BBC One Today Thursday 2 February 2023

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What’s On BBC One Today Thursday 2 February 2023

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Morning Live

Magazine show

Defenders UK


A trader selling chocolate bars that put children’s health at risk

The investigators examine the death of a worker at one of the UK’s largest recycling plants, seizing more than 300 hours’ worth of CCTV footage that shows dangerous work practices and breaches in health and safety, in the days running up to the tragedy. They also catch a trader selling chocolate bars that put children’s health at risk

Rip Off Britain


Brides-to-be whose dream day has gone up in smoke

Julia Somerville meets brides-to-be who believed they’d done all they could to protect their wedding – but their dream day has gone up in smoke. Plus, the devastating cases of house sales scuppered leaving a trail of misery

Homes Under the Hammer


Properties about to be auctioned in Dunfermline, Devon and south-east London

Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin and Martel Maxwell explore properties about to be auctioned. Two one-bedroom flats in bad states of repair in Dunfermline and Ladywell, south-east London, are transformed into smart homes, while a huge former hostel in Torquay is also given a smart renovation

Bargain Hunt


From the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells

BBC News at One; Weather

A round-up of the latest headlines

This Is BBC One HD



Scarlett’s plan to do a runner is placed in jeopardy

Karen’s new exercise regime causes a stir at the Mill, while Scarlett’s plan to do a runner is placed in jeopardy when a call is received from the landlady. Fearing that her widowed mother is going off the rails, a woman turns to Jimmi for help, though he is left to wonder what is actually going on

The Farmers’ Country Showdown


Dairy goat farmers Richard and Sophie attend the Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show

Dorset farming couple Richard and Sophie milk their herd of almost 400 dairy goats every day, but the raw ingredient isn’t enough to turn over a profit. To drive their small business forward, they have started to make goats milk ice-cream and are on a mission to convert the public’s tastebuds to their alternative to cow’s milk. Armed with their range of tempting flavours, they attend the Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show. It’s also an important day for young couple Tom and Emily, who are on a sales mission with their organic beef

Escape to the Country


A couple search for a home-cum-music studio in Oxfordshire

A musical couple from London need Steve Brown’s help to unearth a new home in Oxfordshire. On the £950,000 shopping list is a detached property with space for a studio and good links to the capital. Away from the search, Steve checks out a dairy farm where he samples kefir, purportedly an ancient, health-giving drink made from fermented milk

The Repair Shop


Featuring a suitcase made out of cardboard that came to the UK on the Windrush

Bridge of Lies


Quiz show, hosted by Ross Kemp

Family members and friends Andy, Claire, Mike and Ricky compete for cash by crossing a bridge of stepping stones across the studio floor. Once they have each faced the bridge on their own, those who have been successful join forces to face the final crossing for a chance to take home the prize. Quiz show, hosted by Ross Kemp



Quiz, hosted by Alexander Armstrong

BBC News at Six; Weather

The latest headlines

This Is BBC One HD

The One Show

Live magazine show, with Alex Jones and Ronan Keating


Zack makes a big decision about the future

Emma returns to the salon to quiz Lola where she finds out a girl at school has been mean to Lexi about her mum’s videos, later on she’s spooked by a kind gesture from an unknown stranger. Whitney is upset when Zack won’t return her calls but Kat suggests she shouldn’t write him off yet, he makes a big decision about his future. Martin is offered an opportunity that’s too good to miss but worries about being far away from Lily

Dragons’ Den


A fashion designer with a selection of handbags made from fish skin seeks investment

Entrepreneurs Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies and Steven Bartlett preside over more business opportunities. Among those making pitches are a Welsh fashion designer with a selection of handbags made from fish skin and an 18-year-old hoping to make a mint with his personalised bank card business. Also appearing are two neighbours aiming to save the high street pitch their shop local app, and the inventor of an alarm system that tackles van crime before the damage has already been done. Presented by Evan Davis

The Apprentice


The candidates are tasked with branding an electric motorbike

The candidates are tasked with branding an electric motorbike and creating an advertising campaign before pitching to a panel of experts. Passionate about motorbikes, one project manager has his vision ignored. The other team’s campaign backfires when its members focus on story, rather than subject. In the boardroom sparks fly as Lord Sugar tells one candidate to get on their bike

BBC News at Ten

A round-up of today’s headlines

This Is BBC One HD

Question Time

Fiona Bruce hosts the political debate from Glasgow

Fiona Bruce presents the topical debate, inviting a panel of politicians and other guests in Glasgow to answer questions from an invited audience on subjects that have made the headlines over the past week


Adam Fleming and Chris Mason host a weekly round-up from Westminster

Would I Lie to You?


With panellists MIST, Jayde Adams, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Ellie Simmonds

Rapper MIST, comedian Jayde Adams, interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and former Paralympian swimmer Ellie Simmonds join host Rob Brydon and regular captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack on the offbeat panel show. As usual, the participants set out to hoodwink their opponents with absurd facts and plausible fibs about themselves in a bid to secure a team victory, through rounds such as Home Truths and Quick-fire Lies

Weather for the Week Ahead

A look ahead to the latest forecast

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