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GPs: Behind Closed Doors


Dr Jim O’Donnell offers dietary advice to the mother of a child with an infection

Dr Jim O’Donnell offers dietary advice to the mother of a child with an ear, nose and throat infection, and Dr Manj Tawana treats an unwell patient whose blood test results show he may have leukaemia, which runs in his family. Dr Nithy Nanda is concerned about a blind patient who has a family history of heart disease when a monitor he has been wearing reveals irregularities
The Yorkshire Vet


Peter faces a difficult calving at Ed McDonald’s farm

Peter faces a difficult calving at Ed McDonald’s farm where, after getting the calf part way out, he realises the back end is much bigger than he thought. He is also given the runaround by 10 cats who all need vaccinating. Julian faces one of his biggest ever challenges trying to treat Clydesdale horse Howard, who has a serious foot infection and is badly lame
The Yorkshire Vet


Peter heads to a neighbour’s farm hoping he can save the life of a seriously ill sheep

Peter heads to a neighbour’s farm hoping he can save the life of a seriously ill sheep, whose infected foot has become infested with maggots. Cocker Spaniel Paddy has an unusual hernia which is stopping it going to the toilet, and if Julian can’t fix the problem it could lead to serious complications. With Katy on hand to help, there’s a dirty job to do before they can begin the complex operation
The Highland Vet


Two rescued grey seal pups are brought in for emergency care

GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A man recently released from prison urgently needs Dr Muki Sri’s help

A man recently released from prison after three months urgently needs Dr Muki Sri’s help. He is suffering from a history of depression and heart problems, but his only hope of getting emergency accommodation is a note from a doctor. Dr Jackie Bulger comes to the aid of a regular patient suffering an anxiety attack in the waiting room, and Dr Zareena Hyder treats a woman with an unusual form of arthritis that causes her skin to dry out
GPs: Behind Closed Doors


A young boy visits the doctors after being bitten by a monkey on holiday

Nurse Julie Swinburne treats Karan, an 11-year-old boy who was bitten by a monkey while on holiday in Thailand, and needs an urgent rabies vaccine before the disease develops. Meanwhile, Doctor Peter James meets with Serena, a woman who suffers from severe epilepsy and recently injured herself during a seizure
The Yorkshire Vet


Peter operates on a greedy terrier that has eaten an oven glove

Peter operates on Wesley, a greedy terrier that has taken its food obsession too far and eaten an oven glove. Julian makes the difficult decision to remove the eye of Patch the rabbit, but an unexpected lump raises further concerns. Julian is then called out to help a ewe that is struggling to give birth to a large lamb. A makeshift operating theatre is set up in the barn, where he performs an emergency caesarean section, hoping to save both mother and baby
The Yorkshire Vet Special: Newborns


An episode focusing on births

An episode focusing on births and new beginnings. While delivering a calf, Julian also helps a new graduate to begin her veterinary career. At the Boroughbridge surgery, nurse Sally waits to discover if a labrador impregnated by her own dog has successfully conceived, and hopes to be able to take one of the litter home when they are born. Peter Wright is more concerned with preventing pregnancies, and has four cats to castrate in one day before they can go to new homes
The Highland Vet


A vet is concerned his pony may be suffering from a potentially fatal condition

Equine vet Tom is called back to the family farm when his wife Scye becomes worried about their Shetland pony Vaila, and he is concerned it might be suffering from a potentially fatal condition called laminitis. Guy has an urgent case on his hands when an 11-month-old Chihuahua arrives at the practice under the weather and heavily pregnant
Walking Britain’s Lost Railways


Rob Bell heads to the industrial heartlands of north-east England

Rob Bell heads to the industrial heartlands of north-east England, beginning on Wearside, where he learns about the world’s first railway designed for steam locomotives. Rob also visits the ‘living’ museum at Beamish and rides a railway from George Stephenson’s day, following an old line into Hartlepool, where a medieval port was turned into a mega-centre of coal, rail and shipping in just one generation
Inside the Steam Train Museum


Documentary following life at Bressingham Steam Museum in Norfolk

Documentary following the endearing characters who banded together to keep Bressingham Steam Museum in Norfolk – which is run as a charity – going. In the first edition, new volunteer Phil learns how to drive a steam engine, despite doubting his abilities. Brian the museum’s carpenter repairs a golden cockerel for the Victorian gallopers, but struggles when it comes to fitting it
Walking Britain’s Roman Roads


Dan Jones explores Britain’s Roman roads

Dan Jones explores Britain’s Roman roads, beginning with the country’s oldest and longest, which runs from the Kent coast to Shropshire and passes through key sites of Emperor Claudius’ invasion and Boudicca’s rebellion
Lighthouses: Building the Impossible


Rob Bell uncovers the secrets of rock lighthouses

Rob Bell uncovers the secrets of one of Britain’s most heroic feats of engineering – the rock lighthouse. In this first edition, he heads to Wolf Rock, eight miles off the Cornish coast, and sees for himself why it was such a Herculean struggle to build a stone tower here 160 years ago, with the rock fully exposed to the awesome power of the North Atlantic
Forged in Fire


The bladesmiths battle to create weapons worthy of a Greek god

Forged in Fire


Two smiths battle to recreate General Patton’s saber

Air Crash: Disaster Revealed


A suicidal worker who tried to hijack a plane in 1994

The FedEx flight out of Memphis, which almost ended in disaster in 1994 when a disgruntled employee attempted a hijacking, threatening the lives of those on board. The programme tells how the crew managed to foil his plan to crash the plane
Air Crash: Disaster Revealed


A terrorist attack on a Philippine Airlines flight in 1994

Reconstruction of a terrorist attack on Philippine Airlines Flight 434 on December 11, 1994. Although the small bomb exploded in mid-air and punched a hole in the fuselage, only one person was killed. The programme explores how so many managed to survive
Are You Being Served?: Secrets and Scandals

Behind the scenes of the sitcom

Behind the scenes of the sitcom, revealing how the show’s creators had to fight the BBC throughout its run to keep it on air, how there was the off-screen jostling for top billing, and the personal tragedies that befell the cast. Featuring contributions from actor and comedian John Thomson, stars Mike Berry and Louise Burton, singer Jess Conrad (who appeared on the show), Mollie Sugden’s son Robin Moore and original crew members Robin Carr and Roy Gould
Only Fools and Horses: Secrets & Scandals

Behind-the-scenes stories of how the show was made

Behind-the-scenes stories of how Only Fools and Horses was made, and how the cast could have looked very different. The secrets behind the hilarious visual gags are revealed, and there’s a look at the lost episodes of the show. Featuring interviews with Sue Holderness, who played Marlene, comedy actor and fan John Thomson, alongside cast and crew who made the series
The Yorkshire Vet

A chance to revisit some of Julian and Peter’s best cases


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