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GPs: Behind Closed Doors


The doctors see patients with stomach complaints

This edition sees stomach complaints keep the Balham Park GPs on their toes. Dr Chris Pearce’s patient has suffered stomach pains for years, but tests are proving to be inconclusive. However, the doctor suspects the man’s penchant for chicken nuggets may be the cause – he often eats 30 in one sitting. Meanwhile, Dr Sian Morris believes the reason for a woman’s bloated stomach is broccoli – not irritable bowel syndrome or ovarian cancer as her patient fears

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A man who has been smoking since 1954 visits the surgery

The doctors are kept busy with patients suffering with addiction problems, including a woman making a return visit who, in addition to alcoholism and depression, has sustained injuries during a fight. Senior Health Care Assistant Karen Henderson tries to convince a man who has been smoking since 1954 to kick the habit. Plus, Dr Laird receives another visit from an unemployed marijuana addict who still has not managed to find himself a job

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


The doctors deal with highly emotional patients

In this edition, the doctors at Balham Park Surgery must deal with several highly emotional patients. Dr Eleanor Beecraft’s patient is furious that his ears are still blocked up with wax, despite him consistently missing hospital appointments to have them syringed. Meanwhile, a woman arrives for an appointment with Dr Shah, and is terrified that her stomach pains are a sign of ovarian cancer. Dr Heather Watson sees a patient who, instead of feeling ecstatic at being newly pregnant, is in mortal fear of another miscarriage

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


Ben journeys to America’s frozen Pacific Northwest

Adventurer Ben heads out into America’s Pacific Northwest to spend time living with Lynx Vilden, a woman who left her life in Britain behind and has spent more than half her years living, sleeping and hunting in the wilderness. With harsh conditions and terrain to contend with, Ben discovers how this woman has not only survived in this frozen world, but how she has come to thrive in it

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


Ben travels to one of the wildest and least visited parks in Africa

Adventurer Ben travels to Tanzania to meet Yorkshire-born Andrew Molinaro and his Californian wife Noelle, a couple who decided to leave city life behind and set up their own business as safari guides. Living side by side with some of the planet’s most fearsome animals, Ben learns more about their nomadic lifestyle as they head out on expeditions to chart areas of the Ruaha National Park

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


The explorer joins a couple in a derelict farmhouse in rural Hungary

In 2015, Julia Pryke from South Africa and her British husband Gareth Shone bought a £3,000 derelict two-room farmhouse via the internet. They had never visited eastern Europe before, but wanted to lead a low-impact life and be as self-sufficient as possible. Ben Fogle meets them at the property in Gadacs, a traditional village in the Somogy county of rural Hungary, helps install a window and assists then as they try to buy chickens in the local market

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


The adventurer meets journalists who now work as grizzly bear guides in Canada

The adventurer meets former war correspondent Julius Strauss and his Estonian wife Kristin, formerly the bureau chief for the Reuters News Agency. They gave up their successful careers as journalists in Europe for a new life as grizzly bear guides in a remote mountain valley lodge in Canada. Ben joins his maverick hosts as they prepare for the new grizzly bear viewing season in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


The explorer travels to the wild, secluded valley of Casita Verde on Ibiza

The explorer travels to the wild, secluded valley of Casita Verde on Ibiza to meet Chris Dews, a former radio officer in the British Merchant Navy. During his stay at Greenheart Ibiza, Ben Fogle discovers why his self-confessed playboy host shunned a life of wealth and excess on the high seas for a simple, eco-friendly existence, and why he has built a commune from the rubbish that party-goers leave behind

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


The explorer meets an American family who became missionaries in Mongolia

The explorer meets Micky and Trina Cofer, who along with their four children, left behind the comforts of America to become missionaries in the freezing tundra of Mongolia. In temperatures of below minus 20, Ben builds his own ger (yurt) to sleep in, uses a freezing outhouse, attempts ice-fishing, joins a wolf-hunt and learns how to wrestle

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


The explorer travels to the Appalachian mountains to live with a forest dweller

The explorer travels to a secret location in the Appalachian mountains of North America, to live with forest dweller Tod Kershaw and his own wild community, who are fiercely protective of their privacy. His host, a former engineer, lives by his own rules in a thatched bark hut in a hillside forest in Madison County, North Carolina, eating whatever he can forage. Ben Fogle finds out why Tod decided to strip away the comforts of contemporary life and live outside modern society

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


The explorer meets two Americans who started a new life in Morocco

Dina Zughyar and Mostafa Jabbour turned their back on the American Dream to start from scratch with a handful of rabbits and chickens on a small patch of barren land in the shadow of the Atlas Mountains. In their mud house in Morocco, the Kentucky couple confess to Ben Fogle that it has been much harder than they thought

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild


Ben heads to Australia’s north-western cape

Ben heads to the remote Wilderness Island, off Australia’s north-western cape, to meet a man whose story is as remarkable as the landscape he inhabits. He also gets a lesson in the art of mud-crabbing and an understanding of the urgent need for fresh water, which the island is currently without

Bradley Walsh: The Laugh’s on Me


The TV star gives a personal and honest account of his own life

Part one of two. The TV star gives a personal and honest account of his own life, joined by his nearest and dearest celebrity friends to tell the incredible story of his career. Sir Rod Stewart, Jimmy Tarbuck, Jodie Whittaker, Ray Winstone, Vinnie Jones, the Chasers and Olly Murs are among those helping to illuminate an extraordinary career, stretching from Bradley’s time as a struggling comic, to Pontin’s Bluecoat, to national success as a stand-up, celebrated actor and host of some of the nation’s favourite game shows

The Good Life: Secrets & Scandals

A look behind the scenes at the beloved comedy

A look behind the scenes at the beloved 1970s British comedy starring Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal. The programme exposes the secrets of the cast’s off-screen friendships, including one dinner party that nearly ended in disaster, as well as lifting the lid on the personal scandals of the sitcom’s stars

World’s Most Scenic River Journeys


Profile of a river that forged North America – the St Lawrence

Bill Nighy narrates a journey taking viewers along the river that forged North America – the St Lawrence, which powers dams for millions of homes. The adventure begins in Canada’s first capital city of Kingston. Near Quebec City, we behold waterfalls with a tale that is still visible in its mists, and cameras also follow feeding whales

World’s Most Scenic River Journeys


Cameras venture down New Zealand’s Buller River

Cameras follow in the wake of the earliest European explorers and venture down the untamed waters of the Buller River on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The journey begins on Grade 6 rapids, where 73-year-old Yorkshireman Mike Hopkinson takes on the untamed river. Bill Nighy narrates

World’s Most Scenic River Journeys


Cameras travel down the Potomac

Cameras travel down the Potomac, and float in the river valley that was surveyed by a young George Washington. The journey ends at America’s ‘prettiest body of water’, Chesapeake Bay. Here we join a marine biologist who searches and helps protect the much adored bottlenose dolphins. Bill Nighy narrates

World’s Most Scenic River Journeys


A journey down Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Neretva River

Narrated by Bill Nighy, this is a journey down Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Neretva River, which flows like a healing balm through a country riven by war. At its headwaters high in the Dinaric Alps, a place where bears and wolves still outnumber humans, we begin our journey with Amel Emric. He is a veteran war photographer, who covered the destruction of his country in the 1990s

The Yorkshire Vet

Following life at a veterinary practice

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