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What’s On Channel 4 Today Wednesday 1 February 2023

A full run down of everything airing on Channel 4 today.


Justin Moorhouse is in Dictionary Corner

3rd Rock from the Sun


Tommy decides to retire

Tommy grows sick of all the childish things he has to do and decides to resign from the mission – but changes his mind after spending time at a retirement home. Comedy, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt

3rd Rock from the Sun


Mary’s father leaves his wife

Everybody Loves Raymond


Debra gets involved in Ally’s sports match

Debra gets involved in a heated dispute with another parent at Ally’s little league baseball match, but Ray fails to take her side because he is afraid of making himself unpopular. Dan Castellaneta, better known as the voice of Homer Simpson, guest stars

Everybody Loves Raymond


Robert livens up his traffic-school classes

Robert’s traffic-school students complain they are fed up with his class, so he resorts to teaching them using a puppet – an innovation that proves far from boring. American comedy, starring Brad Garrett and Ray Romano

Everybody Loves Raymond


Ray begins worrying about his mortality

A discovery makes Ray worry about his mortality – and prompts him to compile a list of things he wants to do before he dies. Comedy, starring Ray Romano



Martin has a heart attack

Martin suffers a mild heart attack, but tries to keep it from Ronee – to the dismay of Frasier and Niles, who feel it would be unfair of him to hide such serious news. Eventually worn down by their persistence, he decides to confide in her – leading to a conversation that ends in an unexpected way



The shrink turns to theft

Infuriated at the dullness of his life, Frasier steals a small box from a neighbour for the thrill, but guilt prompts him to look for a way to return it without being caught – a task that proves easier said than done. With the guest voice of Helen Mirren



Niles and Daphne plan a natural birth

Niles and Daphne plan a natural birth, causing the father-to-be to develop sympathy pains. Meanwhile, Frasier hires a professional matchmaker – but ends up going on a string of bad dates. Guest starring Laura Linney

Undercover Boss USA


The chairman of a Native American entertainment empire goes undercover

Bruce `Two Dogs” Bozsum, the chairman of a Native American gaming and entertainment empire, goes undercover among his own employees to learn how he might be able to improve his organisation and ensure it flourishes for generations to come. He poses as a reality TV contestant who is trying to win funds to start up his own business, before revealing his true identity and offering rewards to some of the memorable people he has met

Channel 4 News Summary

Includes headlines and weather

Come Dine with Me: The Professionals


Three sets of restaurateurs entertain each other in West Yorkshire

Three sets of restaurateurs entertain each other in West Yorkshire, where highlights include a ghost hunt, a surprise appearance by a couple of Chers, a lesson in table manners and a dessert threatened by a stray ingredient

Steph’s Packed Lunch

Weekday magazine show, hosted by Steph McGovern

Steph McGovern presents the weekday magazine, including celebrity guests, food ideas, real-life features and entertainment, lifestyle and consumer stories. Plus, a sideways look at the news in One O’Clock Views


Justin Moorhouse is in Dictionary Corner

A Place in the Sun

Lee Juggurnauth helps Gordon and Staci find a holiday home

A New Life in the Sun


A desert storm blows in weather woes in Spain

Junior Bake Off


The final six bakers compete in day three of Finals Week

The final six bakers compete in day three of Finals Week, putting their creativity to the test while they marry two cult foods into one in the technical challenge. In the Showstopper, the contestants make cookie layer cakes to impress judges Liam Charles and Ravneet Gill. Harry Hill hosts

The Simpsons


Homer becomes a union representative

Homer becomes a union representative at the power plant and immediately uses his new-found authority to save the company’s free dental plan and avoid having to pay for Lisa’s new braces. Featuring the voice of Dr Joyce Brothers


Things do not go to plan on the day of the women’s rally march

Channel 4 News

Including sport and weather

Including sport and weather

Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It


The hosts help Sarah and Jabzz decide whether to sell or renovate their home

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help Sarah and Jabzz from Cheshire decide whether to renovate their four-bed one-bathroom house or sell it. Sarah thinks they need more space, a second bathroom and somewhere to dry the laundry. Meanwhile Jabzz loves their home and doesn’t want to leave behind all the love and work they have put into it. Kirstie puts together a cost-effective plan to make the house fit their needs while Phil looks for a new place they could love

Grand Designs


A couple building a multicultural home in the Chess Valley

Kevin McCloud meets Zimbabwean-born Davi and Matt from Australia, who are determined to create a home to reflect their backgrounds, so set out to build a house in the Chess Valley with a radical multicultural design, which is especially daring for their commuter-belt suburb. Despite their inexperience and the technical difficulty of the steeply sloping site, Davi and Matt manage the venture themselves. But it’s not long before the problems begin

Building Britain’s Superhomes


An insight into superhome construction

An insight into multimillion-pound superhome construction following property developer Guy Phoenix. His latest project in Nottingham transforms a dated hillside house into a bespoke, luxurious superhome including glass flooring and an indoor pool with a waterfall

First Dates Hotel


Twins arrive at the Italian hotel on the lookout for love

Twins Bethany and Shannon arrive at the Italian hotel, both on the lookout for love. Will either of their dates, Phil and Aaron, win over their respective sister? Meanwhile, 57-year-old Annie is paired with 47-year-old Rachel, who is looking to inject a bit of hedonism into her life on a date that proves opposites do attract

24 Hours in A&E


Hospital staff deal with a spate of needle-spiking attacks

Hospital staff at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham treat three female university students who have been victims of a spate of needle-spiking attacks. Twenty year-old Kate is rushed in after collapsing in a nightclub and having to receive CPR from a friend when she stopped breathing normally. In the Urgent Treatment Unit 19 year-old Pavni and 21 year-old Sarah meet while waiting for treatment after what they suspect to be needle-spiking. While being treated Pavni talks about the racist abuse she faced growing up and Sarah reveals the impact COVID-19 has had on her university experience

Belfast Midwives


Naomi’s patient has a concerning platelet level

Naomi’s patient comes in for a planned c-section but her platelet levels are concerning. Kelly comes in to be induced after previously suffering from an ectopic pregnancy. When her labor progresses slowly and painfully, the midwives have a decision to make. Midwife Fiona prepares for a speedy delivery with Laura and Mark

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA


A failing restaurant in Fremont, California

Gordon Ramsay travels to Fremont, California, in an attempt to save a restaurant that is tearing the owners’ marriage apart. Saki Kavouniaris took over Spin a Yarn in 1995 and began to turn it into a success, before marrying bartender Jennifer. When the business started to fail, the couple decided to splash out on refurbishments to recover their glory days, but their efforts have been futile and now their relationship is at stake

Grayson Perry’s Full English


The artist sets out to uncover what Englishness means today

The artist travels around England in a bid to uncover what Englishness means today, while collecting objects for an exhibition about Englishness. Grayson begins in the Kent port of Dover, where he meets a man who patrols the English Channel looking for immigrants arriving from overseas. Moving on to the west country, he explores older ideas of England, dressing as the spirit of a deer to participate in a ritual with the British Druid Order. Then he visits the country pile of musicians Pearl Lowe and Danny Goffey, where he encounters a nostalgia for the faded glamour of England’s past

Building the Dream


A couple building a new home in the picturesque town of St Andrews

Charlie Luxton meets Olwen and Ben, who are embarking on a daring self-build in the picturesque town of St Andrews. But building something new in the oldest part of this medieval Scottish town is not for the faint-hearted, and soon both their timescale and budget expands – as does their family


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