E4 Today Thursday 2 February 2023

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What’s On E4 Today Thursday 2 February 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Alibi today.


Mercedes turns to alcohol in a bid to distract herself from Bobby


Things do not go to plan on the day of the women’s rally march

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


Gordon Ramsay revisits three restaurants he tried to save

Junior Bake Off


The final six bakers compete in day three of Finals Week

The final six bakers compete in day three of Finals Week, putting their creativity to the test while they marry two cult foods into one in the technical challenge. In the Showstopper, the contestants make cookie layer cakes to impress judges Liam Charles and Ravneet Gill. Harry Hill hosts

The Goldbergs


Adam makes an action movie

Adam asks his father for money to film his own action movie. Erica and Beverly go clothes shopping, and Erica uses Beverly’s sweaters to create her own version of a popular outfit. Comedy, starring Sean Giambrone, Wendi McLendon-Covey and Jeff Garlin

The Goldbergs


A Thanksgiving Day parade causes problems for the family

Adam gets between Murray and Marvin when they go without him to the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade to see KITT from TV show Knight Rider. Beverly invites Lainey and Bill to Thanksgiving dinner so that Barry won’t split his time between two households, but her plans soon go awry. Comedy, starring Wendi McLendon-Covey

The Big Bang Theory


Leonard and Sheldon go through an adjustment period

Leonard returns from his research expedition in the North Sea and undergoes an adjustment period with Sheldon. Howard experiences an unusual emotional reaction as a result of his relationship with his mother. Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Simon Helberg star

The Big Bang Theory


The friends compete in a scavenger hunt

The friends compete in a scavenger hunt designed by Raj to test their scientific knowledge and life skills, but the game brings out the best and worst in everyone. As the hunt progresses, Howard and Amy begin to bond over their shared musical tastes, while Penny and Sheldon work together as a team and Bernadette becomes fiercely competitive

Modern Family


Claire and Mitchell agree to be brutally honest with each other’s partners

In an episode inspired by Hitchcock thriller Strangers on a Train, Claire and Mitchell agree to be brutally honest with each other’s partners – so Phil is informed his stand-up comedy is cringeworthy, and Cam is told his decision to wear biker shorts is unwise. Comedy, starring Julie Bowen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Modern Family


Claire and Phil grow tired of the family’s electronic gadgets

Tired of the family’s obsession with electronic gadgets, Claire and Phil declare a household challenge to see who can stay unplugged the longest. Mitch and Cameron frantically try to get Lily into the best pre-school, while Jay and Manny are concerned at the lengths to which Gloria will go to stop the neighbour’s dog barking

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Charles plans a scavenger hunt for Jake’s stag party

Boyle organises an elaborate scavenger hunt for Peralta’s bachelor party, but the guys take some short cuts that throw the event into disarray. Santiago’s bachelorette party goes awry when it comes to light that she once slept with a member of the band that is to play at her wedding reception

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Rosa responds to an active shooter alert

The squad members worry about Diaz when she responds to an active shooter alert, but are instructed to stay back at the precinct building and are powerless to help. Peralta and Boyle try to find ways to assist Diaz, Jeffords has an existential crisis, while Santiago and Gina attempt to repair the broken toilet in the ladies’ room

The Big Bang Theory


Amy is offered a fellowship at Princeton University

Amy is offered a visiting research fellowship at Princeton University, and Raj makes some new living arrangements. When the guys complete their infinite persistence gyroscope project, events spin out of control

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon’s former admirer Ramona Nowitzki resurfaces

The Big Bang Theory


Penny makes an important decision

Penny makes an important decision after Leonard tries to help her in the aftermath of a failed role on a TV show. Meanwhile, Raj and Stuart practise talking to strangers at a shopping centre, and Sheldon studies to become a comic genius. Comedy, starring Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon is forced to take a holiday

Sheldon tries to relax after he is forced to take a holiday, and when Penny quits her job the duo end up spending time together. Meanwhile, Leonard struggles to be supportive of his girlfriend’s career decision, Bernadette seeks Stuart’s help in replacing one of Howard’s comic books, and Howard and Raj provide Amy with some advice. Comedy, starring Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco

Modern Family


Phil and Claire try to spice up Valentine’s Day

Phil and Claire celebrate Valentine’s Day with a meal at restaurant Ibiza, which is spoiled by their elderly fellow diners. However, the couple engage in role-play to spice up the evening, with Phil transformed into successful businessman Clive Bixby. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria inject some competition into their special day, and Cameron grows weary of Mitchell’s PA

Modern Family


Guest starring Shelley Long and Matt Dillon

Mitchell throws Lily a party to celebrate her second birthday and invites his mother DeDe – who creates tension by bringing along Claire’s former lover Robbie. Mitchell upsets Cameron by blacklisting Fizbo the clown from proceedings, and insists the entertainment should be provided by a fairy instead. Guest starring Shelley Long (Cheers) and Matt Dillon (Crash)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Jake and Holt clash over the merits of the latter’s new assistant

Peralta and Captain Holt clash over the merits of Holt’s newly hired assistant. Jeffords, Santiago, Diaz and Boyle attempt to do something about the cluttered and dirty communal office space at the 99th precinct

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Holt is suspicious when an old enemy dies in a prison transport accident

Peralta and Santiago investigate a difficult `he said, she said” case. Captain Holt becomes suspicious that a cunning escape from jail has taken place after discovering that his lifelong criminal arch-nemesis has died in a prison transport accident

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon uses his holidays to help Amy in her biology lab

Sheldon uses his holidays to help Amy in her biology lab, but moans about the menial jobs he is given – until she asks him to dissect a brain. Penny grows curious about Leonard’s attitude to marriage when Bernadette asks Howard to sign a pre-nuptial agreement

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon and Kripke battle it out to get Professor Rothman’s vacant corner office

Leonard, Raj and Howard devise a contest to decide whether Sheldon or Kripke should get Professor Rothman’s vacant corner office. Meanwhile, Penny receives the gift of a painting from Amy to celebrate their friendship, but discreetly tries to dispose of it with help from Bernadette

The Big Bang Theory


The guys find a laptop that has some virtual currency on it

The guys find a laptop that has some virtual currency on it. The only snag is, the computer belongs to Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack. Meanwhile, a seven-year-old video reveals a secret about Leonard and Penny’s relationship

The Big Bang Theory


Sheldon and Amy take a mathematical approach to planning their wedding

Sheldon and Amy try to eliminate stress from the planning of their wedding by applying mathematics to the process. Meanwhile, Raj `breaks up” with Howard after realising that his best friend is actually damaging his confidence


Vicky is rushed to hospital in a critical condition

Modern Family


The family attends a barbecue at Gloria and Jay’s house

The family goes to Gloria and Jay’s house for a barbecue and to watch the football, but an incident at school involving Manny and Luke creates tension between Claire and her host. American comedy, starring Ed O’Neill and Julie Bowen

Below Deck


Eddie and Jake surprise the guests with a memorable performance



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First Dates


A make-up artist and model has a date with a bar manager

Make-up artist and model Danni, 25, has a date with 28-year-old bar manager Aiden, while diamond grader Sachen,39, sits down for a meal with 37-year-old financial lawyer Priya. Property developer Daniel, 40, returns to the restaurant after his nerves got the better of him on the previous occasion. Will Rae fall for his nervous charm, or will it be another disaster?



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Rick and Morty


The duo are stranded in space

Smiling Friends


Animated series revolving around a business dedicated to making people smile

YOLO: Silver Destiny


Sarah, Rachel and Lucas head to Planet Bali for Sarah’s sister’s wedding


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