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What’s On Talking Pictures TV
Today Thursday 2 March 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Talking Pictures TV

Honey West


The private eye encounters an espionage plot

Francis of Assisi

Biopic of the saint, starring Bradford Dillman
1961 – History, Drama

Biopic of the saint, following his early years as the hedonistic son of a wealthy family and later a soldier, before he is inspired to devote his life to religion. Discovering an abandoned church, he organises its reconstruction, a task that inspires others and leads to his becoming the head of a religious order, devoted to a simple life of poverty. Starring Bradford Dillman and Dolores Hart

The World of Budgerigars

Short film made in 1976

Black Saddle


Clay’s latest client has a hidden agenda

Daddy Long Legs

Romantic musical, starring Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron
1955 – Drama, Music, Romance

Movie: Daddy Long Legs -

An 18-year-old Frenchwoman falls in love with an older man, unaware he is the secret millionaire benefactor who saved her from a Paris orphanage and sponsored her education in America. Romantic musical, with Fred Astaire, Leslie Caron and Fred Clark

The Escape Artist

Crime comedy, starring Griffin O’Neal
1982 – Comedy, Crime, Drama

Behind The Camera: Peter Cushing

Documentary celebrating the birthday of the Hammer Horror icon

Crown Court

A secret of Lawrence’s is revealed to the court

Melvyn’s Talking Pictures

A look ahead to Bulldog Drummond at Bay

Bulldog Drummond at Bay

Action adventure, starring John Lodge
1937 – Action, Thriller

Movie: Bulldog Drummond at Bay -

Melvyn’s Talking Pictures

Melvyn Hayes previews next week’s film

Green for Danger

British comedy thriller, starring Alastair Sim
1946 – Crime, Mystery, Comedy

Movie: Green for Danger -

A Scotland Yard inspector investigates a series of mysterious deaths in the operating theatre of a Second World War emergency hospital – and formulates a cunning plan to reveal the identity of the ruthless killer. British comedy thriller, starring Alastair Sim, Sally Gray, Trevor Howard, Leo Genn and Rosamund John

Shadow of Fear

Thriller, starring Paul Maxwell
1963 – Drama

Movie: Shadow of Fear - 1946

The Saint


A murder victim slips a mysterious package to a nurse



A victim of several burglaries builds a deadly trap to protect his home

Steptoe and Son

Comedy, starring Harry H Corbett and Wilfrid Brambell
1972 – Comedy, Drama

Movie: Steptoe and Son -

Rag-and-bone man Harold breaks away from his father for long enough to marry a glamorous stripper – but makes the short-sighted decision of letting his dishevelled dad tag along on their honeymoon. Comedy based on the TV series, starring Harry H Corbett, Wilfrid Brambell, Carolyn Seymour and Victor Maddern

Cry of the City

Crime drama, starring Victor Mature
1948 – Crime, Drama

Movie: Cry of the City - 1972

This Was a Woman

Crime drama, starring Sonia Dresdel
1948 – Crime, Drama

Movie: This Was a Woman - 1948

The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler

Sci-fi drama, starring Leslie Nielsen
1971 – Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Movie: The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler - 1948

A US senator is critically injured in a car crash, but is spirited away by a mysterious organisation who use advanced technology to heal him. However, a journalist who witnesses the crash is determined to discover the truth while the politician wonders what his benefactors want in return. Sci-fi drama, starring Leslie Nielsen and Bradford Dillman


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