fund Alex is using to move Semiyon’s money around, while Rebecca becomes concerned when she discovers Alex has a secret second phone. In Prague, Vadim resolves to find out who Benes is in league with



The detective is forced to confront a demon from his past

The detective must confront a demon from his past, as both the police and Cornelius converge on his home. With Halliday convinced that the body in the morgue isn’t their killer, can Luther put his own troubles to one side and find the true murderer before he strikes again? Thriller, starring Idris Elba, Ruth Wilson and Dermot Crowley

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries


Feature-length episode. A horse trainer is found hanged

Feature-length episode. A horse trainer with money worries is found hanged, and suicide is suspected until tests reveal he was drugged shortly before his death. Lynley discovers the cove on the victim’s estate was used to land contraband, and connects the death to a smuggling racket, but Havers suspects the answer lies with the local riding community. Detective drama, starring Nathaniel Parker and Sharon Small



Ludovico asks Leonardo to create a sculpture in honour of his father

Birds of a Feather


Sharon enjoys Tracey’s hospitality

Sharon spreads her wings and takes full advantage of her sister’s hospitality, but Tracey is having money worries. Ross Kemp guest stars, with Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke


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