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What’s On Talking Pictures TV
Today Saturday 1 April 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Talking Pictures TV

The Giant Gila Monster

Horror, starring Don Sullivan
1959 – Horror, Science Fiction

The Hostage

Thriller, starring Ron Randell
1956 – Thriller

A South American revolutionary leader is arrested and sentenced to death. In a bid to prevent the execution, his followers kidnap the president’s daughter. Thriller, starring Ron Randell and Mary Parker

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot


A band of renegade knights preys on shepherds

The Princess and the Dragon

Stop-motion animated short film from 1949

Rockets in the Dunes

Children’s drama, starring Richard Adam
1960 – Family

A Devon beach is used by local children for racing sand yachts, but their fun may be at an end when the army plan to use the dunes as a training ground. The youngsters rally the local community to save their beach, but the discovery of disused mines complicates things further. Family drama, starring Richard Adam and Fiona Davie

Danny the Dragon


The door in the space bubble is jammed

Phantom Creeps


Dr Zorka is pursued by spies, as he continues to elude the authorities



A wild stallion is menacing all of the local ranches

Creature with the Atom Brain

Sci-fi horror, starring Gregory Gaye
1955 – Horror, Science Fiction, Crime

Movie: Creature with the Atom Brain -

The Outer Limits


A man thinks he is going mad when he hears the voices of parasitic aliens

Abandon Ship

Drama, starring Tyrone Power
1957 – Drama, Adventure

Movie: Abandon Ship -

A cruise liner sinks, and the ship’s first officer finds himself taking charge of a lifeboat with 20 other survivors after the captain dies. The boat is only designed to hold nine, and as the weather takes a turn for the worse, he is forced to decide which of the passengers should live and which should be left to drown. Drama, starring Tyrone Power and Mai Zetterling

Vernon’s Poolroom Routine

Archive footage of a 1960s pool room

White Cradle Inn

Drama, starring Madeleine Carroll
1947 – Drama

Movie: White Cradle Inn -

The Saint’s Return

Mystery, starring Louis Hayward
1953 – Mystery

Delayed Flight

Thriller, starring Helen Cherry
1964 – Thriller

The Four Just Men


Manfred must return a stolen Rembrandt painting to a museum


Melodrama, starring Glenn Ford
1950 – Action, Crime

Movie: Convicted -

Sympathetic prison warden George Knowland tries to help wrongly convicted inmate Joe Hufford adapt to life inside. However, despite his best efforts, the prisoner finds himself accused of a murder that could cost him his own life. Melodrama, starring Glenn Ford, Broderick Crawford, Millard Mitchell and Dorothy Malone

Experiment in Terror

Thriller, starring Glenn Ford
1962 – Crime, Thriller

Movie: Experiment in Terror - 1950

An FBI agent is assigned to help a bank clerk who is being blackmailed into stealing $100,000 to save her sister from a psychopathic kidnapper. Blake Edwards’ thriller, starring Glenn Ford, Lee Remick and Stefanie Powers

Penny Gold

Thriller, starring James Booth
1974 – Thriller, Drama

Movie: Penny Gold - 1962

A dead body is discovered close to Windsor Castle. A detective assigned to crack the case discovers a connection with a criminal scheme to steal a priceless rare stamp, and encounters the victim’s identical twin sister, who has a mysterious part to play in both crimes. Thriller, starring James Booth, Francesca Annis and Joss Ackland

Out of Bounds

Thriller, starring Anthony Michael Hall
1986 – Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller

Movie: Out of Bounds - 1974

A traveller accidentally picks up the wrong bag at an airport – and finds himself thrust into a dangerous world of double-dealing and deception, with crooks and the law hot on his trail. Thriller, starring Anthony Michael Hall, Jenny Wright, Jeff Kober and Glynn E Turman


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